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ash2 - March 5

My 4 year old little boy has been very attached to DH lately. DH plays paintball and races motorcycles, and loves to be outside and fix cars. Well i am limited to how long i can be outside because our back yard is not fenced in and i want to be outside with him when he plays, but DS is too small and cant walk, so i have to carry him everywhere ! When DS gets home, he usually gets our 4 year old and they go " hang out " doing boy things. Im worried that he will not want to do anything with me anymore ....I love to do stuff , but i dont do the things that " daddy " does ! Am i doomed forever without a little girl to momic every move like me ?? Am i stuck with 2 boys that wont have anything to do with me after they grow up !!??? HELP !! lol


luviduvi - March 5

I always heard that that is the way it goes. I am going through the same thing. It hurts. When dh is home I make a point to take my dd out to do something just the two of us. It may be nothing special and it may not b4 long but I think dd appreciates it and knows her mommy loves her. I don't think you will have to worry about having boys. I hear they are closer to their moms and girls w/ their daddys.


mcatherine - March 5

Trust me, no matter how dirty they get, how much trouble they find, how exciting all of their boy adventures are together- there will never be any one like their mother! Sometimes, I feel left out - but when it comes to the times that really, really count (bad dreams, scary incidents, sc___ped knees and that fisrt trip to the orthodontist) my son is holding MY hand! I get the pretty flowers that pop up in spring (ya know - the weeds by the road, lol) and the best Valentines Day gifts a woman could ever dream of! And no one has it better on Mothers Day than the mom that has a house full of boys!!


ash2 - March 6

Wow, mcatherine, i think you said what i wanted to hear : ).....Do you ever just go out and do something with just them ??


vanja10 - March 6

my little boy if 4 days old and my hubby has already started the golf fund.. *lol* We're going to the bank this week to open an account for him and dh wants to save money now for when he's bigger to teach him golf.. we're gonna have little tiger woods on our hands. haha.. it's so cute how he talks to him already.. ash2 are ur boys interested in sports at all? i know, our son will be introduced to every sport we can throw at him, but even just taking him to the park and reading b4 bedtime can be considered 'your time'... i can't wait to see my little one throw his first football pa__s, just as my hubby can't wait to see him swing his first club.. haha..


mcatherine - March 6

ash2 - yes, I do. My oldest and I have "dates" with just the two of us atleast twice a month (and I'm sure I will continue the tradition when Hudson is old enough). We go to the movies, bowling, putt-putt or out to hibachi dinners. Sometimes on Sunday mornings, my husband will take the baby downstairs and my oldest will climb into the bed with me with a tray full of breakfast foods and we lie around and watch cartoons or a movie. I thought of something else to make you smile: I tuck my boys in. It's nice when dad gets away with it, but its mom's kiss and perfect tuck of the blankets that they want before they close their eyes. And my mother always used to tell me "Theres a special place in heaven for the mothers of little boys...."


Kristin11 - March 6

I know just how you ladies feel, my three year old dd doesnt even want me to put her to bed anymore, she asks for daddy. I feel like a third wheel. Daddy took her camping all weekend by herself and when she was gone she didnt even want to talk to me on the phone and she didnt even seem to notice that she hadnt seen me in 2 days. I sounds awful but i almost wanted her to be upset about me not being there just so i felt needed. ISnt that terrible? I miss the days when she used to come to me for everything.


Emily - March 6

Ha, I have tow girls and so far the only thig my two year old wants to do with me is cook and clean, you know the stuff I dont like to do but have to do. she likes to go outside with daddy and work the bees (He keeps a bee hive and as long as he doesnt have to open the hive up, she will go with him and stay in the truck.....but she still loves it...) she likes to watch hunting shows on TV and wants himt o take her fishing this summer. She has a shirt that says Daddy's girl and always wants to wear it....Of course when I am home, she clings to me, but she loves to go do thing with her daddy. I woudl have thought having two girls that they would want to do things with me.. .. of course I don't do a lot of girly things. I wear makeup to work, that is about it.....but when she is upset or hurt or sick, guess who she wants. Me! There is no one like mommy. There is no on elike Daddy too but when it comes to the basic hold me, comfort me, there is no one like mommy.



ash2, I get a bit jealous too. DD gets so excited when daddy walks in its crazy!!! She spends all day with me so I think she gets bored or sick of me, so when daddy walks in, its ALL smiles. But you know when dd wakes in the middle of the night screaming from what I must a__sume was a nightmare, because she is not hungry and cannot talk (5 months old) she won't stop crying with daddy holding her. She will only stop for me! I hold her tight and say " Mommy is here" repeteadly and she stops crying. I try to remember this at 6pm everyday when daddy makes his GRAND ENTRANCE through the door. Mcatherine, you are so funny " the weeds by the road" lol.


rl- - March 6

I have 3 boys and yeah they love their dad but there is something special about mommies (( : so hang in there you will see!!


mandee25 - March 7

I have a 15 week old son and I can see this happening to me in the future. Noah is all smiles everytime he sees his dad and I think that may be the way it is with little boys but remember you are still very special in your little boys' eyes. You are his one and only mama. :-)


AshleyB - March 7

My ds is 12weeks old now, and for the time being whenever he is crying he wants just me. Daddy cannot calm him, and he's extra fussy for dad most of the time. Dh gets kinda depressed because he can't lull him to sleep, or calm him when he's upset like I can. When this starts to change when he gets bigger, I'm going to be so sad. But I know there is no one like mama. :)



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