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KLC - January 31

Hi all, I was a member all through my pregnancy and then for the first 6 months or so with ds. He is now 10 months. The forum got nits for awhile so I had taken a spell off :) Anyway, my ds has ahd this terrible cough and snotty nose and was just generally miserable. I took him to the pedi and he was diagnosed as having Croup. Basically all we can do is give him tylenol for his fever, use the hunidifier and hold and comfort him. But that poor little man sounds HORRID when he gets a coughing spell. I was just wondering if anyone else had gone through this and how long it lasted for them and what other things they tried that we haven't thought of. Thanks all and I'm glad to be abck :)


KLC - January 31

thats nuts not!!!


boolie79 - January 31

hi there... my dd is almost 5 months old.. she had croup about a month or so ago.. i took her to the hospital,... they gave her a mask that had steroids in it.. and also some oral meds.. and the next day literally she no longer :barked" when she coughed.. it turned into a regular cough which cleared in about a week. I just made sure that she was always dressed and didnt go anywhere for that week so as not to expose her to anything else. Oh and also i was told that the cool air helps..i didnt have a cool mist humidifier.. i just opened the window a bit as advised by the dr.. i know its scary to see your lo sick but your ds will be fine! :) gl


bekysu - January 31

One old remedy is to run the shower as hot as you can to create steam in the bathroom and hold baby to breath in the steam. Also, they say to take baby out in cold air and that can temp. relieve the croup. Good Luck.


marie7 - January 31

Hi KLC, croup definately sucks! My son got it when he was about 1 3/4 on the day we were signing paperwork to sell our house and planned on flying the following day from DC to Colorado, where we were moving. He just got it again right before New Year's at 4 1/4. When he first got it was a very bad case, as he had extreme difficulty breathing and had to be given steroids which eased the breathing and allowed us to travel. This time his breathing was much better, but still got a dose of steriods from Pedi to help it along. A couple of other things that work real well is outside cool air for 10-15 minutes, or even better a nice steamy shower...which my son loves anyways. Both times it was cleared up in about a weeks time. Hope he feels better soon!


piratesmermaid - January 31

My little brother had croup when he was young, and my mom would start a hot hot shower to get the bathroom all steamy and take my bro in there (the room, not the shower) and it would help clear him up a bit, even if it was in the middle of the night. His got really bad for a while and he had to spend a couple nights in the hospital in an oxygen tent, but he got over it.


krc - January 31

ethan got croup when he was younger..dont remember exactly. He sounded conjested and like he had laryngitis. They gave him the steroids in the breathing treatment at the ped's office, then they prescribed him a medicine he took for a few days and it was gone!


EricaG - February 1

KLC, I'm sorry I don't have good remedies but I do want to tell you to trust your instincts when it comes to this. I almost died of croup when I was a baby. If you feel like you need to take your baby to the hospital then do it, no matter what the doctor says when you call him/her. My mom kept calling the ped and he said "she's fine, you're worked up over nothing" by the time my mom got me to the hospital I was blue. I had to be in an oxygen tent for a week. I'm sure you're very careful but I just want to tell you not to be afraid to trust you instincts.


bradylove - February 1

Isn't scary sounding? My doctor calls my ds a croupy kid. Peak season for croup is usually late fall and winter. The best thing to do if you live in a cold climate is to take them outside to breath cold air. It opens up airways really well. And sleeping slightly upright helps too. You can but a think book under one side of the crib best of your lo doesn't move around too much. If nothing helps then go to emerg. The steroid really helps. For my ds it usually works immediately and by the next day it's just a regular old cold.


bradylove - February 1

Should have read "isn't it scary sounding?"...


missy - February 1

My ds got this when he was about 2 years old/they sound alot worse than they feel. It breaks your heart to hear them sound that miserable--but he had it in the fall so I would stand outside and hold him for about 10 minutes or so -- the cool air really helped him!! Good luck--I dont remember how long he had it though.



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