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ninerhere - June 4

I am trying to get my baby to sleep in her crib and it has not been very successful. She does have a mobile that doesn't seem to attract her too much, but I am considering something with music or lights to put on the side of the crib. My concern is that this may just stimulate her more and keep her from falling asleep even further. Does anybody have problems like this? Part of me wants to give her a little entertainment instead of just a bare boring crib, but part of me thinks it would do more harm than good.


krnj - June 4

Hi I just bought my ds the ocean wonders mobile by Fisher Price. My dh is going to put it together tonight. It has music and lights. So far my ds has been sleeping ok in his crib but only for a few hours at a time. He's 3 months. Usually he will sleep after eating (he is formula fed) but sometimes he will still wake up. I will let you know how it goes!


krnj - June 4

Also, have you tried a sleep positioner? I have been using one and I put my ds on his side, he likes that better than his back.


Bonnie - June 4

I also recommend the ocean wonders mobile. Mason LOVES the lights it projects on the ceiling. He also has the ocean wonders thing that goes on the side of the crib but at 4 months has not shown much interest. I also have a mirror (I think also by ocean wonders and it's a fish theme too) made for newborns. It has 3 dangly things on it and everytime you bat it, it makes music. Mason loves this and we use it all the time. It can sit on the floor for when they do tummy time and it also ties onto the crib.


JEN - June 4

OK, here is my experience with crib toys...My ds (6 months) has a mobile and a mirror that has teethers/rattles, etc attached to it in his crib. I have been putting him to sleep when he is still awake, but just barely- he can hardly keep his eyes open. Anyway, half the time he is already up and playing by the time we get into the living room to turn on the monitor LOL, but He usually plays for a few minutes and then goes to sleep on his own. So I guess it will probably just depend on the baby. Good luck!


jessb - June 4

My baby has an aquarium thingy that lights up and plays music. Its not the ocean wonder one though... It attaches to the crib. Until about 3 months she didnt pay any attention to it(she is 4 months now). Now when I lay her down if she starts fussing and waking back up I give her a pacifer and turn it on. It does soothe her back to sleep. I turn it on real low and it has different sounds and songs that you can put on. I usually put it on waves crashing. It is very relaxing for her. Even if she is wide awake she will usually watch it until she gets sleepy. Sometimes she can hit it to turn it off and on. Some mornings I have gone it there and it has been on and she is just watching it. It does depend on the baby on whether or not it will work for you little one. It has just become part of her routine. If she starts crying she gets her pacifer and the aquarium thing gets turned on but I wont pick her back up. When she stayed the night at my moms house I brought the aquarium thing b/c i figured it would make her feel more at home.


Shea - June 5

We have the "Flutterbye" by Fisher Price, and it has little bluebirds that chirp and plays a song and it has lights and also projects onto the ceiling. It is so great b/c when you turn it on it lasts longer than the mobile. Braden just watches it for a few min and then right back to sleep - it's the best. The mirror is great too - he loved that from birth. We put it in the pack & play, and he would always turn to look at himself whereever we put it.



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