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JH - June 26

My son is almost 3 months and starting daycare in 5 weeks. So, I'm starting to try to train him to put himself to sleep. (I know I probably should have started it sooner.) I've put it off as long as I should. How long did it take ya'll to get your child falling asleep on their own? Should I expect days or weeks or months?


JAI - June 26

It is a very difficult thing to do...but it hurts us more than the baby. Your son will probably cry a few hours the first night, then less the second night, then even less the third night then by the fourth and fifth night maybe a little bit of whinning and off to la la land. I just went through this a few weeks ago. I think I cried more than my little guy. Good Luck!


Lalla - June 27

hi JH, i don't want this to come across as rude, but i was just wondering why your lo has to fall asleep on his own. Is that a requirement to put him in daycare? my dd is 3 1/2 months old and i am going back to work in 3 weeks and i can bring my dd with me - so i don't know the rules of daycare....


babyO - June 27

I wish I would have started CIO time sooner! I barely started and I think the older you are the harder but when my baby was little I didnt want to put him down :) Personally I would like him to be able to fall asleep without the b___b or rocking so that when he wakes up at night he will be able to go back to sleep on his own...will make it a more restful night for the 3 of us!


Jenn2 - June 27

JH- I just bought a book from this lady called "the baby whisperer" ( I got at Target). She has some really good ways to train a baby to fall asleep on their own, and how to correct some of the habits they are already used to (mainly the feeding to sleep, and rocking to sleep). Just thought I would give you that info in case you were interested.


AprilMum - June 27

Lalla, there's a lot of day care workers that will not be willing to sit and rock a baby to sleep.


Christy - June 27

I think every kid is different. It took my son a while to fall asleep on his own, and it has gotten a lot easier for him in the past month (he is 7.5 months old.) I think that 3 months is a little borderline for CIO, but I think that is when I started to do it and only for like 10-15 minutes max. Now I can put him in his crib and he will zonk out within 5-10 minutes on his own with little to no whining. If he is under the weather or teething, then it is whole different ball of yarn. (insert eye roll here)


Lalla - June 27

aprilmum, thank you i was not aware of that - i learn something new every day.


nic nac - June 27

Jenn2 I have the baby whisperer book too. It has good techniques but I ended up using a combo of the pick up/put down method and CIO. JH the pick up/put down method that is in the book could takes weeks. I think 3 months is soon for CIO but if you want to use it you should do some research on it because there are so many ways to do it. Since he is so young you would probably be better off trying a mild method first. Something like putting him to sleep drowsy and staying in the room and rubbing him while he cries. It could take up to 1.5 hours though. If you can stand it give it a shot. Another is to put him to sleep drowsy and leave the room and check on him every 5 min. Research and see which way you want to try. Or you can get the baby whisperer book which doesn't advocate CIO but takes longer to work. CIO could work in as little as 3 days or as long as 7. I personally used CIO and pick up/put down but mostly CIO and it worked in 3 days. My dd is 6 months. Good luck. Let us know how things work out! You have to do what is best for your baby so if you feel comfortable with CIO give it a shot.


babyO - June 27

Hmmm...what do you mean by pickup nic nac? Right now I am doing the cio method but I check on at 5 min, tell him its time to sleep and rub his back then I leave..then i go back in 10 do the same thing and then 15,20 and so on...most it has taken is 40 mins but man that is long for me :(


nic nac - June 27

BabyO, pick up/put down works like this: hold baby in a stationary position (no rocking or walking), when baby gets drowsy put down in crib. When baby cries pick up. Hold baby until they stop crying then put down. keep repeating until they fall asleep. The point of picking them up is to calm them down and not put them back to sleep. Even if they cry on the way down to putting them back down, continue to put them down. Babies will learn that you are there to comfort them and will not leave them but you will also not rock them or walk them to sleep they have to learn for themselves. I picked up/put down for the first 5 min then left the room and planned on checking every 20 min to start over. But she ended up konking out after 20 min so I never had to pick her back up.


nic nac - June 27

BabyO, btw, the book isn't pro CIO so I just combined both methods.


Bonnie - June 27

The one thing I would like to add based on what my doc said and it makes sense...sleeping through the night has more to do with size and weight than it does with age. 3 months is about the average time when they can handle it (though I find most PARENTS aren't ready at 3 month, lol). The baby should be at least around 12 pounds or double the birthweight so that the tummy is mature enough to handle it. You cannot necessarily go by the cries because they willc ry out of habit. This is for formula fed babies though, I do believe I have read that BF babies need to nurse mroe frequently so I am not sure on that end. The doc had us do CIO with Mason when he was only 9 weeks old. BUT...he weighed 15 pounds and was very tall. Within 4 days he was sleeping 10-12 hours with no night feeds. I would not attempt that on a very small baby though, KWIM?


nic nac - June 27

yes you are right Bonnie, I knew I forgot to say something. lol.


JJ5235 - June 27

Bonnie was you LO b___stfed??


Nicole1 - June 27

Bonnie I have talked to you before....your son has reflux right? My son does too. I just had him weighed today and he is 15 and a half pounds at 9 weeks. I would love for him to sleep longer. I get 5 hours the first time I put him down and then he is up again every 2 hours. Was your ds in a crib when you started to do the CIO method? My son still sleeps in his carseat by my bed. I am trying to put him in his crib for naps but he doesn't sleep very well and even less in his crib. At 9 weeks how did your Dr. tell you to do it? I know my son should be sleeping longer. I don't neccessary mind rocking him to bed at this age but at his weight he should give me more than 2 hours. I think he is waking up because of habbit.


Bonnie - June 27

JJ, no we did formula...but I just posted on your thread about how we did CIO. Nicole, you can readt that post as well as I wrote a LONG one (lol) about how we did it. Mason was also 15 pounds at 9 weeks (on formula) and we did CIO. BUT....and a big but there........his reflux was under control at that point. I would ot recommend CIO if tehre is any pain going on at all. IF you are pretty confident (though of course you can never tell for sure with reflux) that it is under control, then your LO should be big enough. Mason was in a crib.................what meds is yours on? Breastfed or formula? Have you considered making a "nest" in the crib and elevating it? That was how we had Mason in the crib. To elevate it, I used 2 pillow UNDER his mattress. Then on TOP of the mattress I put one pillow at teh bottom folded in half, and 2 big giant beach towels rolled up on the sides to make a "U" shape. Then I stretched the sheet over it (not easy, I needed my DH's help.) The elvetion helps immensley with reflux so they aren;t choking and getting all sinusy all night and the nest holds them in place. Here is a pic of Mason in the nest (it's hard to see the elevation in the was about 3-40 degrees)...... (only dash is between the 2-7)



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