December 2008 Babies

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TaraO - June 6

Hi Girls, I am glad to hear from everyone..I am sure it gets so busy for all of us but its nice to hear from everyone. Kimmer my schedule is like this... Michael gets up 6-7 am, I feed him about a half hour after he gets up...(i try to hold him off so he doesn't demand feeding immediately. He usually plays in his crib for a half hour. He jumps in his jumper or exersaucer while I get ready. 8:15 babysitter, 9ish half hour nap. he eats at 11:30 ish (veggie and 6oz bottle with rice in it, due to reflux). 1ish 2 hour nap. 4:30 (when I get home - dinner veggie and a fruit and 5-6 oz bottle 7:30 bath 8:00 bottle 8 oz with rice 8:30 bed He's pretty rigid, most nights he sleeps all night. I never feed him through the night anymore (unless he is inconsolable, which is rare) Other than while he was sick with an ear infection, he was eating smaller but more frequently. ANd obviously, I'm not nursing at this point. I try to give him tummy time as often as possible. He only lasts for a few minutes. He does say da da sometimes. He growls a lot but doesn't talk a whole lot.. He seemed to do more than that a while ago, but he's found his toes and chews them. He's been teething pretty bad chewing everything he can get hismouth on. He likes to sit propped and wants to stand all day, that gets tiring. Have you tried to give him a few teaspoons of the prunes for the constipation. I give them to Michael and within 4 hours he's pooped a ton!!!They help and are natural as opposed to medicine. Michael will be 6 monthss on the 18 of June. One of the biggest things I learned this time round is that I don't rock him to sleep. He goes in awaake. He'll fuss for a minute, I go in and check, kiss him, give him his pacifier and then usually that's it. I really sstick to his schedule as best as I can and he is like schedule man, I can tell time by him. Mics...I need some wine too!! We call 7-8 whine time!!!! He's whining and I need wine to get through it!!! Colleen, I'm sure you are paying attention to everyone as best as you can!!! It's just hard being a mommy...Every emotion we feel!!! Much stronger than men!!! I think my husband thinks I'm nuts over half the stuff I worry about... HAve a great weekend.


clindholm - June 8

Hi Girls! Hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather was perfect (for a change)! Everyone schedule sounds alot like Luke's except he REALLY hates solids. I have been trying to feed him for months and he just gets this "I'm gonna cry" face on when I put the spoon in his mouth. Sometimes he swallows it but he always gives me the impression that he's doing it for me, not b/c he likes it. Anyway- Luke wakes up about 6 am and has a 6 oz bottle. Falls asleep around 7:30 when we leave for my moms. Eats at 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00 (these are all approximate). He takes a decent afternoon nap most of the time but it varies. Supper is at 6:00 and he takes his 6 oz and whatever cereal I can get in him. Then he eats one more time before bed between 8-9:00 pm. He has 2 teeth!!! I think he weighs about 18 lbs and will be 8 months on June 23rd. Kimmer- that must be sooo hard trying to move with everything else, yuck! I would try the prune juice for your lo's constipation. micsmms- my DD slept just like Liana- cat naps, made me crazy. Of course b___stmilk digests faster, so that may be part of it. Tara- I wish I could be as good as you about not rocking. Luke is just inconsolable between 7-8 pm and I rock him in his carseat until he falls asleep. If he was fussing, I could let it go, but last night he cried until his little face was puffy! I felt sooo bad but I want him to be able to self-soothe. Baaahh! I hope I'm not creating another sleep-monster like my dd. Colleen


cyndilea1973 - June 9

Hi Ladies! Sounds like a few of you are also going through some more sleepless nights like we are at our house! I took Kellen for his shots, on June 1 and he was weighing 16 lbs (only gained 1 lb for 2 months!) and is 27 inches long! He got long and thinner (though he still has neck, leg, and arm rolls LOL). He was puny for 2 days after his shots. A typical schedule for us: wake up around 6:30 get ready for work, Kellen in his bouncer if awake. to sitters at 7:30. bottles at around 8 am , 12 noon, and 4 pm and veggie and fruit with noon feeding. Home with us at 5:30 Dinner around 7;30 or 8 if he makes it, bottle and veggie and fruit. Then it's off to bed around 8:30 and another bottle around 3-4 am....but the past 2 weeks we have had him waking up all hours after midnight. He doesn't want to feed, it may be a diaper or just wants his binky. I think he is teething as he has been drooling like a faucet for over a month and he has a red dot on his bottom gum..not tooth yet. We give him Hylands teething tablets before bed, no noticeable difference. It may be a growth spurt, he is almost 6 months. He is a chatter box, jabbers all the time and squeals and giggles. he is also reaching for my face and putting his fingers in my mouth. He has bouts with constipation, doc advised to buy adult prune juice and dilute it 3 parts water to 1 part juice and get him to drink about 3 oz of this a day. He loves it and it keeps him moving. the gerber pear or grape juice doesn't have any fiber, so it doesn't really work as well as the prune? He also loves to grab our kitty by the fur when he re-discovers her every day. I am thankful that my kitty is patient, she just lets Kellen pull fistfuls of her fur, iti s FUNNY. talk to you later. Cyndi


micsmms3 - June 9

Hello! Kim- I wouldn't worry that Brady isn't into standing yet- but get your arms ready for when he is! ; ) I have used 1st foods baby prunes for Laina when she's constipated. Works really well and she loves eating them. I have no idea why she is so terrible with sleeping, and it has only gotten much worse over the past couple of weeks. She now will not sleep in her crib. Will scream and cry as soon as she feels the matress beneath her! Though, if I put her into my bed, she stays settled down and goes back to sleep. It's terrible. I didn't want a full b__wn "co-sleeper" and now that is what she is. It is very much my fault though because I have given in time after time (because of sheer exhaustion of course and I just have a soft heart I guess), and here I am with a co-sleeper. She wakes up about every two hours through the night. It could be teething, because she has one bottom tooth showing pretty good now. Normally wet or poopy diapers don't bother her that I've noticed. She has grown very noticably lately. I have ordered two books by Elizabeth Pantley- the no cry sleep solution, and Gentle baby care. I've tried the CIO a tiny bit and just don't think it's for me. If that is my only hope- then she will just have to co sleep with me for as long as it takes. She has been extremely clingy lately as well... Even cries for me when her dad is holding her and I'm in the same room. Tara-- that is funny that Michael growls! Cute... Laina is also happiest if she is "standing" all day. She likes to bend over and pick up stuff, then drop it again. Doesn't want to sit and do it, standing and jumping only! My arms and back are really feeling it too. And kinda funny... I usually hold her on my left side/ left arm, and my bicep is very noticably bigger than my right one. I'm trying to remember to switch over as to catch the other one up! Colleen, I can't believe Luke already has 2 teeth! Wow! And still not interested in foods? Hmmm... I'm sure you have played around with the consistancy of it and everything- plus other foods. I have been mashing real banannas for Laina's breakfast- mixed in with baby oatmeal and milk. A totally different taste than the jars! The jars really don't taste like banannas at all. A friend of mine is encouraging me to make her fruits/vegges and mash/puree them. Says that they taste better to them. My slow start to this is doing the banannas. It's easy enough. Cyndi, I haven't ever seen Hylands teething tablets. Maybe this is the root (or one of them) to our sleep problems. Will have to check them out. Our schedule is totally rough...she even skipped (rejected) one whole milk feeding today, I'm thinking because of teething or overfeeding earlier. I BF so I never know how much she gets. 8:30 Wake & Milk 10:30/11 Cereal, Fruit, Milk 12:00 Nap 2:00 Milk 3:00 Nap 5:00 Cereal, Veggie, Fruit, Milk 9:00 Cereal/Fruit 9:30 Bath 10/10:30 Milk-- Sleep Very interesting to hear everyone's schedules! My BF is going on a vacation for 5 days- Salmon fishing in Alaska! I have our parents set up to come by for a few hours a day to give me a little break but I am really worried that I'll go stir crazy and baby crazy too. (Actually, I already feel that way!) He works a ton so it's usually just me and the baby anyway (and the dogs and cat). When he is here though, I at least get a good break because he is really good with her and she is happy to be with him. Enough from me for now... take care! Michelle


funnygal84 - June 12

Wow. It's been ages since I was on this forum. So busy these days. The boys go in for their 6 month appt in a little over an hour. You know what that means, more shots. I hate shot days, as i'm sure everyone else does. The boys are being watched at our home now for the summer, so their schedule is all out of whack. They're sleeping okay, waking once or twice at night. Still co-sleeping, admittedly because i'm too tired to try any harder to keep them in their crib. i never wanted to be a permanently co-sleeping family, but i've heard time and again that most families with multiples can fall into this habit since you pretty much just do whatever you can to get sleep. With me being alone with the boys almost every night, i do just that. Sorry for the long absence. I'll try to check in more often. You girls are such a help, if for nothing else to see where my boys match up to others their age. i don't know anyone with kids even close to their age here. The boys have tried rice cereal, carrots, avacados and green beans so far. maguire pretty much loves all of it, while maddox simply tolerates most everything. they're smiley most of the time and talk all the time. they're ticklish and giggle a lot. they love to jump in their jumperoos and jump-ups. they want to stand all the time, which is kind of tiring as i'm sure you all know first hand. still no teeth yet, even though they've been teething for 3 months now. how's everyone else? :)


austynsmommy - June 16

Hi ladies. Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Were doing good just busy. Aj's schedule is this. He wakes up between 7 and 9 and gets a bottle At 10:30 he gets one stage two fruits He gets another bottle between 11 and 12 Goes down for a nap for about 2 hours around 3 or 4 he gets another bottle At 6 he gets a veggy baby food Bath time is at 7 He normally gets a bottle at around 7:30 and then he goes to sleep and sleeps all night. Hope everyone is doing good. Aj has been drowling like crazy and chewing on everything but still no teeth. He will be 6 months on thursday. I can't believe he's almost 6 months all ready. He can scoot and roll all over. He's still not sitting up on his own yet but I don't think it will be to much longer. Hope everyone is doing good Amanda


micsmms3 - June 20

I am so jealous of everyone's babies that sleep soooo long! You are all very lucky. I'm still reading through a new book on gentle sleep techniques. Mostly about breaking habits gently that have made her the bad sleeper she is. Which, of course, is all my fault! ; ) Guess I asked for it. So Laina can really pull herself up now! She isn't doing it all the time but she can do it really well when she does! Her tooth is also coming out more and more, poor baby. She is a trooper!


micsmms3 - June 20

Oh, and we started meats which she is OK with as long as I mix them with her veggies. I don't blame her. They smell absolutely disgusting. I won't even taste them unless they are mixed with the veggie! They smell too horrible. We have done chicken so far, and will start the turkey tomorrow. What is everyone doing for Fathers day? We are doing a family thing, with my fam and his parents. I got him a card & Tshirt from us. He got me flowers and a card so I figured it should be good enough.


babeedust2all - June 20

Hey Ladies, Our schedule has been a bit all over the place these past couple of weeks, because Makayla has decided to wake up at different times throughout the night! Anyway, generally speaking our schedule looks like this: Anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30- wake up, nursing 6:30-8:30 nap with me (If I'm lucky) 8:30- cereal, fruit, nursing 11:30/12:00 - cereal, veggies, nursing 1:00- nap 3:30- nursing 5:30- cereal, veggies or fruit, nursing 7:30- bath, formula 8:00- bedtime We're going to go to brunch for Father's Day, and we also made him some cookies, and got him a card. How's everyone else doing?


austynsmommy - June 21

Hi everyone. Aj is now sitting all by himself. He started doing this on thursday. Hey Colleen, Didn't you have preterm labor? If you did did you go on the progesterone shot? My doctor want's to start me on it at 18 weeks because I have had problem's with preterm labor with two of my pregnancies. Hope everyone has a wonderful father's day. Take care.


Kimmer23 - June 24

Hi girls! How is everyone doing? Sorry I haven't been around as much. Buying and selling a house is stressful and time consuming :( But it's finally coming together, so I can't complain too much. Sounds like some of you are having some sleepless nights - yuck. I hope it gets better. Do you think it's teething or a growth spurt or something else? Brady is sleeping fairly well. He generally goes down about 8:30 and sleeps until 4:00. I BF him then and he sleeps til about 6:00, and then he's up... Wow austynsmommy - 14 weeks already. I do want to have another baby fairly soon, but I couldn't imagine being that pregnant already. But, that's awesome and a miracle :) Colleen - I can't believe Luke has 2 teeth - wow! Brady has been teething for a while now, but no teeth quite yet. Is he liking solds any better? Babee, cyndi, tara, funnygal, micsimms - I'm glad your little ones are doing well too! Keep us up-to-date! I love hearing about everyone. Oh, and how was everyone's father's day? Brady and I got up early and picked up breakfast at Bob Evans for my dh - he loves bob evans! I also gave him a card and ordered him a subscription to sports illustrated, since he loves that magazine...that's about it. I made dinner, but it wasn't anything crazy. Our anniversary is tomorrow, so we have a few plans for that too. Brady's 6 month appt. in Thursday (yeah - on our anniversary...good planning, right?). yuck - shots!! ANd, I feel like I have a lot of question this month. He has eczema and constipation issues sometimes. Especially with the eczema, I want to get something a little stronger than lotion - it seems to drive him crazy and he hates bath time now. And, he doesn't sit on his own yet, but he will sit supported. Should I be concerned? Are your little ones sitting on their own yet? Well, gotta go get some work done, but take care girls! Kim


clindholm - June 30

Hi girls!!! Wow it's quiet in here! hope everyone & their lo's are doing well. austynsmommy- No, I didn't have PTL, just Pre-e which led to a section. Don't really know wnaything about the Projesterone shot, have heard alot of ladies on these boards have done well with it. How is your pregnancy going? You must really have your hands full! Kimmer- I love the new pic of Brady, he is just a little doll! How is he doing in daycare? I hope worl is going well for you. It is so hectic working and having lo's. How did he do at his 6 month appt? Where is everyone else? Tara, babeedust, micsmms, funnygal and everyone else? Luke went to the doc yesterday, he is 8 months and 19 pounds, 27 1/2 inches. I was concerned about his huge head and the pedi agrees. I have to check back in a month. I'm trying not to worry about it. Work has been crazy and home is crazier. My 2.5 year old daughter just got her first big-time boo-boo. DH had her at the park & she tried to make a break for it and fell on the pavement. She sc___ped up her sweet little face so bad! I feel so horrible and it hurts to look at her. Poor baby. I'm hoping it doesn't scar. Anyway, I have to get my A** back to work, can't wait to hear updates from you all! Colleen


micsmms3 - July 1

HELLO! It sure has been quiet in here... I have an email alert to this group, and have even gone on and checked the link several times looking for some life! Kim, I don't think you should be concerned at all if Brady isn't sitting up yet... Laina is 7 months old today--- and she just started being able to sit up without propping last week, on fathers day! For constipation, I will recommend feeding him baby food prunes. Whenever Laina becomes irregular, or if her poo seems like it's getting a little hard- I feed it to her for her fruit and shes become a good little pooper! ; ) All- I am actually not looking forward to Laina becoming mobile, I think it is going to make everything very very hard! It doesn't seem like she will start "any day now" however, when she does I am in trouble! I just imagine her not wanting to be contained ever--- Will she still enjoy her jumper, and her Baby Einstein discovery thing? Will I have to put her in a play pen and listen to her scream in protest whenever I can't be right with her? I am scared! Colleen, sorry to hear about your little girl, that's awful for all of you! If you are afraid of scarring--- I've been using mederma on my c section scar and it's working really well. I noticed that they have one for kids, too. I'm sure it will heal well though- because kids heal amazingly quickly! The few little scratches that Laina has had (from her rapid growing fingernails that I swear I trim 2-3X a week!!!) have literally disappeared within a day or so. Amazing! Today I had to do something very sad, I had to take our kitty to be put to sleep. He was the best cat I've ever met (he came with my boyfriend!). He was probably around 18? We dont know because when my BF took him in (a stray), that was 12 or 14 years ago. He really was the sweetest, most personable, huge personality, coolest cat I've ever met in my life. The past 2-3 weeks he's been really sick, and the past week, just basically "breathing". My bf didn't want to let him go but finally said that it was OK if I took him to the vet to be put asleep. I know he really didn't want me to, but I couldn't bear to watch kitty suffer as he was. If I was in that state of health- I would hope someone would give me peace. So, now kitty is in heaven and I hope he forgives me for it. I also hope my bf isn't mad at me for it. (he's out of town right now, will be back tonight). I think he was just hoping that he'd come back around and be ok- but really I couldn't see how he could have because he was that bad. The vet said it was time... I felt it was time. Poor little guy, rest in peace.


funnygal84 - July 1

Just checking in again. I just never seem to have time these days especially at night. Lately the boys have been fighting sleep until around 9:30 or 10 when they finally surrender. They are finally out of our bed, though. It wasn't as hard a transition as I thought it would be. since they still hate their crib, we just got an extra playpen and set two up near our bed. they each sleep in their own with their lovies and for the most part sleep contentedly. one or the other fusses a bit from time to time before finally really falling good and asleep, but it seems to be working. they're still waking at least twice at night though. They are sitting up pretty well with only minimal help. Maddox has a tooth and Maguire has two teeth as of sunday. his just sprung up literally overnight. they both recently started reaching for people. it's so sweet. the other day maddox was playing on the floor and turned to me, lifted his arms and i swear he said mama. i mean, i know he probably didn't know what he was saying, but it was still such an exciting day for me. i ran upstairs to tell my hubby and he just beamed. how is everyone else? busy, too it seems. :) i hope everyone has a greath independence day weekend!!


austynsmommy - July 22

Hi ladies. Just thought I would stop in and give an update on Andrew. He is now 7 months old. He went to the doctor this morning and he now weigh's 17.5 pounds and is 27 inches long. He is in the 50 percentile for both now. He is eating stage 2 foods now three times a day. He rolls all over the house and sit's up all the time. He is into everything now. Time to start baby proofing. My pregnancy is going good. I get to find out what i'm having on the 6th. I hope everyone is ok and having a nice summer. Take care, Amanda


Kimmer23 - July 23

Hi girls! What happened to this site? It's so quiet anymore... How is everyone and their little ones? Brady is doing well. He sits pretty well, with minimal help now. He loves playing on his back though still. He's hiliarious - he laughs and babbles all the time. He's eating Gerber 2nd Foods and loves all veggies and fruits. We've been crazy busy lately with the move...oh, we sold out house and moved already...but the new house is in absolute chaos right now...everything is there...somewhere. Well, take care. I hope everyone is doing well. Amanda - can't believe you are almost half way through your pregnancy!! See ya...Kim



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