Dd S Hair Keeps Tangling Up Argh

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EMBERBABY - February 5

My daughter is 4 and a half months and has beautiful silky hair (she was born with a full head of hair) but the hair on the back of her head keeps tangling up like crazy and frizzing up. She tends to tangle her hair by rubbing her head against her bouncy chair, swing, crib, and even carseat. I use a baby hair detangler (johnson and Johnson) but it doesn't do much. Any suggestions?


maryl14 - February 5

try to use a leave in condition just a very small amount and one that is for extra sensitive and hyproallergnic my 3 1/2 was like that and it worked for her hope this helps


Kara H. - February 5

You can get a waxy build-up from the baby products which will cause it to tangle. When you have someone on hand to help you so you don't get it in her eyes, use an adult carifying shampoo to get rid of the buildup. You may need to use it every two weeks or so to keep it off her hair.


Nita_ - February 5

Emberbaby - my dd's hair is the exact same way! No matter how much I comb/brush, it's always in tangles! Kara H...what kinda of clarifying shampoo? some names will help me! These days it seems like I rush in and out of stores like a mad dog! Barely have time to look around!


Renea - February 5

what about static hair--anything you can do for that.


Kara H. - February 5

I'm a stylist so I'm not real familar with drug store brands, but if you are at a salon that carries matrix, Alternate Action is really good. Also Malibu 2000 makes really good carifying shampoos too. I don't know if its still on the market or not, but there used to be a drug store brand Citrus Shine and they had a clarifying one too. Nexus just started selling their products at drugstores and walmarts and they make a good one, but I can't remember the exact name of it. It didn't smell the best, but it sure cut the junk!


Kara H. - February 5

Nexus humectrus conditioner is really good for static.



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