Day Of The Living Dead

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aurorabunny - February 8

That would be me. Help me you guys, I can't sleep!! It's been almost a week now since we transitioned Brody to his crib for good and I am having a really hard time dealing with him being out of our room. I'm just paranoid and even though I can see him on the video monitor, it's just not the same...I'm used to waking up and just looking over at him and now I have to walk to the other side of the house, hence not getting any sleep. He's 7 months, btw....any suggestions on how I can chill out?? Side note: What is a nice way to tell a MIL to butt out?? LOL She is just having a FIT about my dogs (like always) and acts like by having dogs I am throwing my ds into the lions den. "I'm an adult and it's my house and everything's safe and fine" doesn't seem to be getting the point across...ahhh, today is a c__p day. Sorry this has turned into a rant, my brain isn't working. Someone help


mandee25 - February 8

I am sorry you are having such a hard time hon. I know when it comes time to transition ds to his own room it's gonna be hard on me. Why is your MIL so freaked out about the dogs anyways?


srigles - February 8

I hear you - we moved Keegan (3 months) to his crib in his own room about a week ago. He's adapted really well, but I'm a mess. I couldn't even guess at how many times I have to go check on him. So I can sympathize, but I have no words of advice, because I'm a nervous wreck. :) Also - I have a similar problem to your dogs, except mine's a cat. (The "devil cat" as our families refer to him). He's nasty with everyone except me, DH, and DS - and both sides of the family think we're crazy for letting Keegan share the same air space with him! I just snapped on them all a couple of weeks ago and said, "We love this baby more than anyone else does - do you really think we'd put him in a dangerous situation??? Use your freakin' heads, people!" Didn't make me very popular, but I think I got my point across, lol. So no, I have no advice, but I can sympathize! Good luck!


aurorabunny - February 8

Thanks girls. Srigles--that's EXACTLY how I feel. I just want to scream at them that my son is my everything and the fact that they think I would purposely OR accidentally put him in a dangerous situation is an insult to my parenting. I've always had pit bulls, and I work with a rescue organization so I foster pit bulls in my home until they can find there forever home. I usually only have one dog at a time, and our home is set up entirely with baby gates, kennels and "dog areas" where the dogs and my son don't even interact unless I am sitting right there. No dog is EVER EVER left unsupervized in a room with my child, no matter how much I trust them. Not even for 2 seconds, even if I'm walking into the next room to grab a bib the dog either comes with me or is in a gated area. Besides the fact that the dog I have right now LOVES my son, there isn't even an opportunity for a bad situation to present itself because I don't even allow that window of unsupervision, not for a second. I try to impress this upon my family over and over and over, but they just act like hubby and I are throwing our son to hungry cougars and saying "Have at him!!". Pits are our pa__sion, and since we've found a way to make everything pleasant and SAFE for all parties involved, I can't understand why they can't just be happy that we're doing a good thing. All because of all the d__n untrue media about pit bulls....UGH. Sorry this turned into a really long rant, but I'm just sick of hearing it day in and day out!! I guess I need to just get some cajones and say "It's my kid, my house, BUTT OUT!"


srigles - February 8

I honestly don't know very much about pit bulls, but I really think it depends a lot on how the animals are raised. Any animal can do something unpredictable, so you just use common sense, especially around kids. We would never leave our cat (who really does have a nasty streak - the vet won't even treat him unless he's sedated!) alone with Keegan, or in any even remotely questionable situation. But people can't see that. All they see is that you have a kid and a pet that might possibly be a threat, and the next thing you know, you're a horrible parent! It's so frustrating. The worst thing is, my in-laws have a black lab that's really rambunctious and has ripped holes in the b___t of my pants more times that I can count. They put Keegan on the couch at their place and let Max (the dog) come up and sniff him and lick him (which I've told them I have a huge problem with!!!!) and just bounce around him in general and THAT'S not a big deal to them! Whereas Pepper keeps his distance unless he's crying, and then he wants to be near him. Really bugs me! And they wonder why I don't want to take him over there! Hmmm....


aurorabunny - February 8

I know, it's just so frustrating. There was a news story a couple months ago about a pitbull puppy chewing off a little baby's toes. Well the media never bothered to air that when everything was all said and done they found out the babys toes were chewed off by the family's FERRET and the parents were both pa__sed out on drugs and had left their baby on the floor with puppies and the ferret. But still to this d__n day I have people being like " Ohh I just heard about a pitbull eating a babies toes!" and blah blah blah. I try to give people REAL facts but they don't listen. Unforunately it just seems like a lot of people believe everything they here on TV. How could your in-laws complain about your cat when they do that??? At the very least the dog might sit on your baby or jump on him and hurt him on accident. People are so frustrating!!!!!


shelly - February 8

aurobunny,my ds is almost 7 months and we are now starting to think of moving him to his own room,well in with his brother rather,sorry no advice because im going to be exactly the same as you, god the mil a different thing altogether, mine is the same with my cat, i dont know why they cant mind their own business. its a really wonderful and worthwhile thing that your doing with the fostering organisation,i cant think of a kind way you can put it to her tho,i would get hubby to do the dirty work and try to drive it home lol.


Nita_ - February 8

Katie regarding MIL - I sure hope I knew how to tell them to mind their own business! When they were visiting us for a few months, my MIL was so scared of our dog Oscar hurting her. I was surprised as they have had dogs always when my dh and his siblings were growing up! So when they finally left is when we got Neha and oscar together. And Oscar is such a good boy, he doesn't say anything even when she pulls on his whiskers and hair! He even sits down whenever she comes near, with us holding her of course. I know I'm not helping with any solution but just wanted to let you know you are not alone!! I don't know why MIL have to b___t in always! SIGH!


Nita_ - February 8

Oh and I also wanted to say, you are doing such a great thing by fostering the pitbulls! Its sad that they have such a bad rap!


SuzieQ - February 8

Hi there - just wanted to say that I agree with sringles on how it depends on how the dogs are raised. Each animal is different! As for the crib transition - I am totally guilty!!!! I moved my dd into her crib last week and I love it. I can sleep without waking up every half hour to check on her, I don't have to worry about rolling onto her, I can stretch out in any direction and finally cuddle up to hubby! I still take her into our bed in the morning for the last hour of her sleep, cause she's so cute when she wakes up, but other than that, I love having her in her own space! We use a baby monitor, and her room is right next to ours, so I'm not too worried about her while she sleeps.


aurorabunny - February 8

Thank you SO much for support all. I was afraid that once I said the word pitbull that a fight would break it, glad to see there are so many people that are understanding. =) Thanks for the advice on the crib situation also....I guess I just need to stop fighting the worry and realize that worrying is going to be a forever part of my life now, LOL. I do need to relax enough to get some sleep though. Oh and here's a new one , just from today...this one is just the best....MIL was complaining to hubby about the dogs AGAIN and he was just like "Mom....correct me if I'm wrong, didn't we have a HUGE german shepard/akita mix when we were babies???" ...."Uh...That was different!" LOL Good comeback. *sigh* Oh well...I guess if it's not one snide MIL comment it's another, LOL.


Nita_ - February 9

LOL!! Am glad your dh gave her back a good answer! For some reason, MIL think we can't take care of our babies! The last time my dh was on the phone with my MIL and I was feeding the baby so I couldn't talk, so she tells him repeatedly to tell ME to take care of the baby and be very careful and what not. My dh got really p__sed off! and was telling me later about that and that of course we will take care of her more than ourselves! etc etc.. sigh!


shelly - February 9

its great tho to have an excuse not to have to talk on the phone with mil.i was feeding or changing the baby or putting the baby to bed ect,its made my life a lot less stressful not to have to listen to her whittering on.


aurorabunny - February 9

I son provides me with the best excuses EVER, LOL...that sounds awful, but it's true. "Gotta go! Baby's crying!" Hehe.



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