DD Won T Sleep At Night Please Help

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Mrs.Steve - November 4

My lo is 9 days old. She sleeps in her bassinet next to our bed. The problem is that she sleeps beautifully during the day, but at night, I'm lucky if I get 2 hours sleep. At 5 this morning, I put her on my chest in our bed and she slept just fine. Dh and I are afraid of co-sleeping, especially since we only have a queen sized bed and we're not the smallest people in the world. We did like having her in our bed this morning, though. So I'm wondering what to do. Is it worth it to buy a snuggle nest for such a small bed? Should I put a sleep positioner in her bassinet to make her feel more cozy? Please help. I'm so frustrated and spend most nights on the verge of tears because she won't sleep.


kimberly - November 4

Sounds just like my dd was. She had her nights and days mixed up real bad. You can try to keep her awake more during the day. I know sometimes that is near impossible with a newborn, but try giving her a bath, taping her feet, changing her, anything that she might wake up for. I have heard of moms putting foil in the windows of the babies room to make it dark, but I never tried this. I don't have a co sleeper snuggle nest but I do believe they take up some room. Also I can imagine it would be hard to get them to sleep anywhere else as they get older. A sleep positioner wouldn't be a bad idea, just don't leave it in the ba__sinet after she starts to grow bigger. Ba__sinets are so small a positioner would be safe for the first few weeks but as she gets bigger I would take it out.


KBinParis - November 4

Have you tried swaddling your baby, that worked like a charm on my baby. Here's a website that shows you how to swaddle: parenting dot ivillage dot com/newborn/ncare/0,,lz_76v6-2,00.html


c_baer19 - November 4

Well, babies don't know the difference between night and day at first! You need to try to sleep when she sleeps during the day right now so you can get some rest. I would try to keep her up a little more during the day, I know it's hard with a newborn but small steps will work. Before bed every night, try to give her a bath and read to her - some kind of routine, to help her know it's bedtime. Make sure the house is light during the day, and dark when it's bedtime. As for co-sleeping, I wouldn't recommend it. I ended up doing it, and my DD is now a little over 3 months old and still sleeping with me.


Cady - November 4

Your daughter is so little still it's normal for her to wake to feed every 2-3 hours. Just do what works to help you all get rest and don't worry about what other people say you should or shouldn't do. I did find that my son slept longer when he was swaddled. I co-slept with my son sometimes but mainly he was in the co-sleeper ba__sinett unti 6 months. He starts out the night in his nursery but ends up in bed with us most nights still now even at 10 months old. We bought a king-sized bed for these nights! Good luck!


excited2bemama - November 4

WHen my dd was that age she slept in the carseat (ist 2 weeks) I think she liked it better than the basinette because it was more cozy. When we did finally get her to sleep in the basinette she slept better if she was tighly swaddled . We also laid her on her side and then put a rolled up blaket behind her back so she felt all cozy in there., If you are afraid of co-sleeping don't do it- You wont get any rest. I only bring dd into our bed after 5 am (only occasionalyl if she won't go back to sleep after feeding) because I too am afraid of co-sleeping so when she is in our bed I don't get any rest.


angelinakai - November 5

My son was having trouble sleeping in his ba__sinet, too, so I put him in his carseat for a few nights and now he sleeps in his bouncy seat with the vibrate thing on. He sleeps a LOT better. Also, I started giving him baths before bed. when he wakes up in the middle of the night to eat, I swaddle him and sing to him until he falls back asleep after he eats. he is 6 weeks old and things are getting better. I know its so frustrating, but you'll get used to not getting much sleep and it wont seem so bad at all.


docbytch - November 5

hey mrs steve....we are having similar problems. I feel like such a wuss for my "maladjustment" to interrupted sleep. I got so used to having uninterrupted sleep!


kristie h - November 5

My ds is 7 weeks old and when he gets up for a feed of a night he somtimes wakes right up. I change his nappy beofre i feed him then i feed if he is still awake by the time i am finished i put him into bed with DH and i BUT when he is asleep i put him in his ba__sanet, maybe you could try that? Also have a rutine of bathing your DD in the afternoon everyday about 3-4pm as that will relax her and she will begin to lern thats its nearly her settling down time. This method works great for us, the other night i feed DS a 7pm then put him to bed at 8pm he woke up at 5AM for a feed.



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