December 2008 Babies

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clindholm - January 9

Are the December mommies still out there? I know some of us did not actually deliver in December (Jess was November and I went in October) but we were all due in December. I hope everyone and their lo's are doing well. Happy New Year! Colleen


jessb - January 11

Are we the only two ones on here? I would love to here from everyone else. My LO is sick now, sigh!!! I knew she would end up getting it. She has a small fever, is coughing and sneezing. She is super fussy and hardly slept during the day at all yesterday. That is not like her, she usually takes a couple of good naps during the day (she is only 7 weeks old). Finally last night I gaver her a tiny bit of infant tylenol and she slepts for 6.5 hours. So I think it definitely helped her sleep better. She also is not eating as well. She used to gulp down 4 ounces every 3 hours but now she acts hungry but will only eat one or two ounces and then start crying. What do you think is the reason? Is it the illness? Do you think she may have a sore throat or something (thats what I had when I had this illness)?


dmjdjw336 - January 11

I am still here. I had delivered at the end of Nov. -jessb...I'm sorry to hear that your little one is sick. I think that is why she is not taking much. I would ask your lo's doctor if I were you. My lo is already taking 5-7 oz every 5 hours. I cannot believe what he can eat already at 6 weeks. He is also slowly starting to sleep through the night. My mom helped me with that. Keep them awake during their feedings during the day and during their last feeding at night. This will tire them out. Also try and keep them awake during the day as much as you can. I find that letting him cry or suck on a binkie an hour before his next feeding also helps. Also for the last feeding an extra ounce helps him sleep for about 6-7 hours at night. Maybe that will help you guys out if your lo is not sleeping through the night yet.


jessb - January 11

Thanks dmj,she is definitley not sleeping through yet. Though she was doing pretty good, then went through some rough nights but i think it was b/c she was getting sick. She slept over 6 hours last night after i gave her tylenol, so i guess it helped her feel better. Plus she was exhausted b/c she was up all afternoon screaming b/c she didnt feel well. Before she was sick I was trying to keep her up during the day more, no easy task, LOL!!! But now that she is not feeling well, Im just going to let her sleep and get her rest. What did you name your ds?


dmjdjw336 - January 12

-Jessb...I named him Kyle Leonard Warner. DJ his father wanted to have Leonard in the name for that was his grandfather's name who died a year ago last year. That was how I met the family, sad to say. I hope your lo gets better and that this is not serious.


jessb - January 12

I like his name, flows very well. Thats awesome is eating so well, I wish dd would go for longer stretches. DD seems better today. Even last night she started eating her regular 4 ounces again. And she slept great!! from 10p to 4am and then from 5a to 8am. I feel so much better getting a couple solid blocks of sleep! Today she has been eating well but is sleeping alot. Makes me nervous for tonight, probably she wont sleep... Oh well. At least I was peaceful and had some one on one time with my 2yr old today since the little was actually sleeping and not screaming her head off the entire day.


dmjdjw336 - January 13

I'm glad to hear that she is doing better. It is always better when they are good for you. I don't know how you do it with two children but I give you credit. Ds is my only one so far and well he is a handful even if he is good for us. What is your lo's name? The only reason he can go for long stretches between eating is because I starting to train him to at 2 weeks old. Since he is taking to formula and not b___st feeding it was a little easier to do so. Also I have heard from both of my mom and DJ's mom that crying will not hurt them, even if it will hurt us. lol What is nice is that even though he cries, ds knows that he will be fed at a certain time, changed and being warm will vary. lol It is true that with your first child you learn as you go. That is why I give you and anyone else who has more than one lo credit for now I know how hard this can be.


clindholm - January 13

Hey girls. Jess- sorry to hear your lo is sick but I am glad she is doing better. Is it a cold? Does she have a fever? dmj- that is great that your ds is sleeping the night already. My lo went from about 8:30 until 4:00am today. That was heaven. He is now 9 lbs 9 ounces and will be 13 weeks on Thursday. He takes 3.5-4 oz each feeding. My 2yo dd seems to be lashing out again. Jess- have you had this problem? Colleen


dmjdjw336 - January 13

Well girls, I think that my lo may be sick. I'm thinking he got the stomach virus that I had a couple of nights ago. He has been spitting up what we have been feeding him and that is not normal for him even if he doesn't burp well. He is also fussing a lot which is also not normal since he is normally nice and content. I called his doctor and they want to see him today. So I am going to find out what is wrong with my lo. I will let you know when I get back. -Colleen...I'm glad your lo slept through the night for you. I hope he keeps it up.


jessb - January 13

She had a low fever on and off and her nose was stuffy. We have all had a cold/sore throat/stomach virus in the house, so Im a__suming it was just that. Thankfully she wasnt really throwing up or anything. Colleen-That is sooo awesome he slept that long!! Bet you feel like a different person. As for Brooke, like I figured, she was up every 2 hours last night, I knew she would be b/c I let her sleep most of the day. Yes, my 2 yr old has alot more melt downs now, I dont know if its just the age, the new baby, or a combo of both. It is very frustrating. What is yours doing? DMJ-Im not going to lie, having two little ones is hard. My 2 (almost 3yr old) wants my attention and wants me to play with her all day. Of I cant b/c I have to hold, feed, and change the baby. I wish there were 2 of me!!! Plus we get bored being at home everyday. So I try to take them to the park or hte mall or something at least 2 times a week. ON Wednesdays we go to the mother goose library group, where the librian reads, sings, songs and does activities. My older dd loves it!!! Jeez though, I think back to when i just had my first dd and was at home with only her, it was so easy compared to this. Not to scare you, Im sure it will get easier with time :o) PS. DD#2 is Brooke, DD#1 is Alyssa.


jessb - January 13

dmj-also Im sorry your ds got sick. Take him to the doctor and see what they say. I hope he feels better soon....


dmjdjw336 - January 14

Well it definitely was the stomach virus. We go him pedilyte (sp) and he was doing better. Now its just a watch and see what happens now. We might have to go back to the doctors if it gets worse.


clindholm - January 15

Hi Jess and Dmj- how is everyone and their lo's doing? I hope everyone is feeling better and getting over their illnesses. Well I have got these wicked migraines back again (haven't had any since just before I got pregnant). So I had the nurse here it work check my blood pressure and it was 170/108- very bad. Started taking my bp meds again, not sure why the heck it went back up again. Maybe just from coming back to work and this crazy schedule? Anyway, hoping everyone's lo's are feeling better- Colleen


TaraO - January 22

Hey girls, Long time. I am finally getting around to this computer. Michael Matthew was born on 12/18/08 (3 days early), weighing 8 10. He is 5 weeks old today and weighs 12 3. We are doing great. Hope you are all wonderful. It's been a while!!!!


jessb - January 22

Tara-Glad to hear from you. Congrats!!! Colleen-Sorry about the migraines, it probably is from you high blood pressure. You are under alot of stress now, maybe thats what made your pressure go up. Im ok, honestly... Im struggling. My older dd is being a real handful, im couped up inside all day, and my dh is really p__sing me off. Plus a close friend of ours just had a still born baby. I m so sick and upset over it... I guess Im just in a depressed mood right now.....


clindholm - January 23

Tara- Congrats on your little boy!!! He's a pretty good size. Glad to see you back. Jess- I feel your pain! It is soooo hard with a toddler. My dd is quite beastly too. They are jealous and demanding and it's not easy reminding yourself that they are having a hard time adjusting. I'm sorry your dh is being an a**. Is he just not being helpful? That is so devastating that your friend had a still born baby. That is absolutely heartbreaking, every mothers worst nightmare. Was she having problems during her pregnancy? Do they know what happened? I hope you feel better soon, I know it must be very hard right now. Colleen


jessb - January 24

Colleen, I feel so quilty for how I handle dd#1's behavior, I usually lose my temper and yell and scream at her. I know thats not the best way to deal with it but I get sooo frustrated sometimes, she has to make everything so difficult. As far as my friends having the still born baby, it is the worst thing I can imagine. They knew the baby was having some issues, but I dont think anyone expected him to be still born. I cant sleep at night it bothers me so much. They are have a service at their church for the baby tonight. I feel like they wont even want to look at me b/c I just had a healthy baby and it will hurt too much for them to think about it.... Yes, dh is going out all the time and leaving me home with the kids all day and night. I try to talk to him about it and he just tells me that I need to go out with my friends. Well, ok, but thats not really the point. Sigh... Oh well, enough of my complaining. What a negative post, maybe in a few days Ill have happier news. I hope everyones lo's are doing ok.



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