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waiting100 - May 15

My ds goes to daycare 2 full days per week. We absolutely LOVE our daycare provider and it is working out GREAT! We are so appreciative and feel so lucky to have our ds in such a wonderful atmosphere with such a caring, wonderful person. I am new to this daycare thing and wanted to know this - do those of you that use daycare, do you give your provider any kind of token of appreciation - gift for her bday, just cuz gift, gift certificate, do you bring the other kids cookies - or ? For mothers day, she planted plants in pots and had all the kids decorate them for their moms, on my ds bday she baked him a gift, bought a gift and had a little party for him - she is a great person and I was wondering if any of you "reward" your provider?


waiting100 - May 15

correction - she baked him a cake not gift!


frankschick2001 - May 15

My dd is in daycare. She only started about a month and a half ago. So far, it is working out very nice. The people there are sweet and seem to have everything under control, whenever I stop in for a surprise visit. I do plan to get my dd's "nona" a gift for Christmas. I don't think you have to go beyond that (if you celebrate Christmas). If your caretaker is Jewish, you can get her a chanukkah gift, etc. A major gift giving holiday may call for a gift, but I don't think you have to do the birthday thing too.


Shana B - May 15

My dd (age 4) and ds (age 1) are both in daycare and yes, we do get the teacher's gifts on special occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, and Teacher's appreciation week I always try to do something special for each of them. Not all parents do this however, so I think the choice is up to the individual parents. I send cupcakes too on special occasions. Gift cards are always appreciated.


kris313 - May 15

We love our daycare provider too! I got her a Christmas gift from dd to say thanks for taking such great care of her.


ash2 - May 15

When ds was in daycare at an early age, we would ( only on holidays ) give her like a card and cookies, or a small present. But we wouldnt go all out because it would feel akward on both parts....afterall, there getting paid.



I say a small gift or card would be nice. So let me ask you, how did you find this great provider? Does she work at regular daycare or is it at home daycare? I am curious although I am sahm for now I now the day will come when I will have to go back to work.


waiting100 - May 15

Emberbaby - I am a SAHM also - my ds is 13 months and I have another one on the way -- Having him two days a week in daycare is the best thing that could have happened to both of us! My little guy is a social b___terfly and loves kids - so we are both happy - he gets to play and I get a little free time to clean the house, errands, etc. I found her through a friend - she is an at home provider--it is out of her house.



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