Dealing With Colic

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mamagoose - February 26

My ds will be 3 weeks old on Friday... starting at about 6pm every evening, and lasting until about 10pm, he HOWLS non-stop, and we can't figure out why. He'll refuse to nurse, have a clean diaper, nothing poking him or making him too hot/cold, and we've tried keeping his days and afternoons quiet and relaxing so he's not 'over-stimulated'. I've given him simethicone drops (Infacol) in case it was gas. All of this to no avail... he cries at the top of his little lungs, and finally around 10pm he agrees to nurse, and then falls asleep. Dh and I take turns trying to calm him down, but neither of us has found a way to do it... All of this sounds like colic to me, and I've read it may last 3 more months! (assuming we decide to keep him, ha!) Has anyone had the joy of a colicky baby and found any way to deal with it, or any pointers so I don't end up going bananas? I feel really bad for my dh, who is at work during the time of day when ds is a happy, quiet baby, and comes home to 4 hours of h__l... The little guy is still so new I feel like we've hardly gotten the chance to get to know him, and now with this wailing all evening, I feel like I delivered a monster. Aaaahhhhh!


tryingx3 - February 26

mamagoose - my dd was like that and week 3 was the WORST. I called our healthline crying. I gave up ALL dairy products and within 3-4 days she was a different baby. In our case, it wasn't colic after all.


tryingx3 - February 26

Tips I was given - car ride, sitting on the washer/dryer while running, running the shower and letting him hear it. My dd never has liked the car, so that didn't work, didn't try the washer/dryer, shower idea didn't work for us either. I did bounce on a exercise ball when I couldn't think of anything would help temporarily but you have to have good balance!


tryingx3 - February 26

We would also warm one of those scented bags designed to put on sore muscles and lay it on her tummy (not too hot!) and that helped some. My husband swore by it. :-)


Steph - February 26

Try holding him and running the vacc_m at the same time....there's something in the white noise that triggers a calming's weird!


aggie03 - February 26

GRIPEWATER..its a ginger/fennel concoction that really works on my dd and I dont feel bad for giving it too her! I lay dd over my knees on her stomach, that seems to help her for a little while...sometimes its like she has to go to the bathroom andjust screams until it works its way out....The doc gave us hyoscyamine sulfate drops....I always use these as a last resort bc I dont want to give her too much synthetic stuff but it works when she is really hurting and the gripe water doesnt (real sad:() good luck!


DB - February 26

I feel for you. I think my dd has a tad of colic, but is mostly upset from her reflux. She's on meds for that now and is much much calmer, but she still has her fussy time around the same time as your ds. We walk with her and bounce her and make the "shhhhhhh" noise. Also, one night when she wouldn't stop we strapped her in the carseat and drove around for 15 minutes. She cried the entire time and as dh was about to give up and pull into the driveway she stopped crying. We drove for another 10 minutes and carefully put her inside and she ended up sleeping for 3 hours straight. I also have put the TV on a "snow channel" and rocked her and she liked that (although that noise drives me crazy). I ordered the book "the happiest baby on the block" as others have told me it works wonders for colicky babies. Still waiting for it to show up, should be here tomorrow. I hope you get some peace!! Our pediatrician said that usually not every night is a bad night with a colicky baby and she said try not to get upset since that can make the baby upset (easier said than done, I cried alllllllll day on Friday with dd!!)...Good luck.


kellens mom - February 26

The chiropractor helped our lo with colic. Look on the internet for a danish study from 1989 relating to infants with moderate to severe colic and chiropractic adjustments. Our chiropractor saved our marriage...colic is horribly stressful for everyone in the family. I feel for you...


kristi29 - February 26

My dd had it for the first 3 months. We found that the hair dryer was a miracle!! It even put her to sleep! We would just turn it on, but not b__w it on her. Just the noise would calm her down immediately. Also, the "Shhhhh" noise while bouncing her helped, but not like the hair dryer. Good luck and know that it won't last forever. My dd's was gone right at 3 months.



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