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emmy - July 10

I was just wondering if any of your babies go to daycare and what do they feed them on a daily basis. Are they suppose to go by any regulations. Thamk you for the input.


sahmof3 - July 10

Keep in mind I'm talking 10 years ago, but I used to work in a daycare center. I worked in the 1yo room. They had a "main dish", (mac-n-cheese, spaghettios, diced hot dogs- are a few I remember) a veggie and a fruit at lunch. Snacks were usually crackers or fruit. I did work in infants for awhile and depending on age were either given bottles (some formula, some moms had expressed milk), older babies got baby food. Snacks for older babies were usually baby crackers or cheerios or similar things.


nic nac - July 10

we will be sending our dd to daycare soon for a few days a week. what do you do about food if you don't want to eat a lot of processed food? If you bring it is it harder on the child cuz they can't eat what the others are eating?


skn331 - July 10

Nic nac: I do home daycare and I would suggest bringing your own food if you want to avoid processed foods. I dont serve anything with trans fat in it, but I take care of twins who come from a vegetarian family. There mother doesnt want them to eat any meat.... So, I feed the other kids meat at lunch (some days its cheese and everyone can eat the same thing) and the twins get beans/eggs/cheese etc. I have taken care of them since they were very young and its just second nature to them now. They know the other kids get chicken (or something) and they get beans. Its not a big deal.


skn331 - July 10

emmy: most coporate daycares are on the national food program. It is an extension of the "hot lunch" program at schools.... We get visits to check for compliance and have to follow a certain menu. Its is something like this: Foods serving vitamin A are served 2x a week. Vitamin C and Iron daily. Fruit and veggies both at "meals" except for breakfast, that is a bread item and fruit with milk. Milk at every "meal". Snacks consist of foods from 2 food groups. cheese and crackers, apple and cheese etc. Infants follow mostly the same menu except formula or b___st milk count as a snack by themselves. Infant lunch is b___st milk/formula, iron fortified cereal and a fruit or veggie. Daycares get reimbursed for 2 snacks/ one meal a day OR 2 meals and one snack. Some homeday cares will serve more snacks though, depending on the hours the child is there. Your child shouldn't go with out food for more than 3 or so hours, if the day is scheduled right.


emmy - July 11

thank you for the responses, they sound good.


nic nac - July 11

thanks skn331.


krista-lee - July 12

hi! im not sure about daycare but i had to come in here! My daughters name is Emy too! i only used one M because her full names really long. ive never heard of anyone with the same name :)


Nick - July 12

This was an important concern of mine even though my son is only 10 months old. I am a teacher and I know how food greatly effects a childs behavior. My daycare serves things like turkey meatloaf, french toast, homemade soups, tuna sandwiches, pasta, fresh vegetables and fruit. They never serve lunch meat, hot dogs, mac and cheese or any of that processed c___p. This was one of the things that sold me on my daycare.



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