Cronic Constipation

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sophiasmom - January 14

My 3yr has suffered constipation since he was a baby, we are very vigilant on his diet but still everytime he goes potty for #2 it is a big deal in our house, he goes once a week. the dr. gave us gycelyn supositories to give him but everytime I put one in, it becames such a emotional and physical drama...Is there any power-fiber for a 3 year old? has anybody had this problem with older kids?


sophiasmom - January 14

He actually went this am. He was crying the whole time and it was huge. I am changing drs. for him and hopefully we can be referred to a specialist and put us in the right track...still any sugestions are welcome! thanks!


Deirdra - January 14

mu hubby had this problem when he was little he actually didnt have the nerve to go...and then when he got it he couldnt control it, he soiled his pants till he was 8. they also didnt know until he was like 7 1/2 what was wrong...but what they did was enemas...thats all ic an say to help...they have children enamas i gave on to my son when he was a month he didnt go for 2 weeks and was SO blocked...his dr said to do it. i hope everything works out hun..


Bonnie - January 14

Mason's GI says some babies have motility problems. Mason is one of them and has chronic constipation. She told me it USUALLY goes away by the age of 2. Maybe your LO is an exception. At any rate, it doesn't matter what diet I give him, he will still be backed up. There are several medications out there that will keep them moving. Mason takes Lactulose. It's no fun giving medications, however, if they a__sociate pain with pooping, they may hold onto it making the problem worse. So better to keep them going. I would certainly geta second opinion from a diff doc on this one.


flower.momma - January 14

I am so sorry that you are going through this. My 2-year-old had the same problem. It would literaly be too large to fit through her a__s, and she would scream in pain. The suppositories worked, but I felt as though it was traumatizing her. She is 2. Our pediatrician was not very helpful, so I took matters into my own hands. I began giving her 1 tsp. of psyllium powder in her juice a day. Gradually I weaned her off of it, and now she poops like a pro!! What happens is that their colon becomes enlarged because they hold it in, and then when they go to poop it is even bigger and hurts even more, so they hold it in more, and their colon becomes even more enlarged. It's really a vicious cycle. A lot of people say that psyllium is too harsh on their tummies, but for us it was a godsend. I bought the orange-flavored stuff and she loved it. It took about 2 months for her to become totally regular, but now she goes once a day, with no problem at all. Also, she loves to eat prunes, so we do those. I remember the days of holding her on the toilet, and her screaming and pushing, I literally felt like I was a__sisting her in labor. Now she just looks at me, says "poopoo" walks in the bathroom, sits down and 2 minutes later asks me to help her wipe. It is such a wonderful change. I hope your poor boy feels better soon! Also, with the psyllium powder, make sure to give lots of liquids. You can also put in food, like scrambled eggs (yick), or jello if he isn't fond of the texture.


sophiasmom - January 15

I wanted to thank you all of you for your kind advices and suggestions. Sometimes as a mom you wonder if you ever did something to triger this situation. My dd is 9 mos and she barely gets constipated (knock on wood) so far.... I used Similar Advance with my ds and with my dd I am using Good Start Nestle... I was recomemded b/c of its "confort proteins"... but I don't know... Thanks again...



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