DayCare Feeding Concern

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Gabriel_Pitbull - April 3

My son just went to his 9 month old well baby visit. My doctor told me that he could start eating new foods. He suggested things such as cottage cheese, yogurt, stew without spices or salt, other table foods minus spice/salt. Basically most everything minus food allergy risks such as nuts, honey, acidic foods, etc. So the next day I told the girls at my daycare the good news (new foods are so much fun!). I asked them what other moms and dads do for lunches. I figured the sent food in for the kids. The girl told me that most of them eat off of the daycare menu. I didn't know they had a daycare menu for the infants, so I asked what were some examples of the menu items. She said pizza, spagetti, and mac n' cheese. She said that the other kids all ate that. The other kids are anywhere from 9 months to about 14 months old. To me this doesn't seem like infant food to me. Am I being an over protective mom?


Ginny - April 3

NO!! The daycare makes those foods because they are easy, not because they are nutritious or good for you. And I am not slamming daycares, I have worked in them as well as school systems, so I am actually speaking from experience. If you use the daycare menu, I would definitely supplement by sending good foods, veggies, and such.


pbj - April 3

I was a infant daycare provider about 11 years ago and there were no babies eating the daycare menu. All our parents provided their food. No, I don't think you're being overprotective and I'm pretty laid back about those kind of things. I say that you should monitor everything your baby eats as he is exposed to new foods. There's nothing wrong with those foods once in a while after he is a little older, but everyda...personally I don't think so. I probably won't be as picky as I should be when my daughter starts eating solids, but there needs to be fruits and veggies included ln there. Some parents are lazy, don't really think about it or figure it's cheaper to eat at the school. I think you're doing the right thing by monitoring what you son eats.


Heidi - April 3

I agree with you. This isn't right. Depending on the daycare has to follow guidelines for their food program. Snacks are the same. They can't just be junk food. Lots of times they get carrots and milk for snacks and they have to include certain food groups for each meal. Sounds like she's making easy foods, which aren't always bad but I would want some veggies and fruit added into that instead of just pizza or mac n cheese. Emma is only 6 months so I don't have this issue yet but I'll definately be asking when she's big enough to get "adult" foods.


Gabriel_Pitbull - April 3

Thanks for the replies. I think the girls at the daycare think I am a royal pain in the bum. I always check to see what he has eaten and when. I ask lots and lots of questions. The other parents just seem to run in with their kid and run out as fast as possible. I am not trying to question their methods or be overly picked, but he is my baby. I want to do what is best for him.


Heidi - April 3

I know how you feel. I feel stupid asking stuff cus I figure she probably thinks I don't trust her or that I'm looking for things to complain about but it's my kid we're talking about here. Yeah maybe when she's 3 or 4 I won't ask anymore but some days I just ramble off questions just to give myself the satisfaction of knowing she's in a good place. If I don't ask I just sit and wonder all day at work. Can't function properly if I'm worried about my baby.


SonyaM - April 3

Heidi, I still ask questions when I pick up my son from preschool and he is almost four. I don't think it ever stops!


Zacks Mom - April 3

Daycare is expensive. In my opinion, I won't care less how other parents handle the daycare and their child's food. Since, I'll be the one paying for it, I would want the best that I can get. I would rather be a 'royal pain in the b___t' and take my child home for the day knowing that "today my child has eaten good food and not mac n cheese". It is afterall your bring in food and not that they are cooking it for you. All they have to do is feed them.


Sarahsmommy - April 4

I don't think you are being a royal pain in the bum. When I was volunteering at a daycare they kept a log on everybaby. I know it had on there what they ate when, when they got there diaper changed, and if it was wet, a bm, or dry. It also had a place for notes about things that happened that day. I think that's great. On the rare occasion I leave my baby with her babysitter(who is my aunt) I ask all kinds of questions when I pick her up. When did she eat, how did she eat, was she fussy, did she nap well, etc. etc.


tiffani - April 4

You've got to be kidding me! Pizza, spaghetti, and mac n cheese for a 9 month old???? Absolutely NOT! I would flat out refuse to allow them to feed that to my kid. If I were you I'd pack the diaper bag with the foods 9 month olds are supposed to have. Cereal, bananas, pears, green beans, cheerios, etc. I don't think you're being over protective at all, sounds to me like you're just being smart! And people wonder why childhood obesity is growing at alarming rates. Don't ever worry about being a pain in the a** when it comes to your child. Always trust your gut and do what you feel is best regardless of how others may perceive you. :o)


Gabriel_Pitbull - April 6

Thanks for all of your replies. I went out and bought little bowls that are sectioned off and have lids. I make a lot of my own baby food, so I just put what I want him to have in them. I also talked to the daycare and explained that my husband's family has a history of food allergies. That way I don't have to worry about them sneaking him some pizza or some other junk when I am not there. And my husband has some very scary food allergies. Every time I feed my son a new food, I worry. So I think things are settled in a good way with the daycare. Jen



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