Cute Body Parts

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Monica_WeinerBaby#1 - March 7

i thought we should get back to the main reason were all on here and talk more about our lo's,name the cutest body part of your lo mine is his big bright blue eyes i ,being bi-racial, never thought id have a blue eyed child and his little nose its just like mine, ok and his dimples in his fat thighs and knees! lol ok thats all , well just my favorite


Renea - March 7

I think baby's bottoms are adorable. They just look so cute in a diaper standing up--so tiny, so cute.


Jennifer28 - March 7

I love my Annabelle's cheecks. She's a little chubbers. ;)


sahmof3 - March 7

I love baby bellies. I b__w reaspberries on my kids' bellies and they laugh so hard (well, not my 6yo... he won't let me near him ;-)).


Lala - March 7

my ds has the cuttest belly, with the cuttest belly b___ton!!! everything on him is so sweet, though!


kvilendrer - March 7

my ds has bright blue eyes also! And gorgeous blonde hair! He also has the cutest little nose I've ever seen.


kristie h - March 7

I love my sons big blue eyes, thick very blonde hair and i love his soft skin.


kristie h - March 7

kvilendrer, i jinks you!!!!


srigles - March 7

Those huge big blue eyes and his adorable pudgy feet!


aurorabunny - March 7

I can't even pick, every part of him is just too adorable! (Excluding the stuff that comes out of him......why are sweet potato poops the worst smell in the world??)


eliz24 - March 7

I love my daughter dark curly hair,it's so pretty and love her little toes too : )


Hana - March 7

I lovvveeeee my almost 6 month old's feet. They are SO SO SO chubby but small and his toes looks like tiny sausages hehe I also love his smile. Eveyone comments on his smile, it just brightens up his face(and my day!). He smiles so big that his gorgeous big eyes become tiny tiny.


SuzieQ - March 7

I love my dd's big brown eyes, her giant grins, the way she concentrates on a new toy, her smooth belly and her little cellulite b___t :)


flower.momma - March 7

feet, feet, feet! I love 'em. And the back fo their necks. And if they have dimples, forget it, I'm in love!


piratesmermaid - March 7

I'm with aurorabunny!!! (Even with the sweet potoato poopies, peee yeww!) But specifically I love Gretchen's nose (it's mine) and her full lips (her daddy's) and her tiny chin (which I love to tickle!).


mandee25 - March 8

I love the smell of my baby's head. I am continously cuddling him and smelling his sweet little head. I love his little hands that always seem to be reaching for mine too.


tryingx3 - March 8




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