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Christy - December 9

How long does it take a blocked tear duct to resolve? Ben's had one for almost 2 weeks now. I have been alternating using warm compresses of camomile and warm water. Doc gave us an ointment which I used for a bit, but I've gotten lazy about it and Ben hates it.


monica - December 9

my son had this too.... I did put the ointmend and I felt it did help...but yes he hated me putting it on him. He had it for about 3 weeks...dont worry it will go away soon.


Jamie - December 9

My daughter's blocked tear duct has only just started to resolve itself - she's 4 months


Bonnie - December 9

They can last quite a while. Definately keep using the ointment and compresses. Generally at some point around 6 months if it does not go away they will do a minor surgery to open the tear ducts. It's not too bad of a procedure but hard to watch, so do everything you can in the meantime to avoid it. Good luck!


Dawn - December 9

If you're b___stfeeding just put a drop or 2 of b___stmilk in the eye throughout the day. It is not bothersome like the ointment, and can be used as much as you want to. It will speed the healing process and can be used with the ointment (at a different time of day).


Christy - December 9

I may try the milk. . . do you express some and drop it in or (LOL) squeeze it in from the source while nursing?


Sonya - December 9

My son had this for at least 9 months. It was so gross, but it did go away.


FF - December 9

Hi Christy- my son had his for over a month! We used the ointment and warm compresses, I got lazy about the ointment and the eye got WAY worse, so I had to keep it up. It finally went away.


Dawn - December 10

I've done both, expressing and using an eye dropper is much easier. It's a coordination thing! You don't need a pump, just hand express a little bit. Hope it works for you. Good luck.


Mama2wanna - December 10

The ointment makes such a huge difference even though it sucks! Keep at it!



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