Curious What Is Your Day Like

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LisaB - February 8

I'll start I wake up with ds between 7-8 am then we have breakfast and play. I wake my dh up at 9 so I can shower an get ready for work I leave the house at 9:45 work the store from 10-6 then pick up ds at sitters we rus home and I feed us then we play until 7:30-7:45 when I give ds a bath then off to bed for him by 8. Then I clean the house, pay bills, get ready for the next day and indulge in mindless tv for an hour before I'm off to bed. My dh woks from 2- 11 so sometimes I am still up when he comes home and we will chit chat for a bit. Then it all starts again the next day. I guess it feels like I don't spend enough time with dh or ds and was wondering if thats how it is for everyone else.


missy - February 8

I get up at 5:45 take shower--get lo's up get them dressed then I finish getting ready and off to the babysitters we go. I usually get there about 7:30-I work from 8-4:30- pick the kids up; I usually get there around 5:00, we go home I make dinner-clean up get the kids their bath and put dd to bed at 7:30--play with son for a little bit and then me and dh watch tv and ds goes to bed about 9-9:30--then I am sooo ready for bed!!!!!


Renea - February 8

I wake up no later than 7 to get the older two off to school and myself showered and dressed. Lately the baby is getting up between 5 and 6, so that really stinks. Then when they are off at school, get the other two dressed and fed. Then we are either off to the gym to work out or off to a mom's group or bible study. Come home, have lunch. Baby takes an afternoon nap and I try to get a load of laundry in, wash dishes, figure out whats for dinner (oh wait--dinner doesn't get planned until about 4:30 when I am saying "oh sh&t, I forgot to pull something out of the freezer). While Connley is sleeping, I also play with the 3 year old. Older kids home at 3, snack and homework gets checked. We play for a while and then time to get dinner going (check the freezer as referenced above). Dinner at 6, spend time with the kids and dh until bedtime at 7:30. Put all the kiddies down and then it is time to sit on my b___t and be lazy with dh. Usually catch up to my soaps then. Bed usually no later than 11.


apr - February 8

ok wake dh up at 4 am to go to ds coz he's crying to shove the paci back in his mouth. we argue for 5 minutes over who should do it. I win in the end... 6:30-7:00am we all wake up. ds has his morning bottle then plays. I get ready for work.I leave the house at 7:30 and finish work at 1:30. Get home with ds at 2:00pm. Lunch with dh at 2:30. Dh goes back to work at 4:30 and I play with ds , go out to the park or shopping with ds, and do cooking, cleaning ironing laundry etc etc. 7:00pm bath and bottle for ds. I spend the next hour convincing him to go to sleep. 8:00-8:30 finally silence and I just hang about. 9:15pm dh comes home (finally) we have supper, hang about and then at around 11:30 bed... and then we start all over again lol


krnj - February 8

Dh wakes up at 4:45AM. I sleep in until ds gets up, usually around 6:45 for his bottle. Then he goes back to sleep till around 7:30 or 8. Around 8:30 he has breakfast. He plays until around 11:30, gets a bottle then naps for 40 minutes. When he gets up he has lunch. Sometimes he takes a nap around 3 or 4 for about 40 minutes. He gets a bottle around that time too. Dh gets home around 4 so then he'll play with ds and give him dinner. We eat dinner around 6, 6:30 usually. Ds gets a bath every other day between 7 & 7:30. Dh will read ds a story and try to wind him down for bed. Usually he's up until after 9. This child never sleeps! LOL We're usually in bed between 10 & 10:30. That's my exciting life! LOL


bchflwr - February 8

I wake with ds around 6 he takes a bottle and we either go back to bed until 7 or play. We start getting ready around 730. Leave the house at 810, drop ds at school around 820. I work 9-5, pick up ds from school (if dh is off he picks up ds early) at 545 get home at 6. We cuddle and play for a few minutes then off to the tub. Bottle and bed at 630. I would love for ds to stay up later, but he is just wiped out. By six he is rubbing his eyes and getting grumpy. After ds goes to bed I usually straighten up and do household things. Dh (if he is not working nights) and I make dinner watch some tv and off to bed usually around 9pm. Sleep then repeat!


ConnorsMommy - February 8

I wake up at 6:30am to make dh's lunch while dh changes ds' diaper and gives him a cup of milk.. then I go back to sleep (so does ds) when dh leaves for work until about 8am.. then ds wakes up... so I feed him breakfast.. then I let him play while I eat my breakfast.. then we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.. then we pretty much play until around 10am and at that time ds takes a nap... while I get ready for the day, clean up a little bit, watch some t.v, internet, laundry, dishes.... then he wakes around noon... i feed him lunch.. then i let him play while i eat my lunch.. then we take our dog for a walk.. come home, play some more... then around 4pm, ds takes another nap while i eat and eat and eat (since I'm pregnant, I can do then around 5pm, dh comes home just in time when ds wakes up... then dh makes us dinner and we all eat.. then we all play for about an hour to two hours.. then I give ds a bath, his cup of milk, and dh and I put ds down for bed no later than 7:30pm... I clean up the house, pay bills and then the rest of the night is ours.. till we go to bed around 10-11pm =)


soon2bemomof3 - February 8

Well lets see: I get up around 6:30am (if ds is still asleep), take a shower, wake dd up and get her ready for school, work by 8am-5pm, pick up dd from school, then pick up other dd and ds from grandma's house, home about 5:45pm, do dishes, clean bottles, make dinner, check dd's homework, give baths (every other night during winter months, every night in summer), feed ds his night bottle about 9pm, try to get kids to sleep by 10pm. I ENVY all of you who have your kids to bed by 8pm, wow, that would be BEAUTIFUL!!!!


mandee25 - February 8

My dh leaves for work around 7 am and ds(11 weeks old) and I are usually up for the day by 8 or 9 am. I give him a bottle and sometimes he takes a nap in his swing or bouncer while I clean bottles, start laundry, get dressed, make phone calls, have breakfast,keep fires,feed the pets, internet, etc. After dinner he has his next bottle and either falls asleep for a nap or cuddles with me on the couch and watch Tyra or Montel. 3:30pm rolls around and it's time to start thinking about supper so I prepare that and dh is home by 4:15pm. We have our supper and ds takes another bottle. Then I take a shower while dh watches ds and I do the dishes and about four or five nights a week I give ds a bath between 7 and 8pm. Dh and I watch tv or finish some household chores and we all go to bed around 10 or 11pm after ds's next feeding. That is pretty much it. I love being on maternity leave. I hate the thought of going back to work!


AnytimeLittleone - February 8

DD and I wake up at about 8am. She has her breakfast, and we play until about 10am. She naps until 1130 usually.. and then its up for lunch, and we usually go out (walks in the summer, or outdoor activities, but lately its been movies/swimming/walmart in the cold weather). We're home by 3pm for her bottle and her nap. She naps until 430pm, then she gets up and has dinner. She plays with daddy while Im at work in the evenings, and he puts her to bed at 8pm. Thats a pretty typical day.


sahmof3 - February 8

Up at 6am. Get a shower and then get Nathan and Leah dressed and fed and out the door by 7:40 to get him to school (Leah comes along, while my FIL comes and stays with Justin, because he's still asleep). Come back, get Justin up, dressed and fed. Play awhile... back up to get Nathan off the bus at 10:50am. Come back and do a little run through and pick up toys (which are already beginning to get out of hand by that point)... make lunch. Kids eat and I either eat or get on here or both lol. Clean up lunch. play. Younger two take naps from about 2-4ish and I get a little time on here before I have to help Nathan with homework. (He watches B/W The Lions until 3pm, it's 2:57 now... he should be up wanting my attention any minute!!). Do that, clean up a bit before the other two get up, and get ready to make dinner. Make dinner, eat, clean up and then I'm out the door...Mondays I grocery shop, Tuesdays, some Wed. and Thursdays I work (cleaning for my best friend's co., also I clean my grandma's place nad my mom's house each week)... come home, do a quick clean up AGAIN to get ready for the next day and usually get on here way later than I should and then head up to bed, usually about midnight. I just exhaasted myself thinking about that lol. If I just stay on autopilot and don't consciously think about how much there is to do it's much easier ;-)


Rabbits07 - February 8

I get up at 6 AM...sometimes earlier if I happen to wake up as I can never get back to sleep. I then make breakfast and pack dh's lunch while he takes a shower. At around 6:30 AM I get my oldest son up to get ready for school because dh drops him and my brother off on his way to work (they like getting there really early...I don't know why). I get the other 3 that go to school up at around 6:45 so they can eat and get ready. Dh, ds and db leave at 7 AM. I then get in some online forum time while those 3 get ready for school and the youngest 2 are asleep. Usually there is a debate with oldest dd that she can't wear a particular article of clothing a certain way (and of course all of the other kids are doing it...blah, blah, blah) and then I debate with ds (2nd grade) that he can't wear the same clothes to school 2 days in a row no matter how much he and everyone else likes them. They go out to the bus around 7:45 AM. I then spend the next 5-10 min (depending on how late the bus is) standing at the door watching them and opening it when they inevitably return to say they forgot something. Once the bus runs (by then Clint and Mason are up) I feed them breakfast and get a load of laundry in and do breakfast dishes. I then put on Noggin for Clint to watch and put Mason in his exersaucer while I straighten up the kitchen and living room. Then we spend some play time together through the day as I do laundry or dust and such in between. We do snack around 9:30 AM and lunch at 11 AM. Then they go down for a nap. Mason usually gets up before Clint and I put him back in the exersaucer in the bathroom with me while I shower. I start dinner around 2:30 PM and begin getting ready for work around 3 PM (I don't wear make-up or anything so it doesn't take long). I have a DSL connection which is always on so I look at the forum every now and again throughout the day and answer anything that I think I might be helpful with. If I have appt. or errands to run I always try to get them first thing in the morning so we can be back in time for nap. It doesn't always work out that way. As today dh and I went out to look at vehicles and just got home so we missed nap time :-( Anyways, the kids get home from school at around 4:10 PM, dh gets home from work at around 4:20 OM and I go to work at 4:45 PM and get home around 11 PM-12 midnight. I sometimes check things on here then I go to bed.


KLT - February 8

How do you moms with multiple kids do it? I applaud you. Hell, I applaud all of us! DS usually wakes up around 5:30 or 6am. DH takes him and they watch In Between the Lions and Bob the Builder and if everything goes smoothly, I can use that time to get myself ready. I have to be out the door by 7am, and most often am late. I should try and wake myself up sooner so I can get myself ready before ds wakes up but i'm so tired I sleep in a little longer. Get to my moms house and drop ds off for the day and to work by 8am. Run to her house at noon to see him for an hour and feed him, or pump if I have to, then rush back to work. Leave at 5pm to pick him up, get home by 6pm and by now he's hungry again. Feed him, play with him and if i'm able to, eat dinner with dh...otherwise i'm eating dinner laying on my side while feeding ds yet again. By 7:30 or 8pm he starts to fuss and fight sleep and eats yet again and finally falls out. He'll sleep most thru the night - wakes up around 3am to eat if I keep him in his crib. If he's with me in our bed - which i've had him the past two nights because its been so cold, then he's up more frequentlly. After he's fallen asleep at 8 or so, I rush around doing things I need to mindless tv, laundry, shower, eat... Then it all starts over again the next day. I am going to start an alternate work schedule at work next week so will have every other Friday off, but will have to stay at work until 6pm on mondays - thursdays. I'm just soo tired and need some variation to this routine..but its going to be like this for a while! I'm just trying to imagine this with two kids....


vonzo - February 8

We are all superwomen!! DD wakes me up around 6am, i put her dummy back in and she sleeps until 7-7.30am, I change her bum have a 5 min play while her bottles heating up then feed her. We then go through to the lounge and i'll put her on her playmat while i go make a cup of tea, tidy the kitchen and get her bottles ready for the day ahead. i'll drink my tea (usually half a cup) then do half an hour - an hour of tae bo (depending on my mood) play with dd at the same time as she loves it!!! Then i'll go and have a shower, put my face on, get some breakfast, pack all of dd's things ready for grams's, do my hair and get dressed, feed DD again and get her in her car seat ready to go by 11am. Then i'll drive an hour to my mums, unload baby, dog and babys things. Have a quick cup of tea and let my mum know when she's due a feed and how Amber has been that day. Leave my mums by 12.20 at the latest to be at work for 1pm. Finish at 5pm drive back to my mums,give Amber her tea nad a bottle. Load everything back into the car, drive home. Get home about 7. start dinner, hubby will come home about 7.30pm if he's on dayshift and will bath dd and keep her amused and get her ready for bed. She goes to bed no later than 8.30pm, then we get to have dinner. I'll do a quick tidy up then come on here for half an hour or so then fall into bed exhaustimified!!


sahmof3 - February 8

exhaustimified... I like it lol.


sophiasmom - February 8

Let's see I get up at 6:00, give bottle to my dd (10m), get my 3yr ready to go to preschool. My mom is staying with us so she takes care of Sophia. I drop Johnny at 8:00 at preschool by 8:15 I am at work. Work till 3:00. Pick up Johnny do errans if I need, go home by 4:00, play with the kids till about 6:30. Then it is bath time. dh is home by 7:30, we eat dinner at 7:45, put baby to sleep, read books to Johnny, put to Johnny to sleep at 8:30/9:00. I go to bed at 10/ mom is staying with us so she is helping with the cooking, cleanning and laundry. When ds and I go home the food is ready and the house and laundry are done. My mom is just the best!


CaliTrish - February 8

Kudos to all of us!!! DS has had a cold for the last 3 weeks, so my schedule is all whacked out with middle of the night suctioning, feeding, & consoling. But usually, it’s something like this: 4am bring DS to bed and fall asleep nursing; 6am switch b___bs and fall back to sleep; 7am wake up, shower, get ready for work, layout clothes for DS, and put a bottle of formula on the nightstand; work from 8:30-5; 5:30 pick up DS from daycare; 6pm nurse & play with DS until DH comes home; 7pm fix dinner while DH plays & feeds DS; 8pm eat dinner & watch the Daily Show while DS naps in crib. If DS continues sleeping – I’ll clean up the kitchen, do a load of laundry, watch a little tv, and/or get on the computer to surf, pay bills, answer email, etc. until 10:30 or so, then change, nurse, and move DS to ba__sinet. If DS woke up from nap, I’ll play with him until he starts crashing around 9pm upon which I’ll change, feed him a bottle, & put him in the ba__sinet for the night. I’ll then get on the computer until 10:30, pump for 15 minutes, and go to bed around 11pm. Then, it starts all over again.



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