Crying Hours Later After Vaccinations

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MelissaK - November 9

Anyone have this problem? It's like they shot her up with colic!! She's normally even tempered, not lot of crying. Today at noon she had her 8 week well check and first round of vaccines. came home, went right to sleep. Had a good feed at 1:30, and some tylenoal drops because she felt warm. back to sleep at 2:45, up at 3:30. Changed the diaper... THEN at 3:51 started crying incosolably for a solid 35 mins. She passed out in my DH arms and is sleepoing int he crib. She is not hot. And she wanted nothing to do with a bottle - just kept screaming her head off. She's not a crier - is this vaccine related?


KimS - November 9

Melissa this could totally be vaccination related. My ds had his 8 wk shots at 10 in the morning, he came home slept for a couple of hrs then woke up and cried for 5 hrs and had a fever of 103!!! my ds hardly cries at all normally, so I'd say just give tylenol every 4 hrs for the day.


MelissaK - November 9

this is so weird. And the thermometer I have only registered 96.7! So we went to buy another - she is not hot. She won't eat either, she last ate 5 hours ago and totally won't take the bottle. DH just put her in the crib and she is sleeping. We're waiting now for the peditrician to call back. I just gave her tylenol at 6:15 pm.


ImpatientMommy - November 9

This is completely normal. My daughter was the same way with her 2 month vaccinations and 4 month ones as well. This is what she would do. Get the shots, go to sleep right away, wake up be fine, eat whatever, go to sleep again and then just wake up CRYING like crazy. She'd then be a picky eater and really cranky for the rest of the night and then the next day she was fine. But I know what you mean. She was crying like INSANE, completely inconsolable and it's tough. I was like I don't know how to hold her I don't want to put pressure on her legs! But she was just fine like nothing happened the next day. Just keep giving her Tylenol and she'll get better with time.


MelissaK - November 9

Thanks ladies. The ped just called. I feel like SUCH a first time mom right now!!! It's her little legs that are causing her pain :( . And with all the crying (one high pitch scream followed by the long wails), she has gulped tons of air so she thinks she is full!! Here's where I went wrong. 1)I should have given her Tylenol BEFORE the shots, 2) I should have given her the full dose at 2 pm when I got back from the pharmacy (I gave her less because I was paranoid of overdose) and 3) I should have HAD the tylenol before this so I could have given it to her sooner. Poor baby, she is sleeping now. We'll do a "wake to feed" at 10 pm and give her more tylenol and hopefully a bottle, then when she wakes for the middle of the night feed, we'll give her another tylenol dose, and through the day tommorrow. My poor angel! She is such a content baby, this really threw us for a loop!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 10

I didn't give my daughter any tylenol til about 6 hours later because her legs were sore and thats when the pain in her legs kicked in. But she only needed it 2 is so heartbreaking watching them in pain. The cry is just completely different and tears you apart. But how is she feeling today?


excited2bemama - November 10

If its makes you feel any better my lo did the exact same thing- AND I had given tylneol before her shots and every 4 hours after. From about 3 pm-9 pm she would sleep- wake up and scream, sleep- wake up and scream- refuse to nurse... etc. THANK goodness the 4 months shots were much better.,


MelissaK - November 11

She did great today. We kept up the Tylenol through the day (day after vaccines), with a dose at 11 pm last night and again at 3 am. She kept to very solid 3 hour schedule with great long naps. We took her to a very late lunch in town even (we are trying to take excursions outside the home:) and she was alert and watched us eat :). She went to sleep on time tonight, not very fussy at all but very alert prior to sleep. Thank god! Yesterday was a bit scary!


MelissaK - November 11

Well, we gave the last dose of Tylenol at 6 pm last night and the baby had done very well through day, albeit she seemed a bit drowsy. We elected not to give anymore Tylenol (10 pm dose) because we thought it was all over and she felt better, no fever, etc. So, last night was my DH night with the baby (we switch out sleeping in her room right now), and apparently she woke up ALOT, very fussy at 1, 2,3,4,6. Not hungry, but not screaming or anything, just unhappy. Normal wake up is about 2am then 6am, for feeding. Think this is related? Should we give more Tylenol? I checked her temp at 7:30 am, 97.6 (armpit method - I have a c___p thermometer we are replacing Monday). Think this BAD night is still related to the vaccines? Should I continue the Tylenol through today (2nd day after vaccines) maybe? Poor DH, he was BURNED out when I came in the room at 6:30 am! She's napping now (went down at 8 am...).


Allisonc79 - November 13

Do you think she got dependent on the Tylenol for sleep? It can make a baby drowsy, and so maybe she is more alert without it. Or it could very well be pain in her legs, my arm would give me discomfort like a week after I got my flu shot. I can't imagine how these poor babies feel. My dd also reacted very badly to her 2 mo shots, she was screaming like yours but her legs were also swollen and red. Her legs were also a blueish color almost like the circulation was cut off. I took her to the emergency clinic, but she turned out ok. The next day she was fine, but she still has lumps where she got the shot.



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