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gabby509 - August 12

Ok so here is my dilemna. My ds is 10 weeks old and I have been struggling with sleeping issues since day one. I resorted to cosleeping just so that we could both get some rest but it turns out I am way too paranoid to have him in my bed and I ended up only getting maybe an hour of sleep each night. So now we are back to bassinet training. Now for the past 2 nights I have been getting him to fall asleep by rocking, because putting him down drowsy is not working at all. But once I put him into his bassinet or crib or pack n play, he immediately wakes up. He will fuss for a bit and then if I pick him up and rock him again he will fall back to sleep. The problem is that he seems to fuss anywhere from 2-30 minutes of laying him down in there and I end up picking him up anyways. These past two nights have been horrible. So I'll tell you what I've been doing and someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I've been giving him a bath right before bedtime and using johnsons lavender bedtime bath. feeding him, but not letting him fall asleep at the br___t, making sure not to trigger his falling reflex by elevating his head as I lay him down, I've tried a crib wedge that inclines his head incase of reflux, I swaddle him, and I've tried the shush pat method of patting his belly/chest and shhh him in his ear. One time I let him "cry-it-out" and it was horrible for me and once he did fall asleep he didn't stay asleep. So nothing seems to be working. Should I just keep doing what I'm doing, and hope that it will eventually work?


gabby509 - August 12

Also I know he is exhausted from this lack of nighttime sleep because he is falling asleep everywhere. Its just that once I put him down once he's asleep he wakes right up.


Buffi R. - August 12

One suggestion if you're not already doing this - use a flannel or fleece blanket as the top layer on the mattress rather than a cotton sheet. If your fitted crib sheet is cotton, that's fine, just cover it with the other blanket that's large enough to tuck in on the sides. Cotton is cold to the touch, while flannel and fleece are warmer. When you first lay him down, he might be getting a jolt of cold from the cotton, waking him up. Hope that helps!


gabby509 - August 12

Oh and I forgot to mention, a few times I ended up putting a pacifier in his mouth and he does fall asleep easier with that the problem is that as soon as it falls out of his mouth he wakes up.


Sprinkles - August 12

Hey gabby that is a good suggestion that Buffi R. made cause I put violet in her crib from time to time for a nap as i am trying to get her to learn to sleep in there myself - and recently I put this fleece blanket in there and tucked it into the sides - I did it because i have a blanket like that in my bed and i hoped it would make her think she was in bed with me well she really likes that blanket and when i put her on it she rubs her cheeks on it then falls asleep of course she whines anyway but just now she whined for like 8 mins then fell asleep ..I have to walk out of the room cause if i pat her or make any noise she will stay awake cause she hears me now that only works when i am putting her in there while awake still. If i get her to fall asleep elsewhere like in my arms i lay her down on that blanket and every few mins i just breathe so she thinks we are in bed together and if she gets a little woken up by me laying her inthere she usually goes right back out. I did notice that she finally accepted the crib once i put that blanket in there though - I didnt do it at first cause I read somewhere that those blankets arent too good to have them lay on but I use it when she is napping and I am awake and she is on her belly in there - with that monitor on. Thats what works for me sometimes anyway ... its hard to get a routine down but once you do it will work out :o( I know your exhausted so I hope something works soon for you!


ROBYN - August 12

Gabby for the most part seems like your doing great. The only thing i would be against in the CIO -crying it out there is no way at 10 weeks a baby can do that. When hes crying at this age is totally for a reason and he has no other way to communicate and i am glad you realized that it was a horrible thing. Unfortunately there really isnt much you can do. Is he maybe too hot or cold? Maybe the ba__sinet mattress isnt comfortable? They do make co-sleepers that b___t up to the side of your bed if your scared to put him in your bed. We had one it was the best investment we made before we put the baby in his crib a few months back. You literally feel like the baby is in bed with you guys but its alot safer. Your doing great its just gonna take time. There are no books on this baby stuff its just trial and error.


ROBYN - August 12

Ok dont know why some of the words i have typed didnt show up. baby and co-sleeper should be in the blanks spots


DDT - August 12

Just carry on with what you are doing (except the CIO of course). Consistency is the key and it may even take a week before you see an improvement.


gabby509 - August 12

Is it bad to let him depend on the pacifier to fall asleep? I'm gonna try a fleece blanket. I'll have to get one big enough to tuck under the mattress. I just got him to sleep in the ba__sinet for ihs nap but he wouldn't stop crying uuntiul I gave him his pacifier. I would just hate to do all this work to get him to sleep in his ba__sinet and then have to break him of the pacifier later on. I'd rather just get all the hard work over and done with now, however miserable it is, haha.


gabby509 - August 12

Yeah the pacifier thing won't work, he just slept until it fell out of his mouth adn then he instantly woke up. Sometimes that's the only thing that soothes him though, is there any other way other than the sh, pat method?


ROBYN - August 12

pacifier is fine dont worry hes only 10 weeks old your not forming bad habits. if hes 18 and still needs one then you formed a bad habit. whatever works at this stage, you might have to put it in his mouth a bazillion times though (:


Astra - August 12

Gabby what worked for us was a snuggle nest. It goes right in your bed but the sides are hard so you can't roll over the baby. Ethan slept great in it and he does sleep with a pacifier. If he had a hard time sleeping it was easy to just reach in and give him his pacy. He got too big for it and went back into a cradle and sleeps fine in it. He actually does not wake up when his pacifier falls out of his mouth.


ChattyKathy - August 12

Gabby, you aren't doing anything wrong. Your baby is just too little. Mine is the same way. He's 11 weeks and even in the hospital he didn't want to lay in his basket when he was in the room with me. And at this age, they still have the reflex that startles them when they feel themselves moving. You can try rocking him from side to side and gradually putting him down (imagine a falling leaf, swaying back and forth until it lands) You can also try hovering over your baby with your arms around him until he closes his eyes again. Be sneaky about it. Thats the only way I can get him down when I can manage, and its usually only when he's really tired that I get away with it. Honestly, for now I've just given up. We're going to try ba__sinet training in a few weeks once he's a little past 3 months. Good luck, and if you find a method that works let me know!


DDT - August 13

Personally I don't have a problem giving my ds a soother. Babies need sucking time and it is also soothing to them. With ds1 he took a soother until he was 3 months and then stopped completely - spat it out - with a preference for his thumb. Now ds2 (10 wks) has also found the delights of his thumb but still takes a soother. But you have said your ds will wake as soon as the soother drops out of his mouth...have you tried dipping the soother in some gripe water?


DDT - August 13

BTW my aunt recently revealed a nifty trick to me. Swaddle your lo and then when you lay him down push a rolled up blanket against the top of his head. Apparently this helps with the startle reflex. Babies feel safer with the pressure of something on their heads. It's worth a try anyway.


eclipse - August 13

The snugglenest is AWESOME!!! It worked so well for us that we only switched when our son started kicking me at night!!! There is no way you can roll over with those hard sides and the babies sleep like logs. Otherwise, I had great luck with the Fisher Price aquarium and this teddy bear that makes womb sounds (womb bear). Both of those seemed to calm my son enough for him to sleep once he went into his crib around 3 months. I did a lot of hovering though, in the beginning, I will admit :) I hope this helps. As the others said, he is too little for cio and you were right to go to him at that point, he needs you. You are doing great!!!


Sprinkles - August 13

O wow you know what when violet lays in bed with me my arm goes over her head n i notice that at night she falls asleep faster with my arm up over her head even if i'm not bf'ing her DDT that rolled up blanket is an awesome suggestion



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