December 2008 Babies

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austynsmommy - May 7

Hello everyones. Thanks for all the comments. I'm pretty sure Im due December 20th. I normally go 3 weeks before though. The morning sickness right now isn't to bad. I hope it doesn't get any worse. I felt guilty yesterday about it because Aj will just be turning one. I have heard of alot of people having kids this close in age and not having a real problem with it. Aj goes for his 4 month check up this upcoming monday. I can't wait to see how much the little chunk weighs. He is so funny. Sometimes you just have to look at him and he start's laughing. He still doesn't roll over to much. I think it is because he isn't on the ground all that much because I don't truse my two year old very much. But he does have great head and neck controll. I hope everyone is having a great week. Amanda


clindholm - May 8

Happy Friday, Ladies!!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful (yea, right) Mothers Day. Michelle- how is your little one getting over the Roseola? Amanda- it must be hard taking care of the kids and having morning sickness, I hope it pa__ses for you soon.I have never had m/s so I don't know how anyone deals with it, yuck! It will be nice for the kids to be close in age, they will have more in common. I'm sure you will do well with them. Luke is doing great, he did sound a little conjested this morning, so I hope it's just allergies. He really has the cutest laugh I have ever heard. I am so lucky, he is such a mild, happy baby (nothing like my 2yo dd). How is everyone else? It's been a bit quiet in here lately. Must be the Spring Fever! Take care, Colleen


babeedust2all - May 9

Hey Ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted, but I always read your comments. It's a matter of finding the time to actually write back! Anyway, how's everyone? Austynsmommy, congrats on the pregnancy! I hope the morning sickness starts to taper off. Are you able to continue taking the meds for your postpartum depression, or do you have to wean yourself off of them? I'd love to get pregnant again, but definitely have to wait at least a year so that my uterine incision doesn't split open when the baby starts to get bigger. micsmms, how's the rash on your lo? Makayla had her 4-month check-up this past Tuesday (although she's actually 4.5 months). She's now weighing in at 13lbs. She did really well with her shots, and only cried for a little bit afterwards. She wasn't too cranky either, which was good. I gave her a bit of Tylenol just in case she had any discomfort. My ds was sick with the stomach flu for most of the week last week, so that was busy. Luckily no one else caught it. Oh, and Makayla finally did a belly laugh last night, so that's super exciting! Kimmer, how are you and Brady doing? Colleen, I hope things quiet down for you at work. Anyone else planning to start trying for another one this year? I'm thinking we'll start in the fall, and hope that as long as the baby's born closer to when Makayla turns 2, that I won't have any issues with my incision. A friend of a friend's c-section incision started to tear when she got close to term, and her kids are about 23-25 months apart, so I'm definitely a bit nervous. I didn't have any issues with my incision this time around, but Makayla's 3.5 years younger than ds. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day!


micsmms3 - May 10

Hello mama's! Just wanted to wish you all happy mothers day! It has been really nice to have our little community of friends for all of this time! Hope you had a lovely day! Laina's doing better, just a littlle cough and still stuffy. can still see the rash, especially if she gets warm. Michelle


clindholm - May 12

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. IMO, there should be a Mother's Day at least once a month, we deserve it. austynsmommy- how did your lo's pedi appt go? Hope you are feeling better. It must be challenging being pregnant with an infant to take care of too. Do you have family to help a bit? babeedust- Wow, Makayla is really getting big, how much did she weigh at birth? That's a relief that she did not get the stomach bug too. Hope your ds is feeling better, it's so hard when they are really sick like that, breaks your heart. As far as another baby goes, I am done! Two is enough for me, I don't think I have the time, patience or money for another. If I was a SAHM, I probably would go for one more. Not to mention my biological clock is ticking away... My lo's are 22 months apart (supposed to be 24 months) and I had no problem with the incision. I don't tend to get very big or have big babies (both about 4 lb preemies) so I think as long as it's over a year apart you will be ok. Just be aware that it doesn't take long to get pg after having a lo. We started early thinking it would take as long as my dd (16 months) and BAM, second cycle, I was pg. micsmms- so glad Liana's better. I agree, it's great to be able to keep up with everyone here even though sometimes it's hard. Luke it about 17 pounds now, what a porker. He is doing really well, not due back to the pedi until the end of June (spacing out his shots). The only thing that I worry about is, he has a huge head! I know babies heads are big, but man, it's like a freakin watermelon. Does anyone think it's cause for concern or am I being neurotic? He is such a good natured baby, we're so lucky. My dd is really ramping up on the Terrible Two's, it's really a test of patience. I wonder how long this phase lasts? Tara, Jess, funnygal etc, hope you guys are well, stop in when you get a chance. Colleen


micsmms3 - May 12

Colleen, I don't think you should be concerned with Luke's "huge head"! ; ) He is such a cutie!!! I think Laina is 14 lbs for sure, now. She seems so much longer than when she was born- I can really see her growing! Her cheeks are getting really round lately, I can't stop kissing them! Baby dust, about having more children... I have mixed emotions about having another. After this experience - all in all- I would be happy to have another one (I was so scared to have a baby!). However, as this is my first and a seem-ably a miracle baby, I just love watching her grow in all the ways that she is. Part of me would feel guilty for taking away noticing all the little things going on with her, and having to share my attention with another. As this experience, pregnancy and all were great- I do think it would be best for her to have a brother or sister. I know that I'd also love watching another son or daughter grow... So as you see I am wishy washy about it. If I do have another I would need to do it within the next few years as I'm 37 now. If I found out I was pregnant I would be very happy about it- but I'd probably cry out of guilt because I want to give my lo absolutely everything I can (not necessarily material things- but emotional support, love, attention, all that stuff!). I just wouldn't want it to hurt her- I know I'm being too emotional about it!!!


Kimmer23 - May 18

Hi girls! I know this was a while ago now, but I hope everyone did have a nice Mother's day! micsimms - I agree that this has been a nice community - I like talking to others that know what I'm going through :) micsimms - the weather this week looks awesome here - I'm so excited! I love sun and warm weather Sounds like Laina is doing awesome! I'm happy for you guys. Did you have to try a while to have Laina? - I don't remember... Colleen - I wouldn't be concerned about Luke's big head - although this is a kinda funny friend has a son named Luke and his head is measuring off the charts it's so big...maybe it's the name... ;) How is everything else going? Amanda - how's the pregnancy? And, how is Andrew doing? Sounds like he is getting big too! Babee - sounds like Makayla is also doing really well (and growing)! I'm glad she didn't get the bug. Oh, and my dha nd I have talked and we want to start trying again in the fall too. It took a while for us to get pg last time, and I want them to be close in age. I know it can be easier the second time around (Colleen :)), but who really knows... micsimms - I totally understand where you are coming from...I worry that brady (and the new baby ) wouldn't get as much attention, and I'm sure I would feel bad. But I really want Brady to have a sibling. I love my little bro! Brady is doing great! He's 4.5 months (closer to 5), and I think he's about 12.5 lbs (maybe not quite, but close). He's sitting supported really well and trying to roll from his back to his tummy (he's done the other way). And I just started rice cereal one/day. He likes it, but he can't eat much of it yeat. I'm going to try peas and then sweet potatoes in a week or so... Oh, and he starting to sleep so much better - he's usually only waking once/night now!!! It's so nice to get some sleep myself. Well, I hope everyone is doing well - keep us updated! Kim


austynsmommy - May 18

Here is a little update on us. Aj now weigh's 15 pounds and 26 inches long. I thought he weighed more. His doctor want's us to do more tummy time but he hates it with a pa__sion. He just lays there screaming. He has great head contoll and sit's very good with support. The doctor want's me to feed him more because he is so small. He seam's happy with what he gets already. I feed his cereal in the morning and cereal and fruit in the evening. My pregnancy is going ok. Morning sickness is bad again. So I'm on meds again for it. My ultrasound says that I'm 8 weeks and 5 days. Due December 23rd 5 days before aj's first birthday. Heart rate was 179. Hope everyone's doing good.


cyndilea1973 - May 19

OMG, Congrats Amanda on the pregnancy! I've always heard that you should have your second one before you get too used to sleep again LOL. Sounds like another wonderful December baby, HR is excellent (high one too, might be a girl!). AJ sure is getting big! Kim-Brady sounds like a dream..must feel so nice to get some sleep! I know my little Kellen still hates his tummy time..I try to 'sneak' it on him by laying him on my tummy and chest and it works pretty well as he lifts up to giggle in my face and he doesn't realize it is tummy time! But let me lay him on his mat on the floor and he goes berzerk! Colleen-You SO crack me up about Luke's head size, I am sure he will proportion out! I bet he has lots of cute little rolls on his arms and legs..Aww! As for my boy, oysh, he must be going through a growth spurt or teething or something. he was sleeping through the night and then on Saturday night until last night he has been waking at all hours fussy, hungry, or sometimes just wide awake at 3 am cooing and playing...I was getting used to the sleep again and now am a zombie again LOL. he has been drooling like a water faucet for weeks now, no teeth can be felt under his gums? Oh well, I figure his brain or body or both are growing and we'll get back to a rhythm again. he has been eating his baby food pretty well, he hates any of the meats, and loves all the fruits and LOVES grean beans. he still eats only about 4- 5oz of formula at a time. it seems his growing isn't as gargantuan as it was a couple months ago, he is weighing about the same, but sure has gotten longer. I am curious to see how he measures up when he gets his 6 months shots in a couple weeks. we took him to the beach for mother's day and dipped his feet in the waves and squished his toes in the sand, it was so much fun. he is a big squealer and finds sneezing , his and ours, to be worthy of belly laughing. he hasn't rolled over yet, but can roll over if you put him on his tummy. he is also really good at standing, very strong legs. he constantly pushes up on his legs when he is your lap and loves his bouncer. Sorry to ramble on and on...just nice to talk to other ladies with LO's around the same age.


clindholm - May 22

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am so excited for the long weekend. What are you all doing with your lo's? I think I will take them to the parade and possibly a small local amus____nt part that we have here in CT. Kimmer- you must be SO happy that little Brady is sleeping better. Are you still happy with your daycare? Sounds like your little guy is getting big now. Micsmms- Love Liana's new picture, she is just adorable! Austynsmommy- OMG, Luke hates tummy time too. I think most babies do. Why does your doc want more tummytime? Cyndy- You're probably right, it can be a growth spurt and/or teething. Luke is drooling like crazy too, I have to keep changing his shirt cuz he gets soaked, yuk. I can't feel anything under his gums either, it can take quite some time for them to actually poke through. Ah, the joys of Motherhood! About the meats, they usually recommend to introduce it around 8 months or so. I', really trying to get Luke sitting up, he is top heavy (melon-head) that he topples over. He also wiggles and kicks his feet like crazy and ends up on his face. I hope he catches on soon. I think he's about 17 pounds now, quite a porker. Hard to believe he was a 4 pounder. Ok, back to work (I'm sooo bad) I really hope everyone has a happy, healthy Memorial Day!!! Colleen


TaraO - May 22

Hi girls, It has been such a long time since I've had 2 minutes to be on the computer to type. I went back to work on April 27th and haven't gotten into a routine at night yet. Everyone else is...Just me having trouble. It's been great though. My babysitter is awesome. We love her a lot, she's a friend of the family, so we trust her and Michael loves her...He loves her children and is so alert wanting to be with the kids. The only time he gets fussy is when he can't see the kids but can hear them!!! Michael had an ear infection that lasted 2 weeks. Starting a week after I went back to work. We took him in and they said it was barely an infection it was so mild...Well, let's just say, I thought we were getting over it. He needed 2 rounds of antibiotics and being that we are having warm weather bacteria grows easier and it becomes more serious. He is better now. But it was a heck of a time. HE wasn't sleeping or eating well. He actually really slowed his weight gain during that time. Which is fine cause he was already 19 lbs. at 4 months old, so they weren't worried. They said since he is so young though, if he gets any more infections, he will need to see a specialist for tubes.. I guess it could be worse. At least they are being proactive early!!! I am happy with our pediatrician. Anyway, other than that, still trying to master the grading of papers and lesson planning, cause after the baby goes to bed, I'm pooped!!! I've been reading all of your posts and I love that we've all had each other to talk to and get feedback from!!! It's been a wonderful support. Amanda, I'm glad you are feeling ok. Colleen, You are funny doing this at work. It is like banned from our computers with a site blocker! Silly. cyndi - my little guy is teething up a storm, his little lips are so raw from teething and constantly shoving things into his mouth. I forgot to tell everyone that on Mother's Day, Michael started to say DADA DADADAD!!! It's so funny, especially since he says it all day long and doesn't really know what he's saying. He does know that we like it, cause he laughs and smiles whenever he does it. Micsmms - glad you are doing well!! Everyone, it's awesome hearing what your kids are doing at this point. Michael was 5 months old this past Monday. He's trying so hard to pull himself to sitting. He loves his walker and wheels all over unintentionally. I have to put the brakes on it. He also learned to jump up and down in his jumperoo. We are semi-trying for another one, or at least haven't tried to prevent it. It took a while with this one, so we are going to let nature take its course and see what happens. We haven't been too careful since lo was 2 months, so we'll see. Who knows. I might even be nuts!!! I have an 11 year old, so I'd really like for the next one to be closer in age. My 11 year old is awesome though!!! Great Big Brother!!!!! Anyway, Enough about mine, hope everyone is having a great weekend....Talk to you during the next week!!! Happy Memorial Day


TaraO - May 29

Hey where is everyone??? Hope you are all well and just busy with spring!!!!


micsmms3 - May 29

Hey Girls, how's everyone? I always seem to find time to sit down and write on fridays, when everyone else is turning theirs off for the weekend! Kim, I wasn't "trying" when I got PG with Laina. She totally surprised me, and my BF too. I didn't find out that I was even PG until I was 4 months along!!!!! (always had an extremely irregular cycle & just thought I was gaining a bit of weight as I was not watching what I was eating plus, not exercising). So the pregnancy was a wonderful surprise, and it went very fast for me of course! I was at the point in life that I was trying to accept that I'd never have any children- literally, my sister even recalls a conversation we had about it and in hind sight, I was pregnant when we had that talk but didn't know it--- I'm 37, and it felt like my BF and I would never get married...thus, I 'd never have children. Guess I forgot you could have a baby and not be married. ; ) ha ha. Well, it worked out for the best because I can't imagine life without her! Memorial day weekend- We went to the stadium to see the baseball game- The Red's vs. the Indians. She was not too excited about the crowd, think it was too much stimulation for her watching all the people walking by. She hated when the Red's did good, because of the crowd cheering- that would make her scream and cry. I tried to cover her ears but it didn't work. Needless to say we only made it about one hour at the game! She was happy once we left the stadium, and ecstatic to enter our home whereas- she recognized everything and was extra excited to see our dogs. It was almost like she sighed of relief as soon as we walked in the door. We knew the other team's mascot- Slider, he had a gift for her and was excited to meet her but we couldn't stay for him to get to us. I'm sure she would have screamed at him, too! Development... As Laina leads the December babies with her bday on the 1st... Accept of course for the preemies! We have our 6 month check up next week. Not too excited about the next round of shots ; (. BF may not go with me (he's been to all of her dr appointments with me so far). He can't take watching the whole shot thing, so I'll let you know if he ends up going or not. She is all about standing and jumping (a__sisted of course). Comfortable & mostly happy on her belly, supporting herself with her arms and checking things out. Can sit but will wobble over before long if she's not propped up. She will get into the crawl position and rock back and forth. She will also get into the crawl position and straighten her legs and try to stand. She has never really been a baby who babbles and goos and coos too often but does seem to "talk" a whole lot more now. Her words sound more like Aaaaaah aaarh, Eeeeh, raaaa, and combinat n ions of all of those... She makes some "teradyactal" type squeals when she is super excited, like during a fit of jumping and Yo Gabba Gabba Yo. She also makes and this kinda whiney sound which is fairly often (worries me at times bc she doesnt goo and coo). I don't think she is actually whining half the times she's making the noise, just makes a mmmmmmmm-mmmm-mmmmm sound a lot in a large range with many pitches and expressions. Kind of gives me anxiety at times! Seriously! Someone, bring me a bottle of Chardonnay and make it quick! That is it for now. Have a good week & know I'm reading even if I'm not writing... Michelle


micsmms3 - June 5

Chardonnay for everyone! ; ) Colleen, I can only imagine how hard that must be dealing with sibling rivalry, and also the guilt involved. Laina's 6 month check up went well. The shots went quick, and her crying stopped quickly after the nurses left the room. Poor thing. Her daddy didn't make it to the appointment, he was home sick. Maybe sick over her getting her shots? He is looking forward to the next check up- 9 months- they promised, no shots... She did get a fever, I gave her tylenol before the appt, and for the next day. She has a few little red "bumps" on her face and I don't know if it's from the shots, or from the sweet potatoes. She is now 15 lb 12 oz. 25 3/4" length. She is in the 50%, except for now her weight is in the 75%!!! I'm going to try to go to our library's reading play tomorrow with her but it's early- 10:30 am which is very early for us as she still is not a very good sleeper. The doctor gave me some sleep paperwork to go over and try to "fix" it. I would love if she would sleep through the night, or at least for 6 hours! She has been waking up ever couple of hours lately. Naps are OK but not great- just very short, seem best when I lay her down next to me and nap with her... because I am sooo tired usually. If I do that they will last an hour or more. Otherwise, 20-30 minutes is all she does. I would love to know what everyone's "schedules" are with their lo's at this point. I'd like something to compare to. Please post if you can! Have a good weekend! Michelle


Kimmer23 - June 5

Hi girls! Sorry I've been mia. I've been super busy - working, baby stuff, and now we are selling our house... Colleen - I get teh guilt - I feel like such a bad mom has been busy and then getting the house ready to sell and keeping it extra clean doesn't leave a lot of time for Brady. I hate the guilt - I feel like I can't do anything right. I think I need some wine too :) micsimms - sounds like Laina is doing great (other than the sleeping). Sorry to hear about the sleeping - do you have any idea why she is waking up so much? Is she going thourgh a growth spurt? Brady is finally getting better (he slept from 8:30-4:00am last night...which felt amazing), but he still has nights wherre he is up a lot. And, Brady doesn't nap well - he takes really short naps like Laina does typically. Let me know if you get any good tips about the napping... My VERY rough schedule with goes like this: Get up about 6:30am Nurse from 6:30-6:45 or 7:00 While we are getting ready for work, he is playing in his bouncer, jumper, on the bed, etc. from about 7-8 At 8:15ish, we leave to go to the babysitter He gets bottles there at 9:15, 12:15, and 3:15ish. I nurse him after work at about 5:30 or 5:45 He gets a veggie and/or cereal around 6:00 then plays from 6-7:15ish He gets his bath around 7:15, then a bottle at about 7:45-8, and then bed is around 8:30. He wakes around 3-4 in the morning and I nurse him then too, and then it starts over. What is everyone else's rough schedule? Also, what are your kids doing now? Brady is just over 5 mos. He is sitting really well supported - he can't quite sit alone yet. He still hates tummy time, but we make him do it at least for a little while. He is getting close to rolling from his back to front, but hasn't done it all the way yet. He is making more noises (babbling and laughing), but no actual words yet. He actually seems to have gotten quieter recently - he used to coo all the time, and now he sits and smiles quietly more. We've been talking to him lots, but I worry he isn't "Talking" enough. Did any of your los go through a stage like this? Oh, and he can put a little weight on his legs. I'm just kinda a worrier, so I worry he isn't doing enough yet...I hope he's ok! Oh, and he's been haveing constipation probs. He was turning red and crying as he was trying to go - I felt so bad for him. We stopped rice cereal and bought oatmeal and we give him pear juice in his bottles occasionally to help with that. And, we've only been giving him veggies lately, no cereal, to hopefully help with it too. Well, take care. I hope everyone is doing well! Kim


TaraO - June 6

Hi Girls, I am glad to hear from everyone..I am sure it gets so busy for all of us but its nice to hear from everyone. Kimmer my schedule is like this... Michael gets up 6-7 am, I feed him about a half hour after he gets up...(i try to hold him off so he doesn't demand feeding immediately. He usually plays in his crib for a half hour. He jumps in his jumper or exersaucer while I get ready. 8:15 babysitter, 9ish half hour nap. he eats at 11:30 ish (veggie and 6oz bottle with rice in it, due to reflux). 1ish 2 hour nap. 4:30 (when I get home - dinner veggie and a fruit and 5-6 oz bottle 7:30 bath 8:00 bottle 8 oz with rice 8:30 bed He's pretty rigid, most nights he sleeps all night. I never feed him through the night anymore (unless he is inconsolable, which is rare) Other than while he was sick with an ear infection, he was eating smaller but more frequently. ANd obviously, I'm not nursing at this point. I try to give him tummy time as often as possible. He only lasts for a few minutes. He does say da da sometimes. He growls a lot but doesn't talk a whole lot.. He seemed to do more than that a while ago, but he's found his toes and chews them. He's been teething pretty bad chewing everything he can get hismouth on. He likes to sit propped and wants to stand all day, that gets tiring. Have you tried to give him a few teaspoons of the prunes for the constipation. I give them to Michael and within 4 hours he's pooped a ton!!!They help and are natural as opposed to medicine. Michael will be 6 monthss on the 18 of June. One of the biggest things I learned this time round is that I don't rock him to sleep. He goes in awaake. He'll fuss for a minute, I go in and check, kiss him, give him his pacifier and then usually that's it. I really sstick to his schedule as best as I can and he is like schedule man, I can tell time by him. Mics...I need some wine too!! We call 7-8 whine time!!!! He's whining and I need wine to get through it!!! Colleen, I'm sure you are paying attention to everyone as best as you can!!! It's just hard being a mommy...Every emotion we feel!!! Much stronger than men!!! I think my husband thinks I'm nuts over half the stuff I worry about... HAve a great weekend.



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