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BWIND - October 26

Hey DB, well I'm wondering if DS has another ear infection. He's once again has a super snotty nose and sounds congested. It just came out of nowhere. He rubs his ear, but he really hasn't stopped doing it. I called the ped....she basically said that she didn't want to see him just yet......b/c he doesn't have a temperature. She doesn't want to give him more antibiotics....which I'm glad....but if he needs them he needs them. I'm thinking about purchasing the middle ear monitor thing. You can buy it at walmart....It's kinda like an ear thermometer and it's supposed to let you know if their is fluid....Have you heard of it? DS doesn't have an appt until Nov.20th. He has 2 vaccinces then...I may hold off though. I'm wondering if he's cutting another tooth b/c he had all of this....and then after his two bottom teeth broke through....everything went away. HMMMMM....How's audrey?


DB - October 26

Gosh, how funny...I was just about to post something to seehow your little guy was doing!!! Well, Audrey woke up on Monday a bit crabby, but I didn't think much of it. Then my MIL called me at work and said her temp was 102.2!!! We got in that afternoon and sure enough the right ear was infected AGAIN!!!!!! Making this #4 in 2.5 months. So, he prescribed her some Augmentin to hopefully kick this infection. I'm so frustrated with the ear infections. I took Audrey in to a chiropractor today! It is my last ditch effort before begging for tubes...Supposedly getting some adjustments may help the ears to drain. I have to take her in 2x next week...she also has her 9 month appt next Friday. You know, when Audrey got her runny nose last weekend I though for sure it was more teeth, but still none and in fact it ended up being another infection....Has your ds been fussy at all or has his sleep changed? I haven't heard of the ear monitor things, but I'm interested to see if they work!!! I also hate not knowing what the heck is going on...oh and btw, with Audrey's second ear infection her only symptom was crusty eye boogers. She did not have a fever at all with that one. I understand not wanting to give more medicine. This is Audrey's 4th round of antibiotics. It's getting unreal how much medication this poor girl has had. UGH!!! Oh last question, when they checked his ears last time did the fluid drain? Audrey's DID NOT drain, but wasn't infected and then the minute she got a tiny cold, bam, infection set in like that...but maybe if your ds's ears did drain the fluid then he'll be ok!???!?! Keep me posted! Hopefully not an E.I.


BWIND - October 28

Hey DB. I'm sorry to hear about Audrey. Sounds like our lo's have a lot in common. I"m not sure if ds had fluid in his ears or not....she just said they looked good. He seems to be doing better. He's so full of snot though. He freaks out when he sees the aspirator. I did buy one of those ear monitors. His said fluid unlikely. My mom tried it two different times because she said her ears have been stopped up for awhile...and sure enough it said to go to the doctor. HAHAHA. Hopefully, it 's reliable. I guess it gave me a little piece of mind. Has Audrey's ped. said anything about tubes? I know everyone I talked to said it made a HUGE difference. It may be something to consider. So what does her chiropracter do?


DB - October 29

Hi there. Well, the last pediatrician we saw (not our normal one) mentioned tubes, but said not yet! We go on Friday for her 9 month checkup so I am going to ask our pediatrician what his plan is because I've honesly had enough with the ear infections and antibiotics. Well, the chiropractor does what she'd do to an adult. I lay down on the table. Audrey lays on top of me facing up (so her back is against my chest), then she "adjusts her" which means she "cracks her neck" and back to align her spine which supposedly is locked up by her neck. It is hard to watch, but it only takes about 1 minute. Audrey only cries because she gets her head grabbed onto. Once she's done she is happy as can be! I am skeptical, but I'm willing to give this 2 or 3 weeks. I think if the doctor says the fluid has drained then I'll believe the chiropractor...especially because now Audrey has another cold and is all congested, so normally her ears should be full of fluid. I've also heard about the small dose antibiotics (prophylactic, I think) that they take daily for months to prevent the e.i.'s?!?!? But, again, I hate the thought of all those meds! Ok, what brand is the ear monitor~I think I may need to get one!!! Glad to hear your ds's ears are OK!!!


BWIND - October 30

OMG DB....the chiropracter sounds scary. I hope it works out for you. The ear monitor is called Earcheck Inner Ear Monitor. You can google it. I think Kaleb is okay. His runny nose is a lot better and he's not AS congested. I may bring him to school and have our school nurse look in his ears. He doesn't go back until November 20th. Is your LO getting shots? I really don't want Kaleb to, if he's still snotty and congested. I think he gets two this time. I would also be cautious if DS was on an antibiotic for a long period of time to prevent ear infections. I know a teacher at school whose son was on amoxicillan for 3 months. Within 24 hrs. of being off it....He had an ear infection. This was several years ago. He had tubes and she said he was a different kid. Well, good luck. Let me know what the doc says on Friday.


DB - October 30

THanks for the info!!! I'm also scared of Audrey getting shots right now! I just emailed a "sorta-friend of the family" who is a pediatrician to get her opinion on the ear situation and the MMR vaccine-I know it's not til 12 months but that one SCARES me!!!! I'll let you know what the doc says on Friday!


tish212 - October 31

I don't mean to jump in ur convo...and I'm not claiming I'm an expert...but I saw on discovery health yesterday that a study showed that the do nothing results were the same if not more so then the antibiotic results...(meaning kids got better on their own) they were saying how giving kids too many antibiotics can cause them to develop drug resistant strains of infections this study was done on kids with ear infections....u might want to check this research out on discoveryhealth.com.... again I'm not "one of those people" I just saw it yesterday and thought of this post...gl and I hope u find solution for both ur lo's


DB - October 31

Thank tish-I have also heard about that as well. I think what I read on the AAP webpage said they would do this option for kids over 12 months? But, I can't really remember the details...I am absolutely not for giving antibiotics for every little cough either, but it's hard to see her in pain!!! Ugh! Hopefully on Friday we get some options or good news that the fluid has drained....say a little prayer!!! hhaha, I love discover health btw!!!


BWIND - October 31

I love discovery health. I watched it a lot while I was pregnant. Thanks for the info Tish. I agree about the whole antibiotic thing....I just don't want it to damage his ears getting ear infections all the time. DB...let me know what your friend says. Kaleb had a temp tonight of 99.5 and went to bed really early. Does Audrey always sound congested or stuffed up? DS always does. He has a snotty nose all the time. Let me know what you find out.


tish212 - October 31

I didn't want to come across as a person completely against antibiotics..I just saw it on tv...and remembered reading this post and since u both seem at wits end with all these e.I. I figured I'd at least share what I heard...I know if I was in ur position I'd be going crazy trying to figure out a cure...cuz nothing hurts more than seeing ur child in pain (but isn't it obvious that I'm still only pregnant...since I have all day to watch discovery health lol gotta love watching the baby shows when ur excited about getting ur first! ) I really really hope the drs find a solution to ur lo's ear infections....gl....


DB - November 4

Hey BWIND...I thought I'd update you on what our ped. said on Friday at Audrey's 9 month appt. Her infection was gone, but she still had fluid in her ears. He said if she gets 1-2 more e.i.'s then they will do the tubes. I am saying if she gets one more then tubes. Enough is enough. So, I'm thinking the chiropractor is a waste of my time and $!!!! Surely in daycare she will pickup ANOTHER cold soon and the e.i. will return. UH, this process sucks! But, that is the update!!! Oh, and as for being stuffy-Yes, a lot of the time :( And our family friend- ped. said she'd generally recommend tubes because they are coming up to the point where hearing well is exceptionally important for learning to speak...so I'm glad I got her opinion. How's Kaleb? Did he end up sick again?


BWIND - November 4

Hey DB...well, I'm glad Audrey's ears only have fluid and not infected. I'm going to take Kaleb to my school nurse on tuesday so she can look in his ears. He is constantly rubbing on both of them. He's not fussy and doesn't have a temp...and he's sleeping rather well...so I don't know. The stupid earcheck monitor thing that I bought is at the higest level for both ears which means fluid. Now, I'm not sure how reliable it is...maybe it's just fluid and not infected. His runny nose is worse some days than others....but it's always there. I wonder if tubes would help that at all. I'll let you know what I find out.


c_baer19 - November 4

I only read the first post, but I just wanted to say be careful with antibiotics. Your LO can become immune to them! I work in medical transcription and used to type for an ENT clinic (Ears, Nose, Throat) and they saw lots of little ones and babies with chronic ear infections. Anyway, I would always see in the files "is taking ____ because he/she has stopped responding to these medications.." Just be careful - there is such a thing as too much antibiotics! Anyway, does it run in the family? Some kids have to have surgery for.. eustation tube dysfunction, I think it is. And if I remember right, it seemed to run in the families.


c_baer19 - November 4

Okay, read the rest. The surgery I was talking about was tube placement, and it does seem to help if the ear infections just keep coming back. I wasn't warning about the drug-resistant strains of infections, those "superbugs" were originally and mostly hospital-borne. (My husband works in a hospital and they see it fairly often, have to wear gloves, gowns, etc. for safety reasons) I mean, they are a worry I guess, but what I was saying is that there are only so many different kinds of antibiotics out there, and you don't want your LO to become resistant to all of them! Imagine if you were really sick and antibiotics would do nothing for you.. not fun!


DB - November 5

Hi c_baer...yes, I agree with you about the meds...too much of a good thing is NOT good in this case! I am sure Audrey will get another E.I. soon, so I'm guessing tubes are in our near future..and yes, my dh and I both had TONS of E.I.'s as children, so I guess she got our bad genes! SUCKS!!! BWIND-hope he's ok!!! That's what Audrey has right now...lots of fluid that won't drain, and the ever-lasting runny nose :( I think if she still has fluid when she gets checked in one month then they'll decide on tubes for sure...I could just go see an ENT , but I feel like I should give her a chance to not get sick...and hope she doesn't, but of course I'm thinking it's inevitable!



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