December 08 Moms 1st Birthday Month

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Buffi R. - December 1

Hi girls!! Here we are in December! Sorry I've been absent for so many days. Maddie was sick for the last couple weeks, and I've either been staying home from work with her, or working through my lunch breaks, and either way that means I don't get on the computer very easily. So I'm finally catching up. She had a virus too with her highest temp 103 a couple weekends ago. Fortunately she finally got on the mend before Thanksgiving so the holidays were pleasant. Tish - another term for Bronchiolitis is RSV if you've heard of that. It's that lower respiratory virus that can be really serious for newborns, preemies, etc. Glad she's doing better. Maddie had that when she was about six months old and we had to give her breathing treatments for her wheezing, and my son had it when he was a baby too. No fun. Well, that's about all the lunch break I'm getting today too. Hopefully I'll be on more often now.


wantanotheraftertr - December 1

Buffi sorry to hear Maddies been sick. So glad shes feeling better now. has been a long time since Ive been on here. Joseph is doing very well and walking like a champ. I can't believe our lo's are going to be 1 so soon. Joe's is the 11th we will celebrate on the 13th. having family and friends over. We are doing a construction pals theme little bull dozers and construction equipment with faces its pretty cute He loves cars so we figured this would be perfect. What is everyone else doing I will go back and read the last thread so catch up.


Buffi R. - December 2

Hi wantanother! Glad to see you back! There's only about four or five of us on here that post much anymore and I'm off & on sometimes too. We're having Maddie's b-day party on the 7th (her b-day is on the 6th) and we're doing a "Winter ONE-derland" theme. I have to credit socurbaby for was completely her idea. That's what she's doing for her LO too. Maddie is walking all over the place now too, but she isn't talking much yet. Lots of babbling and sometimes I think she says "da da" (for anyone, not just DH) but it's hard to tell. Of course, my older son talks enough for both of them, and I keep reminding myself that the before-talking stage is bliss and I should enjoy it!! I went shopping in a maternity store over the weekend - not for myself, but for my SIL who's pregnant - and there were so many cute clothes in there! Baby factory is closed for me, so that was a little strange being in there, but I'm having fun getting things for SIL. This is her first (she's about 14 weeks) and I feel like I'm pa__sing the torch, so to speak. Tish, I'm jealous of you and your little bean!! Talk to you guys later!


socurbaby7 - December 3

hey there wantanother... yea im doing the winter "one" derland theme.... we are having her birthday party this weekend because her birthday is soo cliose to christmas (the 21st)... and then my dads birthday is the 23 and my moms the 27th... so earlier the better... plus i want people to not have other holiday parties they have to go to... anyway... i think i lost it lol... i have about 40 people going 5 babies and 4 kiddos... this should be interesting... but everyone wants to come see roni jo.... so i dont mind... im jus hoping that i dont get a lot of doubles of what i bought her for christmas.... i went a little overboard with that too... how much did you guys spend between their birthday and christmas??? if you dont mind me asking... i mean i also have d'caury this year so I get to be santa for two :-) needless to say i am excited.... but i prety much blew all of my money! anyway .... veronica still isnt walking... she's trying she stands up on her own and balances and plays that way with nothing around her... and she will try to take a step or so... but she would rather go to crawl position much more efficient...anyways remember how the kids father has another kid (still waitin on the dna test.. but ne ways... well he doesnt have ne money for the holidays... hes literally broke... so i bought all the presents for the kids... but also because i knew this chick would flip out on him for not getting the baby anything (the babys only 4 months so i mean what exactly does the baby need... plus her parents r rich and she has 2+ of everything)... so i went out with him and bought gifts for that baby and wrapped them and everything... i know i seem like a fool for always helping him out... but yea... idk... and this chick flipped out on him for going out and buying the baby gifts without her cause she wanted to pick out what he bought... i was like excuse me.... grr... she p__ses me off o i forgot to mention to you guys that roni jo got her flu shot... and me and her got a little sick after back in october... but i think it was a coincidence.... and then we took her to get her booster... she didnt even let out a whimper... what a tough little cookie i was sooo proud of her... anyways i have tons of stuff to get making... and i have to go pick up the kids pictures.... so have a great day all


Zeke - December 3

Hi Everyone. Bobby's not walking yet either....he's content to crawl. He is also free standing a lot, so I think that he could walk if he really wanted. He is starting to learn to say "no" if he gets in trouble for touching something he's not supposed and I'm telling him no, he repeats it back to me. DH got the flu thanksgiving night and it feels like we are still recovering. Tish....I was in my first trimester with Emma around the holidays and I comforted me to know that at least I wouldn't be gaining too much weight....I couldn't keep anything I didn't have to worry about overdoing it with all the sweets lol. My sister-in-law has the ba__sinet you were asking about. She loves it - says it was worth every penny. I was impressed with it's mobility. She brought it to thanksgiving and that way her dd was able to be comfortable and "sleep in her own bed" without even being at they're house. We are having Bobby's birthday on the 20th. I know it's pretty close to christmas but my sister is coming for christmas week and she doesn't often get included in the holidays so I wanted her to be able to attend. I have to admit that bobby isn't getting too much stuff for his birthday/christmas. We have so many toys from when emma was this age that are in perfectly good condition - I can't see buying much more. We did get him some trucks/bulldozers to drive around and his big present is a ride on was $80, so he's not really getting jipped. I also bought a kit to make a stepping stone with Bobby. We will do foot impressions on it on his birthday and in the spring I'll put them out in the garden.


tish212 - December 3

Hi ladies, sorry I haven't been on in a while, I have not been feeling well at all. I am so exhausted all the time, and the nausea is all the time. I went for my first Ultrasound yesterday, and well there is some "off" news, seems the baby only measures 6 weeks??? but it doesn't make any sense... this is gonna seem out there, but i haven't been "intimate" in over 2 months. I have been feeling so bad and all the stress over mom, I couldn't even muster the energy to "fake it" so the conception date of october 16-18 doesn't work. So I am lost.but right as rain I saw the baby, and no arms or legs have formed yet, and the baby still is using the yolk sac so there is no way I am 3 months, so i dont know. So now my due date went from June 14th to July 24th.... so we shall see my next Ultrasound is january 13th. and next dr appt is dec 16. Alexa's party is themed Princess Alexa (from the Barbie Diamond Castle Princess Movie) She has the dress, which she will wear to her party and MIL got her the barbie, I got her the laptop and movie. (along with other things like the tents and tunnels, ball pit, play ground etc) She wont turn one until the 18th but since that is 7 days before xmas I didn't want to throw a party then and mess up peoples preparation for the holiday. We are having a Spaghetti dinner with lots of friends and family... and MIL is making a huge cake with a crown and jewels and stuff on it. Alexa isn't walking yet...I mean she is like 5 seconds away from it, she can stand anywhere and she shows that she wants to but mostly she dives toward what she wants or drops down and crawls... so I know she will any time now. She has her ways of communicating which i am teaching dh to understand, she calls him HEH and HEY lol.... still calls me mama, and calls MIL mom-mom...but we can't get her to call dh dada for anything. Oh yeah MIL just got her the rock and play piano, and she LOVES so all day long we get to listen to her play it, though before any single song finishes playing she changes it by turning the book page lol... she gets all excited and dances while she plays it its just the cutest. We have also brought her playground with the slide and swing in and she loves to climb all over it. She climbs into her swing on her own, and stands in it and swings, and she has just learned to slide down on her own...shes kinda clumsy and usually falls down but never cries. and about her clumsyness she is covered in bruises on her legs lol its crazy she looks like a 7 year old who has been out climbing trees all day, I think most is from climbing the play ground. but she doesn't seem to mind at all...She has also tried the gerber graduates entrees (which are a life saver lately) and she loves the potatos and gravy with chicken and carrots. she is also addicted to gatorade which we had to give her while she was sick. but it beats juice so I am happy. I am studying lactose free milk to use for cooking etc... but I am so lost.... so anyone who knows anything about it PLEASE help... do they make a lactose free yogurt?? or other dairy full products that you can buy dairy free? i was reading the milk labels and was all kinds of lost... and when do we start them on milk?> She eats most things we eat (that aren't full of dairy or tomato sauce she has issues with that too) but I am stuck.... her dr appt isn't until close to the end of this month so hence why i am asking now... Buffi I am sorry to hear Maddie was so sick, I know how hard that is, but then your also working so PHEW i know you are worn out!!! Everytime Alexa gets sick (of course this is only the second time) I get so paniced for months after...I had just settled from her hospital stay in july, and then she got so sick, I was so worried it would turn out to be something huge...i had no idea that was RSV, thank you for telling me, its really going around around here, DH's best friend nearly was admitted to the hospital because of it, and dh was sick and most of his family and all the ppl he works with.... I dont think I got it, i just had the WORST headache for like 5 days, it just wouldn't go away...but once she got better like a day later I felt better so I think mine was caused by high blood pressure from the tension of her being sick.... Well I have written enough im gonna take a nap for a while since lil miss is napping, gotta get my sleep in now right? oh yeah dh and I have talked heavily about it and we are quiet sure that one of us is going to get "fixed" after this baby is born. I am pretty sure 2 is enough... and if we change our minds and it is meant to be it can be reversed, i just dont want to take chances with an IUD or BC cuz i was on BC this time and got pregnant.... i know that sounds harsh but i think our family will be complete with 2. Well ladies off I go, have a great week... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the little ones!!! they are growing up soooo fast, and now this month more lil december babies are being born :) phew thinking back i remember how DONE with pregnancy i was during this time LOL... but it was worth it....


socurbaby7 - December 4

hey ladies... so i just got in from a long long day... cla__s ... doctors ... to check my IUD and work until 9 so im exhausted... I thought something might have been wrong with it because i was gettin abdominal pain and i wanted to make sure it was still inplace and everything. Which it was thankfully.... I also had them test me for everything just in case the ex gave me something... and it turns out my right ovary is enlarged again... probably a cyst... if u remember I have poly cystic ovaries... which means with every cycle they develope.. usually cause no pain and then go away ... and seeing as i got my first period a few weeks ago it worked out that i started getting the cysts again... blah... news from the workplace... turns out with the down turn of the economy they froze our raises and what not... so that sucks... but they are very flexible and it's in the field i want to work in so i really can not complain... well i think im headin to bed... night night


Buffi R. - December 10

Hey everyone! I've been missing for awhile, very busy with Maddie's birthday party last weekend and work, same as usual. Her party went really well! She was all dressed up in an ivory dress and managed to stay clean!! LOL That is until the cake of course, and I let her stay dressed while she mashed through it, then it was off for a bath. For the cake, I made a snow castle with towers and turets (the towers were bought from a cake decorating kit and the turets were upside-down sugar ice cream cones frosted and glittered up with colored sugar) and I used decorator icing to pipe on "icicles" all around the top edges of the cake. It was a lot of cake too...four layers of 9x9 cakes on the bottom, and the top was a 5th 9x9 layer cut in quarters and you use three of them. The quarter I didn't use on the cake got frosted separately and that's what I used for Maddie's cake. I had fake snow and white lights all around the house and the tree was up, etc. so everything looked really pretty. She got lots of outfits and toys, but nothing really big. With all of Cameron's toys still in the house, we don't need much more. I'm going to get her 12 month portraits done this weekend and hopefully the Christmas rush is already past, at least at JCP where we go since they take like 3 weeks to get pictures in. Most people wouldn't get them back in time for Christmas, so that works out fine for us. We have other pic's of both kids that we're using for Christmas. Tish, good luck with your pregnancy. I hope you get some positive answers at your next appointment. Can they do any other testing in the mean time to make sure everything is OK like beta HCG's to see the numbers rising? Or are you too far along for that to be reliable? Talk you to guys later!


tish212 - December 13

Hey ladies, Alexa's party was today. And it was a disaster. I didn't want SIL or her kids there, because I wanted the party to be all about Alexa... that way I could concentrate on her, and keep her focused on her presents and the cake, but SIL leaves her kids at MIL house to be babysat while she picks up her other child, then the WHOLE time she was there, she didn't watch any of her kids, she even brought her boyfriend, WHO WASN"T INVITED! I was asked to remove ppl from my list of guests cuz there wasn't enough room at MIL's house, and yet FOUR uninvited people came to it, and yet my best friend and her husband and son couldn't come, WHAT THE HECK!!! Her children were all over the place, and kept taking all alexas gifts messing them up and breaking some of them before I noticed what was going on... I am so irritated, so me dh and the god parents have decided to take Alexa to dinner next week on her actual birthday, just the 4 of us, and let the ppl at the resturant make a huge fuss over her, (since we know all the ppl that work there and they LOVE Alexa) I am just so upset that the party that i spent so long planning, was completely messed up... I wanted this special day where it was all about her, and only her, and that went out the window the minute we got there and saw the other kids were there without their mother! So me and dh have also decided that next year we are having her party elsewhere, like kids zone or chuckie cheeses, and that ONLY the invited people be told of the date and time. What upsets me more is that I had told MIL i didn't want SIL or her kids there, because I KNEW she wouldn't watch them at all. The good thing from it was that Alexa had a blast shoving fistfuls of cake into her mouth and smearing chocolate icing all over herself, the pictures are just the cutest! She was tuckered out when we came home so she laid down for a nap, but I hear her waking up now so i better go, sorry to be so negative ladies, it was just a bad day, and it makes it worse to know how much planning I put into this, to watch it all turn out exactly as i DID NOT want... buffi, glad Maddies party was good!! sounds beautiful, Alexa's was princess alexa theme from the diamond castle barbie movie, and done out with the disney princesses, all the decorations were nice, but she didnt wear her dress, we are saving that for next week, well gotta go, fussab___t is awake, take care ladies!


wantanotheraftertr - December 14

winter one der land sounds awesome. Joe offically turned 1 on Thursday we celebrated yesterday. was great not everyone came but thats expected. He loved the cake too but I had to give him a spoon to get started then he finally did it will post pics on piczo soon. He has started this screaming things when hes excited or mad makes me crazy. Tish Im a few weeks behind you I just got a positive test today will be due on aug 24th kind of nervous but excited too this is my last need to get blood work done over this week to make sure everythings growing well the us in 3 weeks to make sure the babys in the uterus since the tubal reversal makes me high risk for eptopic. well better go get ready for church ttyl


Buffi R. - December 15

Wantanother, congratulations!!!!!! I pray everything checks out OK. Remind me how many kids you had before Joseph, and they're a bit older, right? You always reminded me of a friend of mine (Susie) who had similar pregnancy stories. She had three children with her 1st husband, then got remarried when her youngest was about 17 years old. She'd had her tubes completely removed after her 3rd baby (with her 1st husband) so when she & hubby #2 decided to conceive, she had to go through IVF. She conceived after 2 attempts, and that baby's name is Joseph (they call him Joey). He's 7 years old now. She would love to give Joey a little brother or sister but she's nearing 50 now and having to go through IVF again just wasn't possible. I'm so happy you're pregnant again and can round out your family with another little one. Tish, I'm sorry your party turned out to be such a mess, that really sucks. I love your idea to celebrate with dinner on her actual b-day since that's the day that really counts anyway. Try to forget about the party and when you get your pictures printed, just keep the good ones and none of the little rug rats that were there. Good luck at your doctor's appt tomorrow. Hope everything is still going well with your pregnancy too. Maddie had her 1-year check up late last week and she's doing great. 50th% for height, 45th% for weight, and 50th% for head circ. We got the go-ahead to turn her car seat forward facing so we worked on that over the weekend (a major undertaking with all the latch straps, vacuuming out the backseat of two cars, adjusting the shoulder straps, etc.). We were also told to start weaning her off the bottle which hasn't been any fun at all. Fortunately, the switch to whole milk was fine and she's completely off formula, so there's another $25/week we can spend on something else. :-) But she hates all the sippy cups we have so we're still working on that. Starting this week, we're only going to use water in her bottle and milk in the sippies and hopefully she'll make the effort for the milk. That's what her doctor suggested. She had her 1-year portraits taken yesterday and they went well, but she got pretty clingy here & there and had all of her OWN ideas on how she should pose. Guess we can't just lay her there anymore and hope she holds still. :-)


tish212 - December 15

WANTANOTHER WOW congrats times one million i am so glad you got the positive! and i am due july 24th and you aug 24th thats just kinda funny!! its nice though cuz now i have someone i "know" to talk to about it, rather than trying to get to know new people-phew! I hope everything is well with it, you are in my thoughts, i am more positive about mine, knowing alexa will have a playmate, and someone to grow up with!! And so will joe! And Alexa does that scream too, a high pitch hurt your ears pierce through a headache scream... she does it when she is playing and gets super excited or when she is upset and wants attention but she has always done it when upset she just started to do it when she gets excited, she also scrunches up her face and snorts when she gets excited, its so cute... BUFFI- I love SIL's kids, please dont mistake that, i know i came off harsh that night i was so upset i could barely think. They are my god kids, and her oldest is just the sweetest thing you could ask for, the poor thing is seriously neglected so she loves attention. So i didn't mind her playing with Alexa's stuff, shes careful and just wanted something for herself (of course I knew they would so I bought goodie bags full of actual toys for the kids cuz i figured they would be there) We are going through so much right now, its hard to stay sane... I have just gotten the report on my mother and it turns out her progress is come to a dead stand still, she has made no progress in the past week, and the insurance company says she has 1 week left at the rehab to make some kind of progress or they are going to have to move her to a nursing home, which is a good thing kinda cuz that means she will be close to me, like 15 minutes away compared to the 4 hours away she is now. Her condition is this : she has NO short term memory, tell her something and 1 minute later she forgets it, but everything before the coma she remembers, she just still thinks it october, she is very depressed thinking everyone is trapping her in the hospital, so she cries alot. She is still eating ground up food, she cannot eat anything that isn't ground up. and she is still unable to know when she needs to use the bathroom, so she messes herself nonstop. they are trying hard to teach her to use the bathroom before she gets sent to the nursing home, but since she cant walk on her own at all, they dont think they will be able to. they have tried and tried to get her to be able to walk alone or sit up, and she cannot manage either without a lot of help and support. Dh is hopeful that in a year or so maybe her brain can fully repair itsself, but me, i am losing hope, its like a roller coaster, and Im getting exhausted from the ups and downs. I feel so bad for my brother, to have lost his mom at only 18. I know she is still alive, but when you think about it, she could watch him graduate and in 5 minutes she would forget what just happened, and wouldn't remember it. He is putting on a great front though, trying not to show how he feels...and right now seriously rebelling, since my stepfather is never home and my lil brother is left all alone for weeks on end, he just goes and does whatever he wants... but he is 18, so legally he can. I have offered him several times to come here for dinner or to hang out, and he knows he can bring his friends (i actually like his friends they look funny but they are great kids) (my brother and his friends dress in the baggy jeans with chains, and big huge concert tees with tons of piercings and long hair, but they arent goth or emo, they just aim to be different lol) but the kids are all really sweet and you can tell they all have good families and are raised well they just want to stand out and be their own person. Phew I have gone on and on, other than that, there is really nothing new, i am sick everyday all day, except for late at night around 2am, i usually end up making something small to eat and eat in last night we went to MIL for our normal sunday night dinner but i couldn't eat so i brought my plate home...and last night i took a cornigh game hen and some soy sauce and a drink into bed and sat and ate, lol dh came walking in after his shower and just shook his the night before i made him get up at 2:30 with me to eat mac and and today i am having him bring me home tacos, i have been dying for tacos!! I am sure dh is just so happy to be back in the honey get for me part of life (pergnancy lol) i used to call him everyday at work when i was pregnant with alexa begging him to bring me orange soda, water and a slurpee, and sour and now he is back in the pick up everything role. well i better go, lil miss will be up from her nap soon, I will try to get on piczo and update sometime, we have great pics from her bday, she LOVES her ball pit! She didn't quite understand opening gifts, but the small bits of paper she did tear she enjoyed, lol and i spent the past 2 weeks teaching her to b__w only to have her freeze up at the candle on her cake, and refuse to even try lol so her godmom blew it out for us while taking amazing pictures, it was so wonderful to have her and her husband there, she took a lot of the pics for us, so we could be in them and she got amazing shots! Alexa also got a lot of barbies, which we will hold on to till she is older to play with, and black and decker toy tools which she doesn't understand fully but loves to share with her daddy, she picks one up, gives it to him, then takes it back.... OHHH one more thing, at the party SIL son kept taking something from alexa it was a toy pot or something, so she grabbed it from him and whacked him on the head 3 times in a row... it didn't hurt him, but he cried cuz he was upset that she took the toy, the worst part was that everyone laughed... because they knew why she did it, and I know that is bad but that is how she is, when she gets upset she shows it, so i guess our new project is to teach her you dont hit people. it was just so amazing to see though, i mean we have no hitting or anything in my house so she isn't exposed to that but for some reason she just snatched that toy, and whacked him 3 times in a row right on the head with it, then put the pot down and turned back to her new toys. Weird. ah well, i hear a certian lil miss in her crib playing with her toys, (we keep a few small stuffed animals in there for her to play with when she is going to bed or when she first gets up and she will play with them for 10-15 minutes or so before she calls to be gotten out) and since we just changed out the toys that were in there with new toys she likes to stay longer and play with em, its so cute to listen to her talk to them.... she just babbles away perfectly content. Well ladies, hope everyone had a good weekend, i gotta get done and send dh a text to get me some TACOS!!! and then get lil miss up...


Buffi R. - December 17

Tish, did you have your OB appointment yesterday? All good I hope. Let us know! We're making some headway with Maddie and switching her to sippy cups. She's finally willing to use a Nuk brand sippy, but I had to cut the slits in the rubber top a little bigger than they come so she doesn't have to suck so hard on it. This kind doesn't have a valve that you can remove. It's like an "all-the-time" slow flow so I made it a "medium flow". She still hates the sippies that flow freely or the ones with valves that are impossible for her to suck on. On her bottle nipples, she never got past stage 2 so she's never had to deal with lots of liquids in her mouth all at once. One day this last weekend when I tried getting her to drink from one of the free-flow sippies, she got a mouthful of milk and literally spit it across the room with projectile force! Hope everyone is doing well. Talk later!


tish212 - December 21

Hey ladies, phew starting to feel a little better. We have all been sick, I actually had to take DH to the hospital on Wednesday. He was dehydrated, the Dr said the virus lasts up to 10 days. DH is feeling better, but I am still off and on sick, and so is Alexa. Wow christmas sure snuck up on us quickly huh? I still have presents to buy and wrap, which sucks cuz I feel like I have no time lol...and I have just finally started feeling like I can do something, so today we are headed out to pick up some things and then to MIL house to have dinner. Other than that things are I didn't have my appointment, I had to cancel it because I was sick and so was Alexa. Oh I have names to run buy you guys...lemme know what you think....If its a boy he will be named after DH, however if we are having a girl I get to pick the name completely. so Here are the names I have picked. Alivia Braylin or Ava Braylin. I have to do A-B names since Alexa shares her daddy's initials, so it isn't fair if the next baby doesn't so I have to pick a name that matches that. DH isn't sooo keen on the middle name but I like it cuz its different. Well thats pretty much it, just waiting on Alexa to wake up so we can leave. She still isn't walking but she can take a few steps. Shes having a good tim lately though cuz daddy has been home since Wednesday, (he wasn't allowed to go back to work, due to the virus, and this week he only works monday and tuesday, so she gets him again for a week!) If I can just get past the "day sickness" I will be happy as a clam. I can put up with the back ache, its just not being able to eat that sucks the other night we went to quiznos and I got one of those amazing steak subs on the rosemary bread, but I couldn't eat sad is that? I mean their subs are AMAZING and yet I cant enjoy it. (lol it was so funny DH was driving like 70 to try to reach quiznos before they closed we made it with 5 minutes to spare lol he got to enjoy his, but mine is in the fridge sad and alone) Well gotta run have a great day ladies...hope everyone is well-WANTANOTHER how is your pregnancy going??? hopefully better than mine. :)


wantanotheraftertr - December 21

Thanks all! My blood work came back great so the u/s is scheduled for Jan 7th. Joe is starting to wean himself off the bottle but having a hard time with milk. We had to go to the next step formula and are trying the milk again. Joe was in the 90th and 95th for height and weight head is 50th. He is 31 and a half inches tall and 26 pounds. We have him forward facing now as well he loves the car now compared to before. Sorry to hear youve been sick and the fam Tish and love the names. This one will be Joshua Jayce or Sophie Lynn. I'm excited but nervous 19 months is close. My older kids are almost 20, 18, and 15 they all start b-days in April. Hope all are well I wish I had more time to get on here now but I'll take what I can get ! Merry Christmas to you all in case I don't get back on for awhile


Buffi R. - December 22

Tish, I like Ava the best and the middle name is pretty too. Would you pronounce the other one like Olivia, or is it All-a-vee-a? Have you thought about having the initials match yours instead of Alec's? I know that wouldn't work if you have a boy, but you could do that with girl names. Or with a boy, have his middle initial match yours. Our kids share middle names with me & DH (Allen and Leigh), but the first initials are all different. Something you might want to think about is how using the same initials can get confusing for some things. My sister & I grew up with the same initials (first, middle & last) before we got married, and when it came to labeling things, it was difficult. Our mom had to use our full names or the first two letters of our first names (Bu and Ba) to tell things apart. Not a monumental problem, but just something to think about. Did you get your appt. rescheduled? When do you go back? Glad to hear you're starting to feel better even if you still have your days when you can't eat. I remember being pregnant with Maddie and sometimes I would get full so fast and could only eat a few bites. Wantanother, glad to hear you're doing well too!! I'm so excited for both of you!! Since I'm done with pregnancies, I have to live vicariously through other people now, so keep sending the updates! LOL


tish212 - December 22

Hey ladies, WANTANOTHER- I love the names!! And I bet you're excited about the U/S, i had one already and saw my lil bean lol. I even got a bunch of printouts... BUFFI- I haven't rescheduled yet because I haven't had time... things are so bleh was one of the first days I felt kinda normal and got out without too much of an issue. I would pronounce Alivia, like olivia...we use DH's initials because I can't find a name that matches my initials that I like... I know it will get confusing, and the names are similar which can also add to that, but its just something we will have to deal with. :) Alexa had her Dr appt today, and UH-OH shots, she threw a HUGE HUGE fit... she screamed and screamed, but not due to the shots themselves, but to being "held down" by the nurse...she hated lil independant woman lol. then she got mad if she thought I was gonna lay her down. I still have to wrap those darn gifts! And get together with some friends to exchange them....grrr so much to do and yet no time. Alexa is being fussy lately at sleep time, I just layed her down for her evening nap, and yet she is fighting it in her room kicking her crib not really crying or anything just kicking out of anger...she has such a temper. Well i have some chicken here that I am gonna try to eat, Alexa ate all my french fries, lol my lil piggie, so i am gonna eat the chicken (she wouldn't like that part any ways since its spicy.) Have a Merry Christmas ladies if I dont get on before then, DH works tonite and tomorrow- then hes off the rest of the week, so I dont know how much time I will have on here... Oh update on alexa- she weighs 20lbs 3 oz is in the 40th for weight and the 35th for height (i didn't get the height today she was fussy about laying down for the measurement) the dr said we are to start trying milk, UH OH i am not sure since she has issues with it, but he wants us to try it by doing 4oz of formula 2oz of milk for a week , then 4oz of milk 2 oz of formula for a week then straight milk, but if she shows issues with it, to call and we will work on lactose free milk, or soy milk... if she can handle this we may be able to try other things again, like mac and cheese, and ice cream... but he said NOT to let her have Peanut B___ter, Eggs, or any Shellfish. (but of course i wouldn't feed her shellfish) but I didn't ever think of feeding her eggs, but now I know not to, and he doesn't want to try peanut b___ter yet... so we shall see...alright ladies, im gonna go eat, have a good week!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



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