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Fabienne - September 20

Hi - My son is 3 months old and he still cries SO much during bathtime. We can't get him to like that moment. He cries all the way through, and even struggles at time. I know that the temperature is ok (i ckeck it regularly) - I don't know what to do - help !!!


Steph - September 20

My suggestion is to make bath time quick if he does not like it. That may change over time, but at this point, make them quick and get them done with as fast as possible. Have you tried taking a bath with him? He may like that a little bit better....good luck.


monica - September 20

My baby is 8 weeks and still crys bloody murder. He crys so hard that after the whole event is over he is so sleepy. People have suggested to me taking a bath with him and making sure everything is warm for him including his towel.


N - September 20

It worked for my son, so it's worth a try i guess.. Get a regular sized wash cloth and soak it then put it on his tummy. You will probably have to dunk i under the water and ring it out a few times to keep it warm, but my son really liked it.. i don't know if he didn't like not having a shirt on, or if the air on his wet chest/belly was too cold, but it helped alot. When he gets a bit bigger maybe let him play with a sink full of water in the kitchen sink to teach him to splash, and he might just get right in..


Lisa*9 - September 21

It's a common problem one thing I did was put the shower on hot before I took my son into the bathroom . Bofore I did the bath was ready to a baby's water tempature,and the air was warm too. I agree with the other ladies on their posts. Another thing I did was make sure I had the baby dressed before leaving the bathroom. Then I would open the door a jar to let cold air in before leaving the bathroom. My son hated getting his hair washed and still does he is three now, so I guess get USED to it. Sorry for the negitive advice too.


Jadyns Mommy - September 21

My daughter cried the first couple times she had a bath but then I started doing the same as N suggested, taking an extra wash cloth and dunking it in the water then laying it over her chest and she gives a big smile everytime and even hugs the wash cloth. I just keep redunking it in the water to keep it warm. Now she loves her bathtime.


karine - September 21 son was the same...and i didnt even enjoy bathing him after..and instead of bathing 1 day i bathed him 1 every 2 days....but one day i was rushed and my daughter was in the tub (18months old)...and i decided to take some water out and leave just a litte...i put my son on his back...and he started kicking and laughing..he was having alot of fun......he was about 2-3month old. And ever since he looooooooooooves bath...he will be 2 in november.,\ And as he grew....(about at 6-7-8month) he would go on his and he just loved it....try it...just make sure there is very little water in the tub..whenyou put him on his back....make sure the water dont go over his sides.


Fabienne - September 27

Thanks ladies ! The wash cloth idea works wonders !!! He doesn't cry anymore :)))


N - September 27

I'm so glad it worked for you!


Noams - September 27

Many babies hate having a bath, they do not like the feeling of being with out clothes, you could keep a face cloth on your babys tummy while in the bath, it can help him to feel like he has something on, also if that does not work there is nothing wrong with sponge bathing.


dmaize - October 7

He may not like it now, but it will wear your son out for a ggod nights sleep(longenough for you too sleep aslo). My son didn't get to where he could stand to be in the water until he could actually play in it. A rule of thumb that has been proven to work for my babies is that, "if they aren't crying about what you are doing, you are doing it right."


Liz - October 8

What do you bathe him in and what temp is the water? My son cried until we figured out what he liked. He likes to bathe in a tub of water where is immersed and not on a bath chair. He likes the temp to be warmer than body temp. If it is body temp or colder he screams his head off. We even put his towel in the dryer until he is ready to be wrapped in it. Try bathing him in different things and different temperature (of course not too cold or too hot). You can even try toys he can grab on to so he can be preoccupied. Good luck!!


Jill - October 9

My 1 month old really likes bath time and I think it might be because we wait until the end to get her hair wet and either my husband or I are constantly pouring water over her so she doesn't get cold. This also distracts her so she doesn't get bored. If that doesn't work, I guess I'd just make bath time very quick! Good Luck.


anna - October 11

well yall got it easy. addison sreams after we take her out. and not for 5 that would be to easy...she crys for like 20 minutes. and theres no stoping her until shes done


Jadyns Mommy - October 11

Jadyn starts to get really mad right when I take her out but we have made a peek a boo game out of it. As soon as I get her out, I wrap her in a warm towel and cover her completely then play peek a boo while drying her off and it seems to keep her occupied and entertained.


anna - October 12

Addison doesnt like to play peek-a-boo...she just looks at me like.....women what the hell are you doing



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