DD Dislikes To Roll And Stay On Tummy Nor Start To Crawl

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Mariefe - June 18

My DD is going to be 8 months old this end of the month. She started to roll on her tummy twice only when she was about 4 months old and thats it! Now she can sit unsupported while actively playing with her toys and loves to walk around with my or dh hands supports. Sometimes i let her stand beside the sofa with my hands around her hips and she loves it very much! She likes standing and walking a lot! she rolls left and right but just half way through only and sometimes she sleeps on her either sides.. But I dont know.. why she never likes to roll and stay on her tummy, push herself to move and starts to crawl?? She cries and drops her head with frustration every time i lay her on her tummy within few minutes!. Is there something i need to worry about ? She should have mastered the rolling and actively crawling by now at this age already but why she doesnt like to do it or cant do it? I never seen anything abnormal to her as she is a healthy and active baby.. Anybody has the same issue here?


denimb__terfly - June 19

my littlest guy refused to do tummy time. As soon as he learned to roll from his belly to his back- I couldn't keep him on his belly for a second! And, he never wanted to roll from his back to his belly (I think because he hated being on his belly). Now, one day he just started crawling. He was 8and 1/2 months old. And about a week later he rolled onto his belly like he was a pro. I really think they sometimes just do what they want. My first never crawled. He was walking at 7 months, but never could figure out how to crawl. My daughter was not walking until right before her first birthday. So, I really think your little one is fine. I think babies do things on their own time. I would talk to your doctor about your concerns (to ease your mind). But, as a mother of 3 I have seen babies range so much in the milestone department and I am not just talking about mine. I think the important thing is that you give her as much one on one time because I do know that that makes a huge difference in babies learning.


denimb__terfly - June 19

also he started rolling from the belly to the back at about 6 months even though my first rolled both ways at 2 months. I have seen him do things and think things out that my first did not do so I don't think it means he is less smart or unhealthy or abnormal.


kimberly - June 19

Just to make sure I understand, she did roll over at 4 months but now seems to not roll over at all. I think I would bring it up with her pedi to ease your mind. The reason I say this is because if she could roll over before but can't now then she has moved back with her mile stones and not ahead. This can be a warning sign. But, if it just her being stubborn and not liking to roll over this can be more normal. Babies almost always hate tummy time. All babies do things at their own pace and it could be completely normal but I would talk it over with her pedi.


cblack - June 19

DS refused to do tummy time up till about 5 or 6 months old. Then he figured out how to roll, and disliked it even more, I think he got scared. But now he is almost 9 months, and is rolling everywhere. That is his only way of being mobile because he has yet to learn how to crawl. I thought that he was being late in getting to the crawling stage, but I think every baby is different, and will do things in their own time. He now even sleeps on his tummy because he loves it so much. He doesnt walk or anything yet either, but I am not pushing, I am just letting things happen. You never know, she could just decide she wants to skip rolling and crawling and go straight to walking. But I am sure there is nothing to worry about. Good luck though! ;)



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