December 2008 Babies

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clindholm - April 24

Hi girls- Don't really have time for a full post, will have to catch up later. Just been real busy at work. Hope everyone is doing well and have a great weekend, the weather here in CT is supposed to be gorgeous. Have to get the kiddies outside for some quality time. Take care! Colleen


Kimmer23 - April 28

Where is everyone? No one's posted in a while... Just a super quick update...Brady had his 4 mo. appt. yesterday. He's now in the 50%tile for height (24 and 3/4 inches) and the 10%tile for weight (11 lbs, 11 oz). We were happy with that amount of gain...he's starting to catch-up some! He got all of his shots again yesterday...poor baby. I hate watching them give him the shots, and now he's running a fever. We've been giving him infant tylenol since last night, but he still has a temp (100.6). We called the doc just to make sure that he's alright, but haven't heard back yet. I just feel so bad for him... Colleen - I think we are going to take your approach after this and spread the shots out at least a little more. Well, take care girls! And ttyl.


Kimmer23 - April 28

oh yeah - austynsmommy - I'm still curious what your tatoo is of? And, how was everyone elses 4 mo visits? I a__sume most of your los have had them...


austynsmommy - April 28

Hi everyone. Were doing pretty good. Aj loves to stand up now. When we hold him now he is always wanting to stand up lol. We have started to feed him cereal. He loves it. He goes for his 4 month check up and shots on May 4th. I can't wait to find out how much he weights. Kimmer I hope Brady's fever is better. I'm glad he's gaining now. My first son was like that. My first son is really skiny but really tall. My tattoo is just a bunch of different star's. I can't wait to get another one. Have a great day everyone. Amanda


clindholm - April 29

Hi girls- Sorry I haven't been around. This whole Swine Flu thing is killing me at work (I work at a Health Department) and everyone is freaking out so I'll just post quick. Kimmer- Yaay for Brady's growth spurt! That's great. Sometimes when the spring up height-wise, that effects the weight percentile which is apparently what your little guy is doing. Have you tried giving the Tylenol prior to the shots, like an hour before your appointment? I hope he is feeling better today and his temp is down. Usually 101 is where they start to get concerned. Luke is due to go back but I'm also spacing it out a bit so I really have to call and get an appt for him. Austynsmommy- That's great that your lo is taking cereal. I really have to try it again, Luke didn't take to it too well and I got lazy lately. Where did you get your tat? I hear they are addictive... how is everyone else? Hope all is ok. Have to go, ttyl- Colleen


micsmms3 - April 30

Hello! Thought that since I have some computer time, I'd pop in... Kim, I live in Cincinnati, very close to downtown. Laina had her 4 month appointment, almost 1 month ago and she also had a fever for about two days after those shots. I did give her tylenol and we made it through. Her daddy had a terrible flu or something last week with a constant terrible cough- We steered clear of him for the entire week and now she's been coughing for the past two days. At first I thought she was "joke" coughing, because whenever she lets out a cough or a sneeze, we usually immitate her and laugh then she laughs... She cracks up... However, I do think that it is really a cough. I've been monitoring her temperature and I keep getting around 98. She normally tends to feel hot to me, to the touch, and she seems to run hot because she will sweat when b___stfeeding, or if it gets a little warm, or if she's busy moving (or trying to) move around. The weather here was very warm for a few days and from that i think she has a heat rash. Poor thing! She isn't acting like she doesn't feel well but I really feel for her. I'm going to call the doctor in the morning and explain her cough, and the rash as well and see if we should come in. I really hope it lessens. She's been sleeping for 2 hours and I haven't heard her cough once, so far. She is also congested, though for a couple of months she has woken up pretty congested and the doctor has yet to be alarmed at that. With all that said, I'm signing off for now. I'll go lie in bed and worry until she wakes up for her next feeding... ; (


cyndilea1973 - April 30

Hello ladies! Sorry for the extended absence, but you all know how little free time we have now with our precious LO's here! My little Kellen has been amazing me more and more this week. He has started babbling and jabbering ALL THE TIME. He even fusses in jibberish (we call it "giving you the business") and it is SO adorable. he has been laughing now for weeks, but this past week has been big belly laughs and it just melts my heart. He isn't a bobble head anymore, but he still LOATHES tummy time. he screams bloody murder when we do this with him. i have been putting him in his Bumbo chair to help him learn to hold his head up. He has started drooling like crazy as well, no teeth yet, and he loves to chew his hands. He has started to hold things with his hands and attempt to bring them to his mouth. His favorite thing is when I spank his bottom after I have changed him ,it makes him squeal in delight. i tell him that some day my spankings won't be so amusing LOL. Ijust love watching him grow every day. He is weighing in at about 17 lbs now and can no longer wear his 6-9 month sleep n plays..he just turned 17 weeks, Yikes, he is a BIG BOY. I find it hard to carry him in his infant seat he is SO heavy. I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am watching their babies grow so fast! Kellen will sleep about 7 hrs every night, but it is from 8pm to maybe 3 or 3:30 am. And if I feed him at 9 (thinking I can adjust his middle of the night waking time), he still wakes up at the same time. I can't complain though, because it wasn't long ago he was wanting to eat every 2 hrs day or night. Talk to you ladies later!+++Cyndi+++


TaraO - April 30

Hi girls, Everytime I get on the computer to post...I get interrupted by something. So hello, hope everyone is doing well. I've read everyone's posts, just haven't had time to write. Kim...glad to hear your lo is making the weight gain you'd like to hear!!! That's awesome. Cyndileaa...Mine is growing out of the 6-9 months too..I don't know what to do with all of this stuff we keep buying and growing out of!! I am rready to get rid of the infant seat. I can't carry it. MIchael was 19.5 at his 4 month checkup about 2 weeks ago. He was in the 96 %tile. He's a big boy but seems to keep growing. My first was like that also, until he started walking. He also hated tummy time Kimmer...Still does. He rolled over 3 times and quit. He loves to stand all day. We have an exersaucer and a bouncy one and he loves them. He is sleeping 8:30-6 every night and napping twice for an hour then 2 hours. He is belly laughing when it strikes him. My dogs discovered him today. My westie decided to try to pull him by his pajama feet!!! it was so funny. I went back to work this week on Monday. I teach so it is pretty busy. It's hard to miss him because the day flies by with all that has to be done with 9 year olds!! It actually feels nice to be with grown ups although I do miss the baby. I am tired but amazed at how much I get done when I am limited on time. I have accomplished more in 2 hours before work than I was getting done in a whole day!!! My friend is watching the baby around the corner from my house. Less than a half mile. We bought diapers and formula and things like that and left them there so I didn't have to pack a diaper bag...It's working out great. He actually seemed happy to see me today!!! He is eating rice or oatmeal every morning for breakfast. then at lunch he is eating a bottle and fruit. Then a bottle around 4. At about 6 we feed him a veggie from the list we know he's not allergic to (he's only tried 2 so far). Every three days we add another one to our list as the doctor instructed. Then at bedtime he gets his bottle with rice in it. He has decreased his intake to about 5-6 ounces at a time. Except the bedtime bottle. I give him 8 and he sleeps about 10 hours. His throwing up is slowing down!!! WHOOOOO!!! I am so happy he's been throwing up less since we started the baby foods. I hope it stays that way!!! I am sorry to be so long, but I hope everyone is doing well!! HEY Colleen!! AManda, the tattoo is great. I have one too...Since about7 years ago and I love it. I would like another one, but with my job its hard!!


micsmms3 - May 1

So we went to the doctor yesterday, she had/ has a virus called rosela which is common in babies. Starts with a fever and ends with a rash. Usually accompanied by cough, congestion, etc. Once the rash comes, the fever is gone. I didn't notice the fever as she runs fairly warm and we had a few hot days in a row and we didn't have the ac on so we were all too warm. She is still coughing, and is congested. Tara, glad to hear your lo's tummy is better. Have a good weekend everyone, michelle


austynsmommy - May 2

Well ladies. I just found out i'm pregnant again. So this baby should be another december baby.


Kimmer23 - May 4

WOH!! Austynsmommy - congrats! I couldn't imagine being pregnant already again. How are you feeling? Micsimms - sorry your lo is sick. I hope she feels better soon. I live in Columbus by the way, near the city. I'm sick of Ohio rainy days lately...I can't wait for summer ! I absolutely love the warm weather. cyndi and tara - your los are getting so big! Brady is still in 3-6 mo clothes (and he can actually wear some big 3mos. and 0-3 mo. stuff. So your los hate tummy time too? Brady will do it for a few minutes and then get fussy...but at least he'll do it for a few minutes. tara - I hope your first days/weeks back at work go well! also, when did you start your lo on baby food? I'm considering starting Brady this week on some rice cereal. Colleen - I never thought to give him tylenol before his shots...I will definitely do that next time. The swine flu is kinda scary - sorry you are slammed at work. Brady is still a bit of a bobblehead, but his head control is getting better. I tried him in the jumper and he falls forward and he can't reach the floor with his feet. I propped him up with a blanket, and he played a little. He's still too small for it though. So, when did your los start really belly laughing and sqealing? I think Brady is about to do both...he's been making these high pitched noises lately and "Talking" a lot more. Oh and he's starting to sleep a little better. We put him to sleep earlier now, and he seems to like that. I think he was getting over tired. Well take care girls. And, I hope everyone is doing well - jeni, jess, funnygal?? Kim


funnygal84 - May 4

austynsmommy- congratulations!! how exciting. :) micsmms3-what does the rash look like? my boys haven't been feeling terribly well, coughing, congested, fussy, and i just found a rash on each of them. different looking small rashes each, but nonetheless. haven't taken temps yet, but the boys tend to feel warm all the time. they're my little heaters. my birthday was tuesday. very nice day. lots of slobbery kisses from the boys. :) my mom watched the boys friday so i could go out to a nice dinner with friends. we went to a place i've been wanting to try since we moved here 2 years ago. i fell in love with it. i seriously would never ever eat out anywhere else if i could eat there once a week or even once a month. :P it's a bit pricey. $29-35 per meal. worth every cent, though.


clindholm - May 4

Hey girls! Cyndi- Wow your lo is getting big! My ds will only tolerate about 10 mins of tummy time. I'm not too worried about it though, most lo's hate it. Tara- that's great that the spitting up has slowed down with the solids, it should only get better from here, you are over the hardest part. Hope work is going well for you. My Chihuahua also is discovering Luke, I have to keep yelling "No licking the baby!" lol. I also caught my 2 yo dd licking the baby. I came into the room & Luke's nose was all wet. I asked Ashley what she did and she said "tongue" and "nose" and pointed to his slobbery nose, hahaha, I can envision the trouble they will cause in a few years. micsmms- I hope your dd is feeling better. The Roseola can be a little scary when you haven't seen it before and the temp runs pretty high. Austynsmommy- OMG, congrats! Were you guys trying? Irish twins! I am all done so I need to decide on an effective bc, the condoms are getting old. Has anyone heard any feedback on "Essure"? Kim- I am so glad Brady is sleeping better, you deserve it. As far as size, he will just be a peanut and there is nothing wrong with that. I hope work/daycare is going well for you both. Funnygal- Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a nice day- you should treat yourself once a month to a meal at your new favorite place. I think you can google Roseola and Pictures and pull up a pic of what the rash looks like. Luke is about 17 lbs now and 6 months old (of course minus the 7 weeks he was early). He sleeps in his crib pretty well, sometimes he wakes at 5am and I plunk him in the car seat for another hour or hour and a half. He is so in love with his big sister. He just gazes at her and smiles like crazy. It's so sweet. He sleeps from about 7:30-8:00 with a 9:00 dreamfeed until about 6 am so I am not complaining! He's such a sweet, good natured baby, sooo opposite from my dd! Anyway, got to get back to work, Swine Flu continues! Colleen


micsmms3 - May 4

Hello--- ! funnygal, the rash can be anywhere on their bodies/faces... Laina's started behind her ears and along her hair line, and was kind of blotchy and a bit raised, and red. When you touched it, it turned white or more flesh toned. She also had some "dots" on her torso. these were not so much raised though- they were much more sparsely scattered and looked more like tiny dots/splotches. Make sense? Oh, and happy belated bday! As of yesterday, and today, she has a new looking rash on her forehead! It's more like hives... Was on one side last night, and now also the other side today. I called the doc and they said to watch it and if it worsens to call and come in. If it's not one thing, it's another... sigh. she still has her cough, it sounds "liquidy" like she's clearing some gunk. Also still has the conjestion/runny nose. No fever, though. Kimmer, I agree, I am so so so sick of rain! Especially because the dern dogs will bring mud in on their paws from the back yard. We have a partially wooded back yard, so there is mud. I absolutely hate it! I wipe off their paws, but the back door area always becomes a muddy printed mess no matter how hard I try to keep it clean. Not to mention the faint mud paw tracks that still go through my dining room... It is too much. We finally decided that we are giving away one of our dogs... she is the "new" stray that we took in late last summer. She is so sweet, and we dearly love her- BUT she digs in the back yard (digs various holes, along with things I've planted!), and she also breaks rungs off of our privacy fence and roams the neighborhood. Ugggg! I can't deal with it anymore. It seems like I am always having to clean some fiasco up, or run up the street to get her before she starts chasing and barking at people and scaring them. God forbid if she were to bite someone (my greatest fear, seriously). We have a friend whom says she will take her, thank god. At least she will go to another loving home, and she can tear up her yard instead of mine! Lord! Laina is officially 5 months as of the 1st. She is 14 lbs. Wears 3-6 month clothes, but 3 month clothes are too small for her. She really likes most to sit propped up and play with toys or watch tv (loves yo gabba gabba yo- the DJ and broby), or to be held "standing" which she is incredibly good at! We got her a bouncer seat last night, the girly Bright Stars one... she seems to like it, I put her in it for a while tonight, but not for too long. She also went in her baby Einstein discovery thing... she also likes that one. When she starts her fussing, "mmmm , mmmmmm" sound, I take her out as I don't want her to feel stranded in there. I haven't used the bouncer much lately. And the swing, when we are ready for her to take a nap or when we have a hard time putting her to bed. We started baby food at about 4 months 1 week, and are only doing rice cereal and fruit for now (banannas, pears). I have applesauce, and sweet potatoes that I will start after these rashes clear up. She is a great eater! Loves it! She has not been a huge talker or crazy laughing girl but the past few days she has taken her hand out of her mouth to do her "Aaaaaaraaaargh!" And is quite lenghtly with them! Many different pitches and expressive sounds with this word she has. She will laugh, giggle, squeal too- but I've only seen her loose it with laughter a a couple times so far. Sometimes when she laughs she gets the hiccups. She is a sweetie, really easy going, a good little lady she is! Austyn's mommy- congratulations! That is exciting, and I am happy for you! Will this be your second? ttyl, michelle


micsmms3 - May 5

one more thing, I googled images for the rosella and saw quite a variety of examples. Thankfully, her's wasn't as bad as most of what I saw. And, I think what is on her forehead may be the same rash- I am going to double check with the doctor tomorrow and see if the rash can get worse before it gets better.


austynsmommy - May 7

Hello everyones. Thanks for all the comments. I'm pretty sure Im due December 20th. I normally go 3 weeks before though. The morning sickness right now isn't to bad. I hope it doesn't get any worse. I felt guilty yesterday about it because Aj will just be turning one. I have heard of alot of people having kids this close in age and not having a real problem with it. Aj goes for his 4 month check up this upcoming monday. I can't wait to see how much the little chunk weighs. He is so funny. Sometimes you just have to look at him and he start's laughing. He still doesn't roll over to much. I think it is because he isn't on the ground all that much because I don't truse my two year old very much. But he does have great head and neck controll. I hope everyone is having a great week. Amanda



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