Days And Nights Confused What To Do

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nrsegurl - May 12

We have a newborn here...he is so sweet. But his days and nights are mixed up and I do not know what to do to try and get them straight. He nurses and takes naps during the day...he even interacts with us. But night is a different story. He is up all night and I am exhausted. He nurses and falls asleep...I put him in his bassinet and he is awake and crying within 5 minutes and this goes on all night. He will nurse a little after this and go back to sleep...I lay him down and the same thing! A few times I have just given up and put him on my chest and leaned us back in the recliner and slept a couple of hours (usually by 6 AM I do this becuse I am exhausted!) What can I do? I have not slept in my bed since coming home from the hospital and I miss my husband!


JJ5235 - May 12

Newborns tend to have their days and nights confused but you can try to help them by turning lights on during the day and keep normal day time noises loud. At night keep lights off/ t.v off, and do not talk to him. When you nurse him make it business. Nursing and thats it. My baby is 7 weeks old so I can sympathize with you and no sleep but here are some things that have worked for me. Swaddling. Very very helpful for sleep or anytime. Oh yeah when you nurse your LO to sleep, wait until his fists are unclenched and if you pick his arm up that it is limp to move him to his ba__sinet. That will mean that he is in a deep sleep and should not wake up. Also put him in his ba__sinet feet first and then head because if you tip him head first it causes babies to wake up. Unfortunatley you have a lot of sleepless nights ahead of you but it just comes with the territory. I still dont sleep that much and it has been 7 weeks. Make sure you nap when he does which is very important. Maybe you husband could get up with the baby for a night feeding. I am b___stfeeding so daddy cant give a bottle but he gets up wiht me and helps in any way. I hope this helps some. Just remember that newborns wake every 2-3 hours to eat or sooner so it is normal. Good Luck!


Marlene - May 12

My son is 10wks and still has his days and nights mixed up. He sleeps all day at the babysitter and is up all night for me. I feel like I pay her to watch him sleep!!!


J.J. - May 12

My son is now 6 mos old but when he was a newborn, we had the same problem. Someone gave us a book called "The Contented Little Baby" which contains several eat/feed/bath skeds to help get babies on a regular schedule. It is very regimented and I thought it was ridiculous but my husband made us try it and it REALLY helped. The earliest sked was for babies 2 weeks to 2 mos, I think. (Keep in mind that we still had some rough days, but it gave us more control, kept baby pretty happy.) PS -- and as an odd anecdotal story, we had a crib and a ba__sinet (the later was given to me by a coworker). Our baby HATED the ba__sinet but was fine in the crib. No idea why, but when we had to wake him up, like if it was time to feed him, we'd plop him in the ba__sinet and 2 minutes later he'd be crying! Anyway, hang in there, things WILL get better!!


nrsegurl - May 12

Thanks for the advice. I had a feeling about the ba__sinet..he sleeps fine in his play-yard ba__sinet but not the bedside one. We went to the pediatrician today and she suggested the saddeling real tight! We thought we had been doing it tight but we watched her and realized we fell short! Other than that he is doing great and we are so happy to have him in our lives. Thanks again ladies and I will check out that book!



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