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hmreyna - April 17

I am trying to use the CIO method but I am having some difficulties: I have been trying to let him CIO during the day for naps (he has usually just had a bottle, burped and a diaper change and I know he is tired). What happens is I walk in every 5 min or so and rub his belly and talk to him. It takes him 30-45 min to fall asleep and he will only sleep for 5 min or so and wake up and cry again. What am I doing wrong? I pick him up after that b/c he did fall asleep (even though only 5 min) and hold him until he falls asleep and he will take his normal nap. Any suggestions???


C - April 17

If my son lasts 5 minutes, I bring him out to play again and try again later. That's for nap time at least. Do you follow a specific nap time or do you follow his que? I wait until my son is rubbing his eyes and acting tired/crabby. Usually he never lasts longer than a few minutes of crying. Also, if you're baby is used to you rocking him to sleep I don't know if the CIO method will work. I always say try and try again.


meme - April 17

I helped my friend raise her child from newborn to eight months old, and we did the CIO method... mostly for our own convenience because we were really young & didn't feel like we could be bothered. I'm about seven years older, having my own baby, and I'm all about attachment parenting. My friends have had success with not letting their babies cio, as well as other aspects of attachment parenting, like wearing your baby, b___stfeeding, & co-sleeping. If you respond to the cries of a child who is under a year old, you aren't spoiling them... you are rather instilling a lifelong sense of security in him or her... letting them know that the world is a place where needs will be met. It creates high self-esteem. I wish I could go back & change how I helped raise my friend's boy. Honestly, wearing your baby around may help.


luvmyboys - April 18

If you are going to let him cry it out, you should just let him cry it out. Walking into his room every 5 minutes is giving him what he wants: your attention. He is learning that if he cries more, you'll come back. I think you should just put him down, making sure that he is fed and changed and tired, leave the room and stay out. He might cry for a really long time the first time, but every time will get better and soon he will be able to just go to sleep on his own. When we tried this with our second son for bedtime, he actually became much happier during the day as well; he quit fussing as much as he was before. Just a suggestion!


Ca__sieSong - April 18

How old is your baby? Just remember that CIO is not recommended for babies under 4 months. From what I have read, going in every 5 minutes during CIO might eventually work, but it will take much longer. The extinction method works faster- has quicker results... if you are ok with this method. If you are using CIO for putting baby to bed for nap, get into a nap routine and then put baby down to sleep. If baby cries, do not go in at all. The Weisbluth CIO method says to let baby cry for one hour and not longer. If baby sleeps for even a short time after crying and wakes up crying, pick baby up. I personally don't think CIO works as well for naps as well as for nighttime sleep.


hmreyna - April 18

Thank you Ca__sieSong, that was a main question, if CIO worked for naptime just as well. I have not tryed it at night time yet, I just hate to have a happy baby and put him down knowing he will get fussy!


Lillie E - April 18

it sounds like after he falls asleep and wakes back up, he just wants your comfert, and he goes right back to sleep. if he gets fussy and tired why don't you try holding him, talking to him like "shhh baby its ok go to sleep now" and see how that works. i would let my son play and cry for a little big either in his jumperoo or on the floor with his toys and by the time i get to him (maybe 5 mins at the most) all he wants is to be held so he can fall asleep. just a suggestion.


sarahbaby11 - April 19

i would say you are countering the cio method by walking in all the time. he realizes that crying=mommy so he gives a shout and you appear. i would try a few things and see if any work. try swaddling him in a blanket...maybe he is cold. also does he have a mobile to look at instead of just the ceiling. also maybe try some lullabyes my daughter couldn't sleep when it was quiet she needed music.


tina - April 20

Could you try waiting a longer period of time to go back in like say 10 and then 15 minutes. That way you are still letting him know you are there but not going in as often. I only did this once with my little one but that was after I tried all the usual things. I am a sucker I just can't follow through with the CIO method and if she doesn't sucker me she gets her daddy. :(


Bonnie - April 20

I agree with Sarah. When the docs had me do this with Mason I was to go in every 15 minutes, but no sooner. I also have a mobile that prjects fishies onto the ceiling which he loves.


jensenc - April 20

i have heard that you should try staying in the room to comfort them, just move further away from them every couple of nights and that helps them to learn to put them selves to sleep slowly, rather then all at once. my daughter is still too young for cio and i co-sleep right now to nurse at night so i hope this works for us!


Maria OTMA - April 20

I used to let my son cry for just a minute, then go back and whisper to him, stroke his head. Then I would leave the room for a little bit longer each time. In the end they learn to calm down by themselves, as long as they know that you are there if they need you. Now I can just leave my son to fall asleep. Sometimes I have to go back, but no often.



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