December Mommies October Edition

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tish212 - September 30

Hey ladies, I know October doesn't start until tomorrow, but I wanted to make this now...give us a clean fresh start for the month.... here is something to talk about- what costume are you getting for your lil one? (and any other lil ones you have) Alexa is being a Skeleton, i got a long sleve onsie that looks like a skeleton, and some black leggings, and she will wear a lil black skull cap. She is going trick or treating at mom-moms house... no candy this year just lots of fun and play time with mom-mom and pop pop.... Also what gifts do you have in mind for Christmas, and first birthday.....I have stated several times what we are getting for Alexa- indoor playhouse, tent/tunnel, ball pit and light up vtech toys...and stuffed animals. We are going to divide the toys up since there is a week between her bday and christmas... and for her bday we are having a small cake just a little bigger than a cup cake made for her. And i want to get her a cute little christmas dress, the ones that are designed like what mrs claus i just think it would be cute! Well have a great month ladies!! Hope this month is more active- I know i should be on here more often now...


Buffi R. - October 1

Hey ladies! Socur, I tried looking at your piczo site but I must have forgotten how to use it. I tried to login with the pa__sword you gave in your last post but nothing happened, then I thought maybe I had to type in your screen ID socurbaby7 with the pa__sword, but that didn't work either. What did I do wrong? Anyway, I'm having a hell week at work, literally. My company's been in a tough financial situation for several years now (we're a modular home manufacturer) but we hit an all time low this week. This past Friday at 3:30 PM, my boss told me that we had to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy the next Monday. This is the "reorganization" type where you try to keep operating, and you hope that by clearing your old debt, you can make a fresh start and keep from closing entirely. If you remember from earlier posts I've had, I'm the HR Director, and about six months ago I acquired most of the payroll functions for the company too. My boss said due to the bankruptcy, we had to quickly do an additional payroll for that week (to basically pay the next week's payroll a week early) or the employees wouldn't be able to cash those checks for 30 days. So that night she & I worked until 9 PM and I worked about 6 hours on Saturday while she & the other exec's worked on all the bankruptcy proceedings. It usually takes me three days to do payroll, and most of that time is from the divisions reviewing their hourly time clock punches, making sure rate changes have been communicated, etc. This time I ran payroll in about a day all by myself without any of those verifications, so you can imagine how accurate some of the checks were. On Saturday, I even had one plant still working and had to guess at what their hours would be. I don't even know when I can do the make-up checks yet because the court hasn't ruled on that yet. Then Monday when everything was made public, our bank froze our accounts, including all outstanding checks no matter how long ago they were written. This included payroll checks that our employees hadn't taken to their banks yet, all vendor checks, garnishments, you name it. So all this week we've been doing nothing by filing motions with the court to get these checks cleared for payment and fielding angry phone calls from employees & everyone else in the world waiting to get paid and trying to keep our employees from quitting. I keep telling myself I'm fortunate to even have a job right now, but I've had moments this last week where I wish we'd filed Chapter 13 instead of 11 and just closed the doors. I come home and I'm so relieved to see my kids and DH. Even when my son is acting up (which usually drives me nuts) it's such a relief from what's going on at work right now. Hopefully by next week things will be much better, but for now I'm so stressed out I can't see straight. Sorry to be such a downer, but that's about all the news I have right now. Hopefully my next post will be much happier!


socurbaby7 - October 1

hey buffi... im sorry to hear about all that is going on at work...i hope everything gets sorted out for you sooner rather then later! anyway i checked the piczo thingy... if u go to socurbaby7(dot)piczo(dot)com then it will ask for my pa__sword which is vroni1221 it should work.. let me know if its not for some reason... I think veronica is going to be a pumpkin for halloween, although we got a catalog the other day with baby costumes in it, and d'caury was looking through it and says " i want veronica to be a lobster" and i was like "why" and he says "because i just want to eat her up mmm mmm" i thought that was the cutest thing... o yea and the other day he was describing a kid from school and he says " yea he's the one with polka dots on his nose" i just think that was the cutest thing, like the things kids say ... anyway the kids are good, im doing alright.... burining the candle at both ends so to speak... well im going to bed... have a great daya ll


tish212 - October 2

hey hey hey ladies! Hope everyone is well! I do have a question to pose today - have any of your lil ones gone through a phase where they eat less? Alexa is not showing as much interest in eating as she usually does.... she is still drinking her formula like normal...but her solid foods are less... i am feeding her jar foods (baby foods) and making adult food for her but she eats maybe a 1/4 cup of food and loses interest...i try to wait and see if she gains want again, however she doesn't want to eat until later... i am worried that this lack of interest in eating is going to cause her to lose weight, and i forgot to mention it to her Dr at her 9 month appt.... she is also having trouble sleeping at night as though she is teething but i have checked her top teeth and seen nothing so i dont lost. she is getting more and more adventurous she is trying to climb on everything she has learned how to move her toys against the couch so she can stand on them and try to climb onto the couch. my little daredevil! she also watched her daddy get on his motorcycle the other day, and that night she finally showed interest in riding her little push and ride scooter...she tried and tried to climb on, so i helped her and pushed her around the living room she loved it, well she is awake so im gonna go have a great evening ladies!


jenna32 - October 3

tish i am having the same problem on and off with dd. It is getting fraustrating. She will eat her breakfast with her fruit in the morning but then i give her lunch (pureed veges still) and she is making a big fuss. Right now i am lucky if i get 2 meals down her,sometimes it's only the one meal. i am thinking of going to all finger foods, i just don't want to yet because she still gags/chokes on a few things i've given. She's also teething again's odd. it's like she sleeps decent for 2 days/nights and then the next 2 she's being fraustrating. Anyway is anyones little ones walking yet? dd can stand now for up to a minute or 2! i am excitedly awaiting her first steps here!!She climbs stairs and furniture all the time now. We were outside, i looked away reading something for a minute and the next thing i knew,she was up the stairs to our deck.


Buffi R. - October 10

Hi girls! Sorry it's been awhile since I've been on. I'm still trying to recover from all the horribleness at work from our bankruptcy filing. I'm still getting calls every day from employees or banks about a check that didn't clear while our company's accounts were frozen. I must have dealt with over 100 bounced paychecks in the last two weeks, plus too many other issues to mention. But things are slowly getting better and back to normal. Maddie's been standing on her own more lately, for about 30 seconds at a time, but no una__sisted steps yet. She's still perfectly content to cruise or crawl wherever she needs to go. She's really hit or miss with solid feedings too. I waste more jars of food thinking she'll eat more than she does. On another topic, we really need to switch her car seat out this weekend. She finally hit the 20-lb weight limit on the carrier seat (the kind that snaps in & out of our car), and besides that, we can hardly get the straps over her shoulders anymore, especially when she's wearing a coat. We still have one of our convertable car seats from when Cameron was a baby, but the other one we used with him (one for my car, and one for DH) was used when we got it, and it was just nasty by the time we were done so we didn't keep it. So now we have to buy a new one. But I think I'll save some money and not get the type that goes up to 80 or 100 pounds this time. That's what our other one is like, but what we did with Cameron is that when he turned five (and was only about 40 pounds), we bought one of those backless booster seats and we love it! It only cost $18 and it's so much easier to use than the full size car seat, especially when you need to move it to grandma's car, etc. If I'd known we'd use a backless booster for Cameron, I wouldn't have gotten any of the higher weight limit seats for him. We just need one that goes up to about 40 pounds. Oh!...Cameron has his first loose tooth! We're pretty excited about that. I can't believe he's getting that old. Here, Maddie is just growing hers now, and Cameron's starting to lose them. Well, I've talked enough now. Hope you guys have a great day!


tish212 - October 10

hey hey hey ladies....i know its been a little while, things have been really busy. Alexa now has a HUGE area to play in in the living room, she has 3 ride on toys- a hippo, a ride on with electronic steering wheel and b___tons and this awesome toy i just got called a rody...its an inflatable ride on..she loves it..she can wrestle it around the floor and it doesn't hurt her. I also got an awesome deal on like $500+ worth of out door little tykes toys. I paid $60 and got a picnic table, turtle sandbox, 3 tricycles, a plastic slide, 4 out door playhouses, a see saw, a work bench, a dora kitchen, and a dora shelf system. It is awesome. I know she is too young for it right now but for that price i couldn't pa__s it up. I have them put away in one of our garages but as soon as she is ready for them i cant wait to see her playing with it all! She is playing quite well now, i got her tons of toys and she loves to sit and play with them, she smiles and talks while playing and then comes up to me and babbles, i guess she is telling me all about them...We also have to get her the new car seat, she is at 18lbs but her head is sitting close to the top of the seat. So tonite dh and i are headed to try out several different models. I am interested in getting the britax marathon though or one of the other britax due to the safety rating, and customer ratings. After a long talk and a lot of thinking, dh and i have decided that we are going to do a "half year" celebration for her where she will get a few presents. Since her bday falls so close to christmas we want her to get something else throughout the year...since a lot of kids have summer bdays and its a long time from bday to bday..(if that makes us it does) besides that, she is doing sooo well... i am just so proud of her! I am still having issues with her not eating as much as i would like, but i try to supplement with several feedings, and her formula. We had moved to stage 2 formula but it caused constipation which made her fussy- so until the can is empty we are watering it down, and going back to the infant and going to mix it 2/3 infant 1/3 next stage for a while and go from there. She is loving eating crackers though and she also likes Motts strawberry applesauce (which we used to help with the constipation) As well as the regular table food we let her eat- shes such a fan of pizza dough (seeing that showed that she really is dh daughter since his favorite food it pizza! lol) I also found the cutest little tights at target, not the thin ones but thick ones for winter use, and some leg warmers that are simiar to the Notsox things you can use to allow your child to still wear shorts in winter...the notsox are $12 a pair the leg warmers were $3 talk about big difference! and they are so cute i got some white ones, some pink strips, some brown with flowers and some multi color ones, and they are just the cutest! and on some of the cold days i put them on under her pants for added warmth and layers and she stays snug as a bug! We have been winter shopping (can you tell?) she now has 5 coats and 4 jackets-and tons of long sleeves and turtlenecks, and some fleece outfits, which are so cute! but thats enough cute this and cute well she is wanting to play now so i better go, have a great weekend ladies, hope to hear from you all soon. Buffi- i really hope this mess at your work clears up soon , that sucks so bad i can't even imagine the stress you are under dealing with angry people who haven't gotten there money yet, and people at the banks with their you owe me the world att_tude (they speak like you didn't pay them when the money goes to the bank NOT I am sorry you have to deal with all this...


Buffi R. - October 17

Hey ladies! My, we've all been quiet lately.... :-) Maddie has a raging case of diaper rash, but I think it might be a yeast infection. She's bright red on the front fleshy areas of her "you know what", not even where the poop usually gets. I have some prescription anti-fungal cream that we got the last time she got one of these and I've been using that as much as possible, along with powder and regular cream at daycare. And lots of diaper changes. I even let her go naked for awhile in our living room the other night and fortunately our carpet didn't get sprinkled on. Poor thing. She doesn't seem horribly bothered by it though, so that's good. If she's still red tonight I'm taking her to the doctor to make sure we're treating it right. Talk to you guys later!


margie - October 19

hello ladies! im baaack! i have been battling chronic migraine for the past couple of months and its been hell...they have devoloped into a case of anxiety and panic attacks which i have had under control for years it seems they have wound down to just bad headaches at least but they are still there, i get to go back to the doctors this week for some testing probably and possibly different medication since the imitrex makes my heart race and feel like a zombie and also costs 40 bucks for 6 pills--and thats with my insurance! the computer sometimes triggers more pain so i have only been going on for work and thats it. im excited about the holidays coming up! i think that anjelica is going to be a "pumpkin fairy" 12 fand 10 year old niece picked out a bunch of things for her and basically decided on what she will be, i thought that it was cute they did that so im going to go along with it. she has orange fairy wings, a halloween tiara, orange fairy looking shirt, little orange fairy skirt and pumpkin socks, and they got her this orange little stuffed monster doll even to match. christmas time makes me think of when i was awaiting our little angels arrival...such fond memories. tony and i have been discussing when we want to try again and we are thinking possibly in a few months when anjelica is a year will be exciting thinking of another little addition to our family. it depends on our financial situation a bit i think too since at the moment tony is just a student and gets money from student loans and grants and i make ok money but not great...we'll have to figure out another plan. i hope that everyone and their little ones are great! i am going to be making sure to come on here more often from now on because i have missed my friends.


tish212 - October 20

MARGIE- before i forget, did they get the monster from target? I ask because I got alexa all the mosters from there a while back, she has a blue, green, orange, pink, red and yellow one. Now for the bad news. On thursday my brother got up late for school and headed quickly to school.... when he got home he found our mom in bed unconcious. He went into shock and drove to his friends house to ask him to come figure out what was wrong...and his friend went back with him and called 911. She is in a coma right now, and the dr say she could have been unconscience all the way back to wed night since he didn't see her that morning and was in such a panic to get to school. she has been in the coma the whole time, and they were saying they didn't think she would make it...BUT last night they had stopped the sedation meds and she began to move around more and i went in and talked t her last night, and she opened her eyes and looked at me. So i am super excited about going back today, however Alec's parents had to get some other things done today- and they won't be home till later- and you can't take babies into the ICU, so i have to wait for a while. But i got a message from her husband saying she is moving more today and opening her eyes. So i can't wait to get there .... please if you do pray please pray for her. My little brother is only 18 years old he graduates this year and is scheduled to join the airforce, he needs her to see him do this. I know that i have told all of you how her and I weren't close and had our problems but he needs his mom.... thank you sorry if this made no sense i am all over the place today...


Buffi R. - October 22

Tish, I'm so sorry to hear all of that. I can't imagine what you guys are going through. Do you have any idea how she lost consciousness? I remember you've talked about your issues with her and your other family members, but I'm sorry I don't remember the details. If it should be obvious to me what happened with your mom, please forgive my poor memory. I'll be praying for each of you and hope you get to spend a lot more time with her soon. Margie, welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about your migraines too. Wow, there's so much going on with each of us that's not all baby-related, but I guess that's what the December thread is for. It gives us a chance to talk about anything, and I like that. For Halloween this year, my son is dressing up as Batman (real original, I know..) and this is probably terrible, but I don't plan on dressing up Maddie. I'll be home with Maddie handing out candy while DH & DS are out trick-or-treating. Where our front door is, no one will even be able to see Maddie where she'll be in the livingroom, which is in the back of the house behind the baby gate so I don't see the point in dressing her up this year, but next year for sure. She'll be trick-or-treating by then. All the costumes you guys are talking about sound so cute! I'll probably regret not dressing Maddie up if I see other babies come to our door with their moms and siblings.... Well, her diaper rash last week did turn out to be a yeast infection. I took her to the doctor Friday night and got a prescription for Nystatin cream, a little stronger than what I was using, and we've been using this with each diaper change, not just twice a day. It took a few days, but I'm finally seeing improvements. She actually bled from the red areas a few times before we started treating it more aggressively. Oh.....a few times since this weekend, she's taken two steps by herself!!! Then she goes down. :-) I bought her a pair of infant walking shoes called Robeez this weekend. If you've never heard of them, they're like little slippers with elastic at the ankle and leather all around. They don't have a hard sole, so for pre-walkers, it's like they're walking barefoot which is good, and the design makes them almost impossible for babies to pull off. Maddie is terrible at pulling her socks off, and she's been wearing this really cheap pair of shoes since it's gotten colder out, and I wanted something better for her to walk in. I went to Stride Rite and almost spent $45 on a pair of pre-walking shoes there, then the sales guy actually recommended these others to me - at another store even!!! I'm glad he did because they were $15 cheaper and better for what she needs right now. I bought these while shopping with my sister in Grand Rapids, MI (a pretty big city) so if you don't have anywhere that sells them around you, you can check out their web site (3 w's dot robeez dot com) if you're curious. Maddie is using the 6-12 month size, and the styles are so cute too. Hers are all navy with brightly colored shapes sewn on the top (like b___tons), so they go with just about everything. Some of their shoes have a thicker sole for older babies, so we'll probably get that style next. Well, I better get back to work. Tish...keep us updated on your mom!


socurbaby7 - October 22

glad to see people writting again... Tish I am sorry to hear about your mom... hi again to margie...well i dont know where to begin.. it would seem that i had bitten off more then I could handle with the kids, trying to work stuff out with there father, school, working... well unfortunately one of those things has been taken off my plate.. yea u guess it... their father left me again... he got depressed because his ex moved on and found a new man and he isn't over her... and i ended up pulling that out of him.. because i always have to know whats wrong... and now we're not dating... and he's jus basically back into the cycle he's always in with her... so that leaves me alone again.. and my school has suffered... by my own choice... because i have beent rying to pursue something with him.. but partly because i can't keep anything straight... i mean i willt ry ... but there simply aren't enough hours in the day.. and i always seem to be forgetting to do something :-( anyway veronicas amazing... back when she was teething she ended up having 4 teeth come in at once.. so now shes eating like a champ.... she usually eats either what we are having or those gerber graduate meals... but she will get half way threw and decide she doesnt want to be fed anymore... and everytime something goes in her mouth she pulls it right out... like she wants to feed herself... but anyways... she's standing up and trying to walk on her own.. and getting into everything... weird thing happened today... d'caury picked the baby up out of her bed... and i didnt understand how he did it at first (remember he's 4)... but i had taught him how to pick her up incase he ever saw her near the stairs or something... well he stood on the ottoman i have and picked her up outta bed and brought her over to me... it was soo cute... but i couldnt help but be mad because he could have easily dropped her... so veronica and d'caury are going be spiders... im thinkin about being a spider web lol... i saw something cute ona martha stewart website i think... so i might try it out... anyways im distratctin myself from studying ttyl


Buffi R. - October 23

Well, I thought Maddie's diaper rash problems were clearning up, but I guess I spoke too soon. When I picked her up from daycare yesterday, the teacher seemed waaayyy too happy to see me, like she was relieved, and she said Maddie had a really rough day. Apparently she was a screaming, crying mess all day long. Later in the evening, she had a poopy diaper and screamed through the entire changing. When I got everything wiped, I could see that she didn't just have a yeast infection anymore, but a full-on diaper rash too. I put the Nystatin cream on her (in all the red places, even the new ones) and that made her howl. I think it must have burned in the rash areas, which would explain why she was upset all day at day care too. She had too poopy diapers there, and I know they were using the Nystatin all day on her like they were supposed to, but apparently it doesn't feel good on a regular diaper rash. I had to give her Tylenol to calm her down and washed the cream off and put some regular stuff on her. Today I took her to the Ped. because she also has a bad cold and this morning she sneezed a really nasty green glob (sorry TMI) so I immediately thought of a sinus infection. Turns out she has a double ear infection, the sinus infection is a__sumed from her symptoms, diaper rash was confirmed, and one of her top teeth is about to erupt. For her diaper rash, the doctor told me to mix 1 part Nystatin, 1 part Maloxx (liquid antacid) and 2 parts rash cream and put that on her for the next five days. The Maloxx is supposed to neutralize any acid that might be in the Nystatin. Poor baby.... :-( She's got a lot of reasons to be complaining right now.


tish212 - October 26

Ok start with the update... mom was moved to another hospital since the one she was in was an acute care hospital and now that they can't offer her any further care they had to move her to a long term hospital. So today she was moved...and we went there (it was a 2 and a half hour drive) and we got to talk to a nurse there and he was explaining that they already have her discharge plan from her insurance...but before you get excited that is NOT a good thing...her insurance said they will only cover her for 35 days, or until she stops showing improvement (whichever comes first) then she is going to a nursing home... now the hospital she was in told us this new hospital was some specialty hospital that worked ONLY with coma patients and would be the BEST place to have we were all excited. This whole time they have been telling us that she can wake up and get rehabilitated to be able to care for herself we were all excited and happy and just knew we were in for a long haul. So i drove my step-father, my little brother and my grampa to the new hospital...and i was doing all the talking (her husband is lost right now) and i was asking the nurse for an outline of their plan of action to bring her out of the coma and rehabilitate her...and he looked at me and said, um i think you have what we do here mixed up. We are a resperatory hospital. We will work to get her off the vent (which she had already been off when they put a trach tube in but the new hospital put her back on) then they will try to get her to breath without the trach tube, but they may not be able to do that. Then he looked at me and said you know she is going to spend the rest of her life in a nursing home in a bed right? and i said no they said she could come out of this and be back semi to what she was...with a little brain damage but nothing too major...and he looked at me and looked at her file and said, im sorry ma'am but she is almost completly brain dead, she can activate her reflexes and open her eyes and move her legs and arms and the movements seem like intelligent movements but they are all "normal coma behavior" and not a sign of hope. Now some mirical could happen and we could be all wrong but please dont start putting hope into that since i fear you will only be let down. Then he told my step dad they needed to work on figuring out if he wants an advanced directive... so we are gonna take a few days to think about it and talk to a case worker about it and go from there. We are also looking into nursing homes and such and trying hard to figure out what to do with my brother. My step dad is an over the road trucker and has to return to work next week since he is under contract and can't lose those contracts. So my brother is going to sleep at their house since he has to ride the bus to school (driving there is costing them too much especially with hospital bills getting ready to roll in) but when he gets home from school he will come to my house to hang out and get dinner (since he can't cook and i want to make sure he is eating right) and help him with anything he need whether it be homework or getting ready for graduation (my mother babied my brother he can't operate too well by himself since he is used to her doing everything for him he was her last and she was not ready by any means for him to grow up) so today was again another horrible day...its like a roller coaster...and my poor he was also being told by the other hospital that it was just a waiting game until she would et better- but that she would get better, and now he was abuptly told that they knew the whole time that she wouldn't be ok they did the EEG, they know she is pretty much gone. They think what caused it was low blood sugar (she is a diabetic) that lead to a seizure then a coma, and during her coma her blood sugar went way high so she couldn't recover and during the coma at home she asperated on vomit (sorry tmi) and that caused the lack of oxygen to the brain, as well as not keeping her airway open (meaning she wasn't breathing good breaths for over 48 hours so the oxygen in her blood was too low for her brain and caused it to "die" in parts and get damaged in others. she can open her eyes, but doesn't move her eyeb___s, she looks straight ahead and she can't see, she can move her arms and legs, but they are refelx...she brings her legs up and bends her knees then straightens them over and over again...and she brings her arms up ner her face and then back down...over and over. She lays with her head tilted (today they had her on her side) and its just so sad, she has all this mucus in her mouth that she just drools and her nose just constantly runs and her eyes water i sit beside her and keep her cleaned up with tissue and keep her hair done and washed, and wash her and put lotion on her (hospital air is so dry) and chapstick, and put her socks on and off and keep her tv on shows she likes. and read to her and tell her how the weather is and just keep her company, cuz i don't want her to be alone. But now i can't afford to drive there everyday like i was doing when she was in seaford. and it makes me so upset. Yes we had our problems but that is when she was drinking. (i always saw her as two ppl, the drunk who i couldn't stand and my mom) right now she is my mom and she is helpless. that other person is gone, and she is alone and helpless and probably scared...and it tears me up inside. It is one of the toughest things i have had to deal with. I don't know what to do. They say there is no hope and i know she wouldn't want to live like this but just what if... i couldn't live with myself if i didn't give her all the chance in the world to come out of this. I hope they soon move her out of that hospital since my stepdad said he will put her in a nursing home i chose near my house since i am the one basically caring for her....I bought her these stuffed flowers that have posable stems to put around the sides on her bed, and got her lil christmas stuffed animals that play christmas music, since she loves that kid of stuff, we brought her favorite pillow and blanket from home and i got her fuzzy halloween socks (she loves all that kind of stuff) and i got her pumpkin scented lotion and use it regulalrly on her. it is so draining running back and forth and taking care of alexa, but i dont know of anyone else that will put forth the effort that I have been putting forth. i know that sounds bad but of everyone in my family and around us i am the organized giving one. And my family has pointed that out to me several times this past week i am the sweet loving one that wants to take care of everyone, even when i am falling apart, and well ladies i am falling apart, but i can't stop. I am sorry to go on and on, it was a lot to explain. On another NOTE- Alexa has 4 teeth, two top and two bottom and she is cutting like 4 more all at once, she cut the top two at the same time but wasn't too fussy but this time she is a bit harder lol...but some of it is since i have been so busy and she has been spending her days with her mom-mom while i go to the hospital and i know she is upset from that cuz when i go to pick her up and bring her home she is glued to me all night, she wont let me put her down or get out of her sight, but i dont mind. she "thinks" she can walk...she will be furniture surfing and see something else she wants that isn't near furniture and she will turn and try to step toward it and fall. but she gets back up and tries again, and doens't get fussy with it at all...she hardly ever cries when she falls and gets hurt she just stops a second then we say "you're ok" and she laughs and gets up and goes again.she now says dada instead of ah da and she says HUH?? and what, and hey and mom, mama, mommy and mom-mom and she is working on pop-pop she also says more, for when she is eating and wants another spoonful. she is becoming a handful though, you can be carrying her and she will "throw" herself over your arms or lean really hard to try to get you to put her down, you have to be on your toes with her at all times...well thats all i have time to write right now, i will keep you updated as much as time allows me to... night ladies, give your little ones a hug for me, and thank you for asking about my mom i appreciate it...


Buffi R. - October 27 you so much for the update. I've been thinking about you. I really hope you get some help from your other family members because you can't put this all on your shoulders. Not only do you have your baby to care for, but it sounds like you're starting to parent your little brother as well as your mom. I'm worried you're going to hit the wall and won't be able to care for any of them, so please speak up and enlist some help. I've gone through some really hard times in my life too and I remember people telling me that God only gives you what you can handle. This might sound bad, but that always irritated me because I thought, (1) does that mean he has a quota that he needs to fill everyone's plate to the brim, and (2) that doesn't sound like a very good reward for being responsible and being able to handle things well. So I learned to ask for help and it saved my life. Hopefully things will improve when she's moved back to your area and your brother gets situated in the military. I'll be praying for you all.....


tish212 - October 27

Ok- thank goodness it is the start of a new week, feels kind of refreshing to me I can begin working on the things I had listed for this week. I have some rehab centers and groups to call to see what help they could offer, and see if they offer grants or something I could apply for to get them to help out here. I am also going to five this hospital maybe 2 weeks to see how they do, and if nothing changes then I am going to push to have her released to a nursing home closer to me. I have been researching them today reading state reports and inspections and have found one near my MIL house that is really good, and that helps so I can drop Alexa off there swing over to the nursing home take care of her for a bit with washing her, lotion, reading to her, talking to her etc then go back get alexa and head home. And since it is only like 15 miles from here I can do it daily. I have found some reports on various coma arrousal techniques and I am curious to ry them and see what comes of them... I talked to her husband about them and he agreed to let me try them. I have also been working on deciding which senior package to order for Frankie (my lil brother) and we have figured out the only one to get is the most expensive one, since all the other ones you have to add the price of the cap and gown which brings them up and above the most expensive one (what a scam!) (my step dad isn't good with that kind of stuff my mom took care of all of that so he asked me to do it.) I am more than happy to help out with all that stuff. I am headed over there sometime this week to help him go through the house and get stuff organized and figure out where everything is, since he doesn't have a clue. Alec has been great through all of this, its nice at the end of the day when it all catches up to you to have him to lean on. I can pretty much hold it all together until at night when i am laying down to sleep, then i fall apart, and he is always there to comfort me. His family has been great to offering to help however they can. I am also appreciative of you ladies, for giving me somewhere to vent and grampa went home yesterday- but he stopped by here before he left for the airport, and tol dme that him and the rest of the family had talked about it, and whatever decision me and frankie and my stepdad make about what to do with mom they will back it up. He sat me down and explained that he knows that soon they are going to ask us for a secision to be made, and they will back us up with whatever decision we make. i took time to think about this last night and I am stuck. I know she wouldn't want to live like this, but like i said before if i didnt try EVERYTHING and give her all the time in the world to come out of this, then i couldn't live with myself. So i dont know. Alright well i have things to get done today, and I am waiting on lil miss to wake up, my sleepy lil lazy b___t. Then we are off to go see daddy at work and go get some shopping done, and HOPEFULLY stop by the nursing home for a tour, and to talk to someone about what services they can offer for someone in her condition. alright ladies, i will update everyone later....and BUFFI- I am also not a fan of that phrase, since it does seem like its some agenda is being made to keep everyone super busy. and it always seems to come from the mouths of those with NOTHING on their i agree with you on that, but at the same time, i know that i wouldn't be given more than i can deal with, it may be hard at times but i know i can make it through this. I am also a firm believer that yes times get tough but they never stay that way, there is light at the end of the tunnel...and if you didn't go through hard times you wouldn't respect the great times. (telling alec things would get better when I first met him is what brought us together he never forgot that, he was going through a messy divorce and was going bankrupt and couldn't see the light at the end and i always told him things would get better and he never forgot that) sorry lol i just remembered that having this att_tude is what brought us together in the first place, and now I just have to tell myself the same thing.


Zeke - October 29

Tish - Sorry to hear about your mom. I'll keep your whole family in my prayers. I haven't decided what bob will be yet for halloween. I had originally planned on him being a pea in a pod but I looked at the costume last weekend and he's not going to fit into it. I have an Eeyore costume that Emma wore that will fit him but I'm afraid it might be too girly. We got Bob a new high chair seat. It's one of the kind that hooks onto the table - so he can sit with us. He loves being at the table with the rest of the family. Last week we drove to spokane to visit my brother. We drove through the night so the kids would sleep and hopefully have a peaceful drive, its a 12 hr drive. It worked wonderfully. I'm a big fan I'll have to say. We took bob riding on the horses with us. He loved it. Although he kept wanting to chew on the reins. Breaks over now, so back to work. I'll try to check in later.



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