Damn Pacifier UGGGHHH

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nic nac - June 26

My dd only used the paci to sooth herself to sleep. She can put it in and pull it out of her mouth but she will not keep it in her mouth. Everytime i put it in her mouth while she is in the drowsy state she spits it out, but she wants it and I end up holding it for a few minutes. Why do babies do this and is there something else I can use that is better? I know the Wubbanub is up to 6 months. She is 6 months now. Thanks.


pbj - June 26

Oh tell me about it. Mattea is a binky addict, but when she doesn't want to go to sleep she'll pull it out and throw it across the room. She proceeds to start crying because she doesn't have her pacifier. I have to go get her another one, by that time she's awake again and we have to start over. I wish I had any suggestions for you, but believe me I'm with ya.


TC - June 26

Nope nothing that you can do except hold it in until she's sleeping. Danny has been doing this for months now. When its bedtime he takes out the pacifier and throws it across the room. Or if he's in his crib, he bangs it along the side of the bars. I just put it next to him bc when he really wants it he will look for it and grab it. I wish I had more to tell you.


nic nac - June 26

thanks TC and pbj at least I am not the only one. I wish I knew why they spit it out when they know they want it. Frustrating, huh. Babies are funny.


TC - June 26

It is frusterating...I think that Danny does it bc he knows that the pacifier represents bedtime. I'm sure that you sure me post about my drama with this kid on the other forum about bedtime. *rolling eyes* (they need some smilies over here lol) Sometimes he pushes the paci away before I could even get it to his mouth! The little booger!


Bonnie - June 26

I wish I had teh answer. Mason finally gave up his binky and nwo wants to suck a thumb...but he won;t take his own, it has to be MY finger....aaaargh


SonyaM - June 26

Bonnie, that is hilarious!!!! My oldes son used to have to rub my finger to go to sleep. It drove my crazy! Now he rubs his own fingers to go to sleep. Weird!!


melissa g. - June 26

oh geez, i feel your pain! i have a love/hate relationship with the binky aka baby crack, hee! what i am struggling with is nap time, she will spit it out and then she cries and I put it in, and then she spits it out and we carry on with this merry game 5 times or so. i am not sure at what point i should be like, too bad cookie! she isnt throwing it across the room yet, but i sure will be happy when she can put it in by herself!


HannahBaby - June 26

my daughter never took a paci, just sucked on her thumb....Thank god, she cant throw it or lose it etc. Haha


Bonnie - June 26

Sonya...it drives me nuts. I call it "giving my son the finger". :D


TC - June 26

LOL Bonnie!! You're such a horrible mother! LOL LOL


K - June 27

You might try 2 pacifiers. One to keep in her mouth and one to hold in her hand. That works for my little girl a lot of times, but not always.


Christy - June 27

Ben never took to the binky, so you may think that I'm tripping when I say this. :) Do you think you can take it away and try to have her fall asleep with out it?


Bonnie - June 27

:D....Here ya go TC, "The Finger" (no dashes)....http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e60/BCreevy/369062206cccccc.jpg


Shanna - June 27

our dd loves her pacifier, got to that stage where she can pull it out which is cute cause it makes a 'pop' noise when she takes it out. Usually she will look at it and try to put it back in and she does good most of the time but will put it in upside down! she falls asleep with it and when shes in a deep sleep her mouth will drop open and it will fall out.


Narcissus - June 27

Be careful with pacifiers with older babies. I gave my son his old paci from the hospital and he put the entire thing in his mouth and if I had left him alone with it, he would have suffocated to death. I did it bc he was never into one and he looked cute at 15 months, sucking a binky. I am sooo glad I caught him in time.


TC - June 27

Christy! Do you think that you are better than us because your son never took a pacifier! Don't come on here trying to tell us what to do with our babies. HAHAHAHA! Hey, did you imagine my neck rolling as I said that? :D Hey, I agree with you on that one. If Danny won't let me put it in his mouth I don't force it...but then Nic Nac's daughter is much younger than Danny...so I don't know how that would work. Narc! That is so scarey! I guess the entire thing fit in his mouth bc it was one that was too small for him. (I'm sure that he still looked cute with it in his mouth though lol) That's why I make sure to "upgrade" all of Danny's pacifiers.



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