Danny S 4mo Doc Appt

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TC - December 28

Well, it is today and I am not excited at all. He has a cold and is teething something awful. He cried last night at the top of his lungs for about 15-20 min. When we were able to calm him down, he then whimpered and whined for about an hour. My dh and I are exhausted. Does this get better? My dh asked me if he will cry everytime it is time for new teeth and honestly I don't know the answer. Do they cry everytime they are getting new teeth? I don't think that I could take it anymore. I feel so sorry for him bc he is trying so hard to be happy like he usually is.


Christy - December 28

That'll be a good question for the doctor, too. I hope all goes well at the appointment. Sorry I can't contribute, but my guy is only 7 weeks, but I'd love to know the answer to your question.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 28

Once the first couple are through the rest fly though. My oldest teethed and I didn't even know! He smiled one day and there was a tiny tooth just cutting through. My daughter was feverish and whingey for a while, but as soon as her nottom 2 teeth came through that was it, no more tears! It was great. It looks like she is getting her back teeth through now, but I don't know if she is. I don't know if she has all her teeth cos I have no idea how many they supposed to have! Do you have bonjella over there? It's great for teething. I also used bicky pegs. They are little biscuite type things.


karen - December 28

Hey TC , My Kodi is going through the same thing too. He is 4 months tomorrow. He goes for his shoots tomorrow and his check up on Saturday. I dread his shoots. He cried so much last time. He seems to like his check ups. Kodi is teething too. He is doing well THANK GOD so far lots of drooling and itching gum.


Jbear - December 28

How did the appointment go? They usually cry the worst for the first teeth, and then when they get molars they get a little fussy again.


TC - December 29

I started a thread saying what happened at the appt. I totally forgot that I started this one this morning. I think it is the lack of sleep. Well, he is 18lbs 12oz and 26 3/4in long. He is a hefty, healthy kid. He took the shots like a champ but he did get a mild fever to go along with it. He is a little cranky but he has been cranky for the last couple of days so I feel like I am ready for anything. I also found out that he has a mild case of eczema.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 29

TC my daughter has eczema. She was diagnosed iwth it at about 4 month old too, and it has got a lot worse. It started off on her leg and I thought it was nappy rash. When I found out what it was I just cried. It is all over her legs, her belly and her arms. What has the doctor give you for it? Leighs only gets really bad in the freezing cold or in heat but her skin is dry constantly.


TC - December 29

The doctor has not prescribed anything for it bc the methods that I have been using she said were fine. He breaks out on his forehead and temples. I use aquaphor on it and it calms it down.



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