Day From HELL

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vonzo - February 11

OH MY GOD!!!! Could today get any worse? My washing machine's exploded when i have about 5 loads to get through today. Amber's clothes are wringing wet dotted all over the house causing puddles on the carpets and kitchen floor, I have spent 2 hours hand washing clothes so i have work clothes for next week and now my hands are all cracked and chapped. During this i had to sterilise some bottles when BOOM the steriser decides to blow up to. I open it to find all my bottles melted together!!! I am left with 2 bottles for her now. The dog's chewed her way through a bag of flour and beacuse everythings wet it's gone all lumpy and is congealed to the floor. I go online to check my bank and discover i have 3 bills to be paid by the 15th and i get no pennies untill the 16th so have to phone my dad and ask for a shot until then :o(, The dog has also peed and pood in stepsons room and Amber is having a teething day from h__l!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely afford new bottles, and as for a new washing machine..... Someone shoot me now please! :o(


Lisastar9 - February 11

Oh no. Check the hoses drain one to see if there is nothing stuck in it in order for the flow of dirty water to leave. I guess it is time to not to use a bottle sterilizer ever again. Better put it on the thread waste os money for baby item didn't get used. Sounds like you have a long night ahead of you. Can you call the bill companies you oew money to and make payment arrangements for the following day. As for the dog he sure does make you work. Sorry you are having a bad day. Hope it gets better hugs


Rabbits07 - February 11

Days like that you wish Calgon really could take you away!


bbelmore - February 11

Hahaha, Rabbits! That is hilarious! I'm sorry to hear about your day vonzo, sometimes life gives you a pile...gotta dig out of it! Good luck, here's hoping you have easy coasting from here on!


vonzo - February 11

ive decided we're having roast dog for dinner!! She's already coated in flour so at least she'll cook easier!!!!


Lisastar9 - February 11

vonzo...LMAO at least you have a sense of humour still


ash2 - February 11

lol vonzo !! Im so sorry for your day ; ( ..i hope it gets better.


CyndiG - February 11

Maybe I should run you a bath and cook your dinner????


k.p.j.e. - February 11

vonzo oh my god...that is harsh! What a bunch of bullsh*t to get through in just one day. You poor thing! Good for you for keeping your sense of humor through it all! If I lived near you I would love to help! I know, a lot of good that does you...:(


pinkbo0tlace - February 12

Oh sweetie! I hate days like those (doesn't everyone?!) At least we can all say with pride that tomorrow is a different day, and hopefully it will be better. Sorry that day was so rough :(. Ashley


Smilefull - February 12

VONZO!! You're still alive girl---so glad to see you're still posting, albeit wish it wasn't of such a horrid day. I started realising that even though all feels lost today, tommorow it'll be better. Breath. Go get yourself that slab of chocolate or take 15 min--YOU DESERVE IT!!



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