Crying It Out With10 Month Old Update

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ddbomb - October 1

Well girls, it's amazing. Somebody has swapped our baby with one that sleeps! It's only been one night and one day so I have yet to see how tonight goes but it's certainly given me a boost to get through the tough times ahead I know will come. It must be a total fluke because I've never experienced it. We put Ethan down at 11:30pm last night. I think he was so tired he didn't put much of a fuss up. I left him when he was quiet and he fussed a bt and when I went in to se him he was gumming his hand - dummy had fallen out. I put the dummy in, stroked his back a bit then walked out. He went to sleep! And he slept right through until nearly 8am - we're totally flabbergasted. First time since he was born that I've slet more than 2 hours. And when going down for his first nap, the same, just dmmy then asleep. Second nap, two goes then asleep. And now going to bed at night, we'll see, ut my goodness, what a great start. It's given me a lift to know it can be done and perhaps it's better to wait until the babies are a bit older and know a bit more. I don't think I can stand too much crying but after a full night's sleep, the difference is amazing. Fingers crossed that he'll keep going strong. If so, I can honestly say it was an overnight success :-)


ddbomb - October 2

Oh yeah, it's wonderful. Felt lke a new person. He's doing great. And that second night he went down easy, slept for 6 hours, botle at 4am, sleep again for another 5 hours until 9am. then another nap at 11ish went down easy and woke happy. So really, completely unbelievable. I'm waiting for the crying it out bit, seriously. I'm sure it will come but I'm on cloud nine for now :-) Your dd sounds a little like mine when the teeth came thorug, everything went back to normal. Ethan has 4 teeth coming through on the top at once - rough nights! But loving the peace while it lasts ...:-)



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