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mosley12 - February 15

for those of you who put your los in day care, how did you do it? im going to get a job for a bit, even if its just a month or so, so i can try to put away some money for us, just incase things dont work out, and im gonna have to put ds in day care and the thought just makes me feel so bad! i just imagine him laying there crying and no one helping him!


ssmith - February 15

I worked at a daycare before having dd, and we would NEVER just leave a baby to lay there and cry!! Granted, the staff can't snuggle and hold the baby all day long because there are usually 9 other babies needing attention. Just visit as MANY centres as you can, and ask a TON of questions so you make sure that you have a really good centre with great staff. Unfortunately, even at the best centres...babies will cry for a good part of the day until they get settled and comfortable. But, they do settle and eventually really love it. Good luck.


ashtynsmom - February 15

I take dd to a home center. She is a family friend, so that helps, too... but if you do not have that convenience, I would personally look for a home center. To me, it is more personal, and less dangerous.


mosley12 - February 15

my mom has her own practice and has a day care there for her employees, so im probably going to leave him would make me feel better knowing my mom was down the hall from him. hes just spoiled rotton and gets everything he wants when he wants it, and i know he's being affected by his dad and i seperating, even though he's only 4 months, so i dont want to stress him out even more.


LisaB - February 15

I would also check out in home day cares my ds goes to a friend from my dads church and only charges 3 bucks an hour. I pay her 4 as I felt like I was robbing her but my ds loves going there and shes great. If you can find something like that it is wonderful.


venus_in_scorpio - February 15

my husband's aunt runs a daycare so we bring her there, since she was 2 months old, the only problem is dd comes home spoiled!! :o)


Lchan - February 15

My son cries for all of 30 seconds when we drop him off. Before we can get out the driveway he is giggling and laughing. He really enjoys himself so it eases the guilt a bit.


rl- - February 15

well my mom takes care of ds but with my older son (he is 8 now) I had to put him in daycare when he was around 2 and I just checked the daycare out just popped in without calling first to see what was really going on with the kids when they did not know someone was gonna pop in that will give you a good insight to what is going on and they should give you a tour just look around at how the kids are acting if they are happily playing or sittling alone crying and if the place is clean ya know what I am saying...good luck!!


C - February 15

I was lucky that my sister and good friend watched him from 6 weeks until now and he's 21 months. Starting Tuesday he will be going to a daycare center. I'm actaully looking forward to it now that he's older.



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