Dd Is Sick

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amanda17 - February 23

Hi, my dd is almost 9 months old and recently caught a cold from her cousin. Her nose is very runny and stuffy so when she tries to drink from her bottle she can't breathe. She stops and takes breaths in between sips but it's very uncomfortable for her. I've tried a humidifier, vapor rub and cleaning out her nose with those suction things. She'll be okay for a little over a minute then go right back to being stuffy. Any other ideas?


CgGirl - February 23

You can try saline drops. At any sign of even the slightest flegm in dd's nose, I put a few drops. It really does help, but you have to do it several times a day.


sarah21 - February 23

You can check with your Dr. They have a new decongestant that is FDA approved for babies. It works really well for my daughter and it has an antihistamine in it too to help the with the sneezing. She said you can also use the decongestant nose drops a few times a day. Hyland's also makes homeopathic things that help and you can get them on vitacost.com


amanda17 - February 23

I didn't even know they had drops haha. Thank you girls!!


gabby509 - February 24

Amanda, don't use the vapo rub anymore. I saw something on the news about how it can be harmful to breathing patterns on infants. I use the saline drops and a bulb to suction whenever King gets sick. It's not the best remedy but it definitely dries up his nose.


amanda17 - February 24

Really? I didn't hear about that. I use those plug-in vapo rub things that seem to be especially for baby. (It doesn't specify but it has a picture of a baby sleeping next to it on the box) Is that still harmful?


clindholm - February 24

Our pedi told me the Vicks plug- ins can be more irritating than anything. It's impossible to keep up with it all!


amanda17 - February 24

Wow! I've never had a problem with it before. There's a problem with everything now a days...


HollyMay - February 24

Hey Amanda, the ladies are right.. the saline drops do wonders! What i found out to be really helpful is to do the drops right before she has a bottle, they doctor told me to do this because it will loosen up the mucus and she will swallow with her bottle! I also make my own, i don't buy it from the stores, i just put some sea salt in with warm water. it worked great for my dd! Hope you little one feels better soon!


amanda17 - February 24

Oh yes, I tried the drops and they work a lot better than anything else I've tried! It wares off pretty quickly but she's eating well and that's all I ask :)


Camsmommy - February 25

holly may after u make your own drops how do u put them in her nose? my dd has a stuffy nose and it kills me to hear her breathing at night...the poor thing. i have a humidifyer right next to her crib but nothing is working i am interested in the at home remedy.


HollyMay - February 25

camsmommy, yes you put them in her nose. i do like a squirt in each maybe a little more depending how still my dd is lol. my doc said only to do it a couple times a day so her nose doesn't get to dried out from the salt. So doing it right before a feeding is most effective (plus they will probably fall a sleep as well) because they will swallow the mucus with milk. hope you liitle feels better too!


amanda17 - February 25

You could probably use any medicine dropper to do it. I have a few that I've never used, but if you have an empty bottle of baby tylenol, and clean the dropper really well, I think you could use that.


Camsmommy - February 25

ok so u just squirt it in right before a bottle and then it will go down with the milk...great will try it today and let u know how it goes! :-)



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