Dare I Travel With A Baby

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ninaatk - February 21

Ok so I have been considering going on a big road trip - well 4 days to visit some family maybe over easter - It would be a 12 hour drive and my dd would be 4 months. I havent seen alot of this family in a few years and I really need a vacation but.... I think I am being unrealistic - Please tell me what trevelling with an baby is like - cause I think I have this big happy picture of us having a whole bunch of fun and I am thinking taking her out of her routine and away from everything might just be a lot more work - would I be better off to wait till she is a bit older and i can leave her with my mom and dad and then my dh and I can go on our own? Ok ladies give me the reality check I need!! LOL!!


Smilefull - February 21

My mom always said that 4 months is the best age to travel with baby. I totally think it's do-able. Just keep her the first priority--you can keep up with her schedule just have to make pit stops along the way---make sure she gets her nap in when she's used to---bring blankies she is used to. Other than that--best of luck and have fun


Deb - February 21

I took my dd on a 10 hour drive to Chicago and back when she was 6 weeks old, then again at 7 months and had no problems either time. Plus, we had many other smaller road trips of 2-4 hours without incident as well. Just plan for your trip to take longer than it would normally since you will have to stop for feedings. Chances are your lo will sleep quite a bit in the car - the vibrations tend to put them to sleep. Worse comes to worse have one of you sit in the back with your baby to "entertain" her if she needs it, but I think you will be okay. I say go for it!


ninaatk - February 21

Awesome thanks ladies - maybe I will seriously consider it!


Heather F - February 22

I always travel at night with dd when we are going to be in the car for that length of time, when she was 5 months we drove 13 hours to family and she did great - our only problem was nursing, so we had to stop to bf every time she woke up, which wasnt that often. Then we took a road trip again when she was 9 months - 10 hours - and this was harder because even though we drove at night she was old enough to know she could play if she wanted to and she was up half the night. I would say go now when she is young rather then later.


amber508 - February 22

I drove from Cleveland OH to Riverside CA which turned out to be a 6 day trip due to stopping at night at hotels and stopping during the day to change diapers and feed my dd who was about 4 months as well... She did good, slept a lot in the car, I gave her toys to play with, and sang to her, and talked to her, she did pretty good.... Make sure to bring toys and I am sure she will do just fine!


LisaB - February 22

Do it now when shes younger much easier just try to keep her close to her schedule and you'll be fine! I didn't do any road trips but ds and I flew a few times when he was around 4 months and he was an angel. It was crazy cuz we were moving so I was on the plane with my cat my 4 month old and nursing it was a three hour flight then a two hour drive we did great!!



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