Crying All The Time

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angela - October 27

i am a new mom to a three week old. he has been happy and content until the past few days. he cries non-stop when he is awake, and is only quiet when sleeping. he is eating well and not sick or anything like that. i don't know what to do. he screams for hours like i am pulling out his toenails. i have tried swaddling, rocking, singing softly, walking, burping, and nothing helps. is this normal? please help!!


Lisa*9 - October 27

Look into gas drops this might be the problem


Lissi - October 27

They start to get colic bad at around 2-3 weeks, so it's probably normal. Did you check his temperature?


angela - October 27

he does not have a fever and i have tried gas drops. i just want to know if the screaming seems normal to everyone else. how do you treat colic?


s - October 27

it sounds like colic...ask your pediatrician to prescribe something for colic...also, you can try gripe water that can be purchased at a drug store. My son took Levsin drops that were prescribed by our doctor. good luck.


Shelly - October 27

Try this,i learned it from the DVD The happiest baby on the block and it worked for me: 1 swaddle her,then hold her with one arm with her head in your hand,tummy resting on your arm and turn her slightly facing down,they also call this the airplane hold,than go shhhhh in hear ear,if the shhhh works ypu can also put the radio on "static",try all this together and let me know.(holding her like that also puts a nice pressure on her tummy if she is ga__sy),good luck sweetie.(you may also AFTER this put something warm on her tummy,like a heating pad,and keep her supervised with it,you may want to do that while she is laying on your lap and keep the mylicon drops)


Katie - October 27

Angela- I feel your pain. It does sound like possible colic. My daughter(1 month old) started to cry like this at about 10 days old. It doesn't happen every night, but at least 3 times per week for about 6 hours in the evening. If it is colic, it should end around 3 months old. My step sister was colicky and at 3 months old she literally turned into a different baby -happy alert and thriving. Try reading ina baby book about colic. What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenburg, and Sandee Hathaway, B.S.N. has some good info on colic and other possible reasons for continuous crying. I basically walk around the house with her, change her position constantly, and use a pacifier to calm her. Does anyone smoke in your house? That is listed as a possible cause of colic. There is no one treatment for colic but there are many suggestions for getting through it in books -and your pediatrician may have some answers. If you get frustrated and have time feel free to vent. I will check back with you. I have to go relieve my husband of baby duty right now. (she is having one of those nights!!!)


angela - October 28

thanks i tried the airplane and she liked it. she has stopped for now she was sick so maybe she wasnt feeling well. she hasnt done that since then i really hope she's all better now its just so stressful.


d - October 30

I know couples who have had colic infants and here are some ideas in case you ever want to try. Try putting on cla__sical music and dance softly around, or go up and down a set of stairs stairs.


karine - October 30

Try Gripe water. It worked wonders with my two kids. I live in canada and they sell that at Jean-cout and grocery store, i pay 2.99$-3.99$ fot a big bottle.


K - November 10

Deffinently sounds like colic to me. My daughter got that way at about 3 weeks and me and my husband were going crazy. We started giving her gripe water which i basically just fennel and ginger which soothes the babies tummy. Sine we started that she became a whole new baby. She is now two months and she has pretty much gotten over that stage. We used the brand Babys Bliss you can find them in most health food markets. Good luck



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