Daddy Dropped Him

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Deirdra - March 5

So I was getting ready for work this morning and DH was watching DS. All of the sudden i hear a thud and a scream and DH screaming for me...I scream myself i drop my flatiron(which was on) on a towel and booked ass down my house....well DH is holding DS who is screaming bloody murder and Dh is crying and IM crying and hes freaking out and im freaking out...Trent is we fly to the ER and he is fine. thank god! but yea 4 hours waiting for a Dr. to come in and say hes fine...didnt even really look at him...he has a small bump on his forehead...i guess what happened is DH had DS laying a across his lap and DS likes to arch his back and be upsidedown and roll he kindof looks like a contortionist...well i guess DH was tickling DS and he just slipped from his grasp...DH is SO depressed now, he dropped his son. But he wont let me hold him today...DH keeps kissing DS and checking on him...and DH even offered to let me get a nap today!!!! I cant believe yea...neither one of us made it to work...but DS is ok...just wantt o let you all know...


Lala - March 5

I'm so sorry! It's awful when those things happen! Yet, I guess it's just a matter of time until something happens. sounds like your dh is a good daddy like mine.


flower.momma - March 5

Oh no! That happened to friend of mine. Poor daddy and poor son! Tell your hubby that it happens ALL THE TIME. I almost dropped my son the exact same way the other day. He was laying on my lap looking at me and I was playing peek-a-boo w/ him. He got all excited, kicked my stomach, and almost launched off my lap!


flower.momma - March 5

I have a story to help your dh feel better. When my sister was about 10-months-old my dad was tossing her up in the air and catching her while smoking a pipe (this was in the 60's). At one point he tossed her pretty high and looked up to catch her. Well, all of the ash and hot tobacco fell out of the pipe and into his eyes! Needless to say, he didn't catch her and she fell about 6 feet! Imagine how horrible he felt!



Ahh deirdra, I'm sorry to hear that but glad your lo is ok.


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

Oh hun, I'm glad ds is okay but those things can be really scary!



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