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nic nac - June 19

How is your counseling going? Based on your att_tude it seems you haven't started going yet but I could be wrong.


Jodi - June 20

Wow, what are we here, kids. Last time I checked we were supposed to be the adults.


nic nac - June 20

Jodi, listen. I am tired of getting talked to rudely. I will always defend myself. I was totally on Dalinkwent's side and tried to show my support but she lashed out at me for no reason. Tell me, who is the kid? The person starting trouble or the one who decides to stick up for themselves. She lashed out at me in someone else's post for no d__n reason.


Dalinkwent - June 22

You seem to have some issues of your own there, nic nac, but since you asked, Yes, I'm in counseling. Is that knowledge going to pay any of your bills or repair your automobile if it gets in need of a repair? My att_tude is reflective of the way i have been treated here for the most prt when I came here for a__sistance and understanding, and instead got ridiculed and bashed. So, yea, that leave s me a bit biased about the company kept here and it's why I stay away fro the most part. I guess I'm I'm a little too "real" to fit in here, and it's not my niche. That's cool, though. I'm doing just fine. Thanks for your seemingly genuine concern. Please, hesitate not to inquire on future goings on in my life. Not all of you, but MOST of you seem like felonious, sheltered, closet prescription druggies. I'm coping fine without pharmaceuticals, thank you very much.


HannahBaby - June 22

c'mon now lets not start anothe fight forum. Even though your first post shocked me, i have been thinking about you as well and hoping that you are doing better than you were a few weeks ago.


Dalinkwent - June 22

Hannababy, can you please see the exit?? No one was talking to you. nic nac asked a question, and I answered out the goodness of my heart? What is your major malfunction with me? You don't even know me? Relax. Go take some paxil or something. Maybe a valium.


SonyaM - June 22

This is why so many people aren't nice to you. Hannahbaby was being sincere, why the ugly tone. And by the way, your remarks about people taking paxil and other legitimate medications are way off base and not necessary. Paxil is used to treat a real disease, its' not a joking matter.


Dalinkwent - June 22

Soyna, *Yawn* whatever. Well, seems as if i did not have a real disease, just a BAD day that I got judged worst than Hester Prynne for. I saw a PSYCHAITRIST and he just reccomended I go to group therapy and meds were not necessary in my case. Thanks again for all your predjudice I encountered here, and yea, I am a little bit bitter...who woudn't be? Gimme a flippin' break.


HannahBaby - June 22

Dalinkwent, im not on paxil or anything else. I happen to be very happy in my life in every single way. I never even had the baby blues. Nic nac was concerned about you, as were EVERYONE on the thread that you started a few weeks ago. Just because people thought that you should seek some help doesnt mean that anyone thought or said that you were a bad person or a bad mother.


SonyaM - June 22

You don't even make sense anymore. I never even responded to YOU in your original post. I just think you need to ease up. Some people on here on very caring people and are honestly concerned about others well being. You don't seem to be one them.


danasmom - June 22

Exactly....Hannahbaby once AGAIN has to put her 2 cents into a convo that had nothing to do with her. It is one thing to post comments but stop trying to be some little perfect princess. Why don't you leave nic nac alone. And stop trying to act like you care about Dalinkwent. Aren't you embarressed about the way people see you.


Bonnie - June 23

I think Sonya was referring to Dalinkwent not Hannah. Dalinkwent, I am glad you are feeling better. The only thing you need counceling for is your perception of this, your comment " I came here for a__sistance and understanding, and instead got ridiculed and bashed" is so far off teh mark it is ridiculous. People posted honest sincere advice and you went completely postal. It was not until you lost your mind for no reason that people started bashing you, and even then it was in defense of themselves. No one said anything nasty to you until you went completely off for no reason at all. Even in this post...a lot of people not not be overly fond of Hannah, but she did post a cery nice concerning message and once again you went off. In any case, you make my head spin, lol....good luck to you and glad it was just a bad day. I'll leave it at that. ;P


Bonnie - June 23

omg why do we not have edit b___tons here. I type like a 5 year old.


jas - June 23

She may not be embarra__sed at how people see her, danasmom, but you ought to be... You can't even keep your posts straight in the same thread... (Ut-oh, here I go bashing...) Lay off of Hannahbaby already. What are you, 12?


hello - June 23

dana's mom, i can hear dana crying there. Best you attend to her and quit stalking hannah once again............ get a life chickie babe


Narcissus - June 23

Dalinkwent - can you have a family member come stay with you for a while? When my MIL would visit, she was always very helpful and it gave me some time to relax. I don't have any interest in pouring through the post you made bc it's very long but I glanced at it a minute ago. I am not sure if you covered my suggestion with someone else...


TC - June 23

Dalinkwent, I'm glad to see that you're in counseling. I read your original post and I was hoping that you saw someone. Also...do you have anything that you can use as an outlet. For instance...something that you can do without the kids being around. (and that doesn't include school lol) I don't have a high-maintenance child but I need some time away from him sometimes. Wish you all the best.



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