Crusty Red Painful Looking Skin On Baby S Face

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bbmax - January 20

My 4 month old's face gets red and sore looking, even crusty. This has been going on for a while and cortezone cream (which I had on hand) takes it away for a day or two but then it comes back. What can be causing this? I've changed his soap to Ivory for Baby. Can it be from the acid in his spit up? He sucks on his hands a lot. I'm wondering until his next check up in a week if anyone else has seen this with their little one. Can it be an allergy and if so how does a little baby get tested for allergies? My first never had this skin condition.


pregnantjackie - January 20

I can't answer this question, but my 4 month old has the exact same problem. I have always just thought it was dry skin since he gets cradle cap too. I have just been putting lotion on...We live in the desert (southern california) so I thought maybe it was our location too...Now I am starting to wonder if it could be an allergy?


olivia - January 20

It sounds like eczema. My son has it on his face off and on. The doctor said when his face gets wet just to pat it and never rub it, then apply a lotion like aquaphor. They don't usually test babies that young for allergies, but you can try a different formula and see if it makes a difference. I would run it all by your pediatrician first though.


Sandra23 - January 20

I agree with olivia that it sounds like eczema, but it never hurts to talk with your pediatrician about it. My son is 5 months and has a moderate to severe case of eczema. He gets it all over his body, but primarily on his face, neck and the backs of his calves. We did get him allergy tested at the recommendation of our pediatrician, but didn't find anything so we don't think it's an allergy that is triggering his break outs. We just lube him up with aquaphor or Eucerin creme twice a day to try and keep his skin moist. We also run a humidifier in his room and dress him only in cotton clothing. I am just hoping he outgrows it.


iemc19 - January 20

I would stop usingsoap on his face too - just water will clean just as well - it could be irritating him.....My eldest - and now my youngest have this behind their ears...I just use cort.cream or a good baby moisturiser...and when its cold his whole face is lathered in it to stop the cold wind chapping it....But check with your dr...


angeev - January 20

My 3month old has the same thing. He had a dry rash all over his face when he was younger, but it went away and just this one patch stayed and kept getting worse and worse. Just yesterday I bought Aveeno eczema cream and apply each time I change his diaper. It is not gone but now it looks just like normal dry skin. As far as how to prevent it, no clue. I think it is one of those things that has like a million possible causes.


angeev - January 20

I just thought of something because of a problem my sister had. If you use different laundry detergent for your clothes than for baby's and the dry patches are on the side of the face that is usually against you, like when feeding or something. That might have something to do with it.


madison - January 20

is it wind burn? my dd gets wind burn sooo easily and her cheeks get all red and crusty the next day, it takes a day or so to go away. didnt know if you were playing outside or going on walks a lot or something? or it could be from the saliva, too, seems like.


bbmax - January 21

I think he has eczema. It seems to be a mild case and I put some of my new unscented, hypo-allergenic Nivea cream on it and it's helping like the cortezone cream does. I will try the humidifier and I've already changed his soap. A lot of websites describe his condition as being eczema and there are a lot of tips out there on the web for anyone else who has this problem. Poor little ones, though, it looks so painful when they get a flare up.


angiedk77 - January 25

It's eczema. We are going through the same thing with my 4 month old daughter. Took her to the Dr. this past Monday and it is eczema. She was put on hydrocortisone cream for 7-10 days and already there is a HUGE improvement. Once we stop the hydrocortisone cream we will continue to have to use some sort of moisturizing lotion. Will ask the Dr. what they recommend. We were using Aveeno Soothing relief moisture lotion prior to going to the Dr. and it seemed to help, but all of a sudden it just got worse and the Aveeno wouldn't work anymore. Don't put soap on your lo's face as this will just irritate the eczema if that's what it is. Make sure you are using a fragrance free detergent for the laundry as anything with fragrances can irritate this too, including baby wash and shampoo.


DB - January 25

Yup, probably ezcema. My nearly 12 month old has had this since about 3-4 months of age. It got really bad when she hit 6 months as it was HOT out. We got an Rx hydrocortisone cream at her 6 month check up and it helps tons on the really red itchy spots. Maybe ask at his 4 month check up for a mild Rx cream?? I saw a big improvement after using the rx vs. an otc cream. Otc can work great for very mild eczema, but it takes a bit stronger of a cream for bad flare ups. Just to let you know my dd DOES have both enviro and food allergies (dogs, cats, eggs, peanuts and possibly milk-doing bloodwork to determine the milk allergy). So, sometimes the two are related, but not always. HTH!


wailing - January 26

My son had eczema on his legs and back. Our pedi told us to use dove soap and Cetaphil lotion along w/ Aquaphor. She also said to make sure to apply the lotion when the skin is still wet so it soaks everythign up and, like others said, no rubbing dry, just light patting then lotion quickly. All this really helped us.



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