Daycare Putting Cerceal In His Bottle W Out My Consent

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Ginger - November 10

My son has been in daycare since he was 5 weeks old. He is now 15 weeks old. When I went to pick him up, his afternoon teacher accidentally slipped up and told me they were putting cereal in my son's bottle. She said b/c he was spitting up. My son does not spit up...I told her she was just lazy and wanted him to sleep (which I truly believe is the truth) they said they had only been doing it for three days. He currently weights 15.7 lbs. Is this about right or is my instinct correct by thinking they've been doing it longer? How will this affect him? They gave me every cent back that I've paid them and apoligized deeply. I'm SO upset :( How will I ever trust another daycare? My heart hurts.


BBK ® © - November 10

First let me say that most babies will thrive no matter what, so the stats are on your side. The dangers are: Introducing cereals before 4 months of age is only done in bad cases of acid reflux, where the baby is not gaining weight properly and the starch helps him keep the liquid down. Most important reason not to do it (before 4 months) is because it can create food allergies. Babies may also inhale the rice in their lungs mostly because of their suckling and swallowing being uncoordinated. This can cause pulmonary problems. Third issue, is the one you mentioned; Your child is a bit big but not overweight; this premature grain addition however may have taught him to overeat. I would demand that they tell you exactly how long they have been doing it, and discuss it with your pediatrician. Again though, your baby is probably OK, and whatever damage was done (if any) is most likely reversible.


BBK ® © - November 10

One other thing to add: Studies have proven that cereal in the bottle did nothing to improve sleep and it's another urban myth. The American Academy of pediatrics recommends against this practice and cereal should be introduced with a spoon to avoid overeating.


TC - November 10

What state are you in? I am a daycare teacher and here in NYC that is against rules and regulations. We as teachers would never put cereal in a childs bottle. Was this teacher reprimanded (sp) by her superiors? I think that she should be. I am glad you got your money back and pulled him out. Don't worry your child would be fine. Babies are much stronger than we think. Whatever the damage (small chance that there is some) will be fixed.


Ginger - November 10

I'm in Birmingham, Alabama. I hate to even say that b/c people will think that we are redneck, but I'm in a very nice area. I'm so upset. I have a copy of the file, in which I signed his little rights away. The teacher was not repremanded in front of me. The daycare he is in now says they would have fired her. I am so upset. Its one of those things I just can't get over. I believe this was just an accident and shouldn't give daycares a bad name for, but I just cannot get over it.


Julie - November 10

I would immediately pull my son out of this daycare center. There are other reputable centers out there. I don't think the cereal will hurt your son but that is not the point. I feel for you.


TC - November 10

What do you mean that you "signed his litte rights away"? I never heard of that before. Please explain. Also, I understand about not wanting to say where you are from bc of what people might think. When I say that I am from NY people actually think that I must love coffee and bagels. And that I am rude and obnoxious.


Heidi - November 10

I'd report them to a higher authority at least so it doesn't happen to someone else. I'd be furious. Don't feel bad. I'm from MN and everyone things we talk like people in the movie Fargo. Hee hee! Yaa...


karine - November 11

i hope they havnt been doing this for too long, as he may get hungry now, that he wont have it anymore. no one should do anything without the parents consent, its horrible !!! If their was truly a probleme with him it was up to them to tell you and talk to you...they had no right to take it upon them to give them cereal. i think though that atleast you did get all the money you gave i wouldnt give the daycare a bad rep. for the one caregiver. Have you tried a babysitter?? instead. and if you do take another daycare...then make sure they know the situation you went through and let them know you wont have that happen again, put them on their guards


monica - November 11

although my son has been having cereal in his bottle since maybe one month, I have learned that it does help with reflux but it does not make them sleep longer. It did not teach my son to over eat in fact he probably eats less than most babies. I am pretty sure your baby is fine. If not you woud have known already if something was not right.


Fiona - November 11

Babies that young can't digest the cereal that well, and yes it does keep them full a lot longer than formula or b___stmilk! That is a proven fact, thats why some people put it in formulas for babies to sleep longer


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

My son is also getting cereal in his bottles for reflux and he does just fine with it. He also takes the same amt of formula per day with or without the cereal. I would not worry about the health aspects too much, I would just be mad they did this without your consent. You should definitely call the state. My friend sends her child to a daycare center that will not or are not allowed to feed babies anything other than what parents bring in. They are not allowed to mix formula, cereal or any food. Everything has to come in pre made ie, no powdered formula not already mixed with water. I would find a daycare that has those rules, or check into a home daycare/sitter situation. Good luck! I am so sorry you had to go thru that.


Leslie to Monica - November 11

My baby (2mos) has reflux too, my doctor has suggested adding the rice cereal too because it's pretty hypoallergenic. He didn't mention anything about it causing pulmonary problems, if inhaled. I was wondering if your doctor mentioned this.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

Leslie-I know you asked monica, but doc never said anything to me either about problems with inhalation. Cereal, like anything powdery, if inhaled before mixed with liquid, could cause problems, but certainly not once it is mixed with the formula. It should be fine.


monica to leslie - November 11

no my doctor never mentioned anything like either. When I read it, it scared me but I can not imagine it even happening. My son seems fine so far. In fact I had two different ped. mention to me to put the cereal in their bottles.


Julie - November 11

I would report them to the authorities and find another center. They have broken your trust. Whether you give him it or not is your choice but they should not give your child anything without your consent.


monica to fiona - November 11

All babies are different and cereal did not make my baby sleep longer...when he was younger after a bottle with cereal he would be hungry again in 2 - 3 hours and that was the same amount of hours he goes without the cereal.



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