Cries Before Bowl Movement

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angelbebe - July 4

Anyone elses babies cry or get really fussy before a bowel movement? My daughter is 5 weeks old today and since about 3 weeks I can now tell when she is about to poop. She squirms like she is constipated, fusses and gets really upset, and then poops. Anyone else see this with their babies and how long did it last before, I don't know, they get used to it and don't get upset? : ) I guess some babies just don't like the way it feels as it works its way out!


angelbebe - July 4

I should mention that I am strictly b___stfeeding and her stools are very soft.


Lindsey - July 4

Hi Angel, my ds is exactly the same, he screams as if he is in so much pain. He is formula fed and sometimes his bm is slightly harder, I am also interested in how long this may go on for.


kvilendrer - July 5 son did this for a short time. I noticed his poop was hard and formed. I talked to my doctor about it and he told me to just put one tablespoon of prune juice in his milk. But then again, he was always formula fed. His poop is still a little hard...but he doesn't cry anymore and he doesn't seem to have too much trouble


Tillie - July 5

I exclusively b___stfeed too, angelbebe, and my 5 week old daugther does the same thing. Sometimes it drags on for quite a while--I found it very distressing at first! But I'm more used to it now. I read that babies don't yet know how to push and tighten their sphincter muscle instead, which is counterproductive, of course...poor things.


mama-beans - July 5

Both of my children had/have this issue. My daughter was uncomfortable with bowel movements til she was around 4 months old. My son is only 4 weeks old and he is also uncomfortable with his bowel. Doc says perfectly normal. It takes some longer then others to get used to the feeling of things moving through their system. I also BF.


charliepaulchloe - July 6

when she is going try pushing her legs up to her belly to aid it coming out so her knees are touching her belly although stools are soft she might still be constipated


angelbebe - July 6

Thank you ladies! I am rea__sured that everything is fine!



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