Dealing With Croup

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jacobsmom - March 25

So my lo has croup. He was up most of last night coughing and I feel so bad for him. The doc said we can try a cold-mist humidifier, fresh air, or steam, but that is pretty much it. Have you dealt with croup before? How long does it last? Is there anything else I can do to help him out?


Mrs.Ireland - March 25

Hi- My dd had it a month ago. It's awful, you feel so sorry for them, especially in the middle of the night. Did the doc give him anything for it? My dd pedi gave her a steroid shot and it was gone in about 3 days, not completely she still had the cough, but it was a heck of a lot better. Good Luck and I hope your lo gets better. Keep lots of fluid in them too.


MNMOM - March 25

We just went thru croup too, it was awful, we got liquid steroids and used a cool mist vaproizer. It was gone in a week roughly


llukenjess - March 25

my brother had croup coming and going for along time probs until he was about 4....the cold dry air into the hot mist works really well!! if it's cold outside and still winter by where you live and it happens at night....take your LO outside for about five mins let them breath in the cool air, and while your outside run the hot water in the shower and let it get all steamy...then from outside take them inside....or if it's not cold outside this may sound funny but my mother used to stick my brothers head in the freezer. lol it always worked though...hope this helps.


llukenjess - March 26

Any update?


mjvdec01 - March 26

I agree, call the pediatrician and ask for the steriod shot.


jacobsmom - March 27

We didn't go for the steroid shot. I figured we'll try the cold mist humidifier and steam treatments first. We also did short 5 minute outings in the back-yard to get some fresh cold air (it's been pretty chilly here in the NW). His cough has gotten a lot better and he slept without waking up last night (7pm-5am). Things are looking up!


llukenjess - March 27

Glad to hear things are better...


kimberly - March 27

If he gets it agin the Dr. can put him on liquid steriods instead of the shot. My dd had croup and she was given a liquid medicine of steriods.


Crystal83 - March 27

My 4 year old is the only one out of my 3 daughters who gets croup. She gets it every year when the weather has been cold and then it starts to warm up a bit. Since she was an infant. I feel so bad for her, it last about 3 days, the first and second nights being the worst. I always have her sleep with me with a cool-mist humidifyer so I can keep an eye on her breathing and I put her in a steamy bathroom about every 2 hours, this seems to help. Also for your LO you can put a little bit of vick's vapo rub on the chest, it won't hurt, and it helps a little bit. It's a horrible sickness, and I've been told by my Dr. that after the age of 5 they usually don't get it anymore. I'm not sure how it works if once a child gets it they'll get it every year until around 5 or if it's a one time thing for some kids. You'll get thought it! Your lo will be fine.



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