Crying It Out

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EricaG - January 31

During the first 6 months of my dd's life I attended to her every need, comforted her at the smallest sign of a pout, made sure that she knew I was there for her and always will be. Now that she is almost 6 months old I feel more comfortable letting her cry it out for a few minutes. We used to lay her down in her co-sleeper with her pacifier and she would fall to sleep within a few minutes by herself. But when she started really teething a few weeks ago she wanted to nurse constantly. The only way to get her to sleep was to nurse her to sleep. I would do that and then we would move her to her co-sleeper. Also, the only way she would nap during the day is if I nursed her to sleep and then she slept on my lap and woke up and cried if I tried to put her down. She used to sleep in her swing but doesn't want to do that either. The past couple of days when nap time comes and she's really tired I make sure she's not hungry or uncomfortable and put her in her crib. She usually fusses for about 10-15 minutes and then falls asleep. Is this bad for her? I've never been a fan of letting babies cry it out for hours but 10-15 minutes isn't bad right? I'm just wondering if this is ok for her or not.


mcatherine - January 31

The past week I have let my 5 mo old son fuss a little before he fell asleep. Usually it has been about 5 minutes - once it was 10, but then he was out by the time I reached the top of the stairs! He never reached a full cry, so I wasn't put in the situation of letting him really "cio" for a long time. Seems to have worked, though - as he is back in the habit of just falling asleep right after I put him down. I guess its really more of a personal choice. As long as she isn't sick, hungry or dirty - 10/15 mins isn't too bad, in my opinion.


BriannasMummy - January 31

My ped. told me that if youre going to allow a baby to cio. You should do it 10 minutes tops. Sometimes when you let babies go for longer then that they may develop a hernia. I had never heard of anything like that prior to him telling me about it. ~Kristin~


EricaG - January 31

thanks :o) Abby never really gets to a full b__wn cry either so she probably wouldn't get a hernia I wouldn't think...


LisaB - January 31

No I don't think its bad at all and its working so I would stick with it. When my ds is over tired he will let out a huge wail then pa__ses right out if I were to run in there he would never get his sleep so we sometimes have a few minutes of crying- other times hes right to sleep. A few minutes is fine.


eclipse - January 31

Lately my baby has been sleeping through the night, but to do so, has to have a crying jag. He is usually inconsolable, but if I calm him down, he will just do it later. As soon as he gets it out, I am able to get him to sleep. It is the strangest thing and I feel really bad, but its almost like the day has overwhelmed him and he has to get it out to relax enough. I don't let him go more than 10 minutes, though, and usually less than 5. Usually long enough to make a bottle if necessary. As long as all the needs are met, my ped said it is ok. She actually suggested it and I thought she was crazy at the time LOL



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