December Moms July Edition

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Buffi R. - July 2

I was just posting my latest (long!) post in the June edition, thinking how this thread has gotten so big again, then after I finished it I realized it was July and we should start a new one! So here goes. If you haven't read the last couple June posts, go back and check em out. See you here soon...


margie - July 3

hi buffi! that is interesting about cameron, it is true that if he is able to hear with a__sistance than signing would have probably just set him back. its a miracle the things that they can do now to help kids who are hearing impaired! if you dont mind me asking, was he born with hearing problems or was it from an illness? well, i got anjelica's pictures at jc penneys and i spent WAAAAY more than i was planning on, haha. its totally possible there to get really quality portraits for a cheap price...the problem is that too many of them are quality and i fell in love with the collages with more than one picture. i was not planning and didn't want to be in the pictures at all but somehow i got suckered into "helping" and somehow even all sweaty from it being 115 degrees outside and really hot in the studio, no makeup, and hair all crazy messy.....they actually came out kinda cute, i think i liked that they were really natural and that you focus more on our interaction together and how much we love each other than my icky appearance. i was kind of rushed through and didnt get options of other backgrounds and was a little peeved by that after everything, but they all came out so cute that i figured that was just a was hard to get a happy picture from little miss teethy anyways. she is getting some sharp little chompers in there, she always "kisses" by leaning over and kinda munching and licking your face with open mouth, haha, but now it actually hurt a little bit! well, im exhausted but i'll talk to you all again soon...good night!


jenna32 - July 3

Macy's starting to crawl now!! Well not really,but she can kind of push herself up and slide around, time really has flew by!!


Zeke - July 3

Not too much new here. Just wanted to wish everyone a great holiday weekend. I got my JCP pictures online now. If you want to check them out. go to smilesbywire(dot)com The Customer name is Rebekah Woolsey and access code is LTPP0213106812JCP. Bobby was really good for the pictures. The two year old was being a two year old. But - there ended up being some cute ones.


margie - July 7

where is everyone??? ZEKE- your pictures turned out really cute! i can't wait to get mine back! jenna32- Anjelica can kind of scoot around too now, its freaking me out because our apartment is NOT child proof whatsoever and really small so I have some work to do before she's able to really get movin...luckily I have a pack n play I used for her ba__sinet so I can convert that to the playpen and put her in there when she starts to get around too much and I am cleaning the kitchen or cooking or something. Hope you all had a great holiday!


wantanotheraftertr - July 7

Hello all sorry I've been MIA so long. We got rid of our house guest she was so lazy. I told her she needed to find something else cuz it wasn't working. We went camping 2 times and took Joe 1time. He loved it! I put some pics up on piczo. he is very mobile now so it is all I can do to get anything done. We have a couple of steps at the back door that I can't put a gate around so guess where he goes! Anyway it is so fun to watch him explore. DH just fixed my computer i had been asking him for 2 weeks. My oldest son is 19 and moving out in the morning. he and his cousin are getting an appt. together. We had my neice and nephew for a week and then some cousins come for a visit. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Sounds like ev eryone is doing well and getting lots of pics done. I had cousin pis taken when I had my brothers kids. They turned out nice. Well I will have to go back and read last months posts again so I can update myself . Hope you are all well.


socurbaby7 - July 7

hey ladies... im sorry i havent been saying ne thing for a while... jus life is full of drama and what not... and its all finally settling down... i have court on thursday... but i cant help but be nervous as hell about it... like just seein her .. thinking about it makes me sick to my stomache... ahh... and has ne one not gotten there period... i mean i had a lil spottin here and there... but other then that nothing... im scared i might be preggo... but i dont wanna test either... to much reality for me.,.. anyway veronica is sooo mobile... she gets into and around everything... her brother is driving me a lil nutty tho.. and im trying to find an affordable preschool for him.. but it's not looking good in the affordability department... ahhhh... ill write more later im exhausted...


margie - July 7

Hey if you guys want to see our pictures they are at: smilesbywire(dot)com The Customer name is Margie Chase and access code is LTPP0652108198JCP


socurbaby7 - July 8

omg margie... shes soooo cute... and i love the picture with the bubbles lol


tish212 - July 8

hello ladies, i know long long time huh? Things have been really busy around here lately, but i will try to catch everyone up...lets see MIL has had TWO emergency surgieries on her eye from her retina tearing. We went to my SIL's graduation and that night MIL said she could only halfway see out of her eye...the next morning she woke up blind out of that eye. They did the surgery to only find out 2 weeks later they had to redo she had to restart the 8 weeks bed rest again, and she is going insane...shes entered a bit of a depression. The my grandfather in law got back surgery where they put t_tanium plates between l3 and l4 and l4 and l5.... so he is in bad shape right now too.... SIL says she has found a place to move to so she is leaving her abusive husband (we shall see) and BFF found a new guy who treats her like a queen, and she is happy as a clam if they are happy! Now onto my lil princess- she had her 6 month appt late because of the Johns Hopkins visits, and she weighed 15lbs 6oz, and is ONLY 24 1/4 inches 50th for weight and only 10th for height the dr said he is gonna closely watch her height but he thinks it is because of how short me and MIL are. She didnt get her ears pierced because the lady that does it wasn't there that she has an appt for July 16th. She did great for her shots, she screamed for like 10 seconds and then didn't care any more. Though she was fussy the rest of the day and sleep all the day the next...and now i can barely ever get my lil energizer bunny to take a thankfully lil miss wake mommy up early is laying next to me and i guess from boredom she fell asleep lol. PHEW! Now onto how she is becoming a BIG girl.... well she can get into the crawl position and rock and if determined enough she will crawl, but mostly right now she lifts herself up on her knees and keeps her head down and pushes herself forward... the dr said he thinks she may just skip crawling and o to walking, now WHY would he think that you ask...BECAUSE she cruises... does that make sense? she grabs something pulls herself up and can stand while holding onto like the couch or something like that...shes a lil wobbly still and falls a lot, but she knows how to do it...crazy baby. she has taken over mommies side of the bed, i literally sleep on the very edge of the bed now so she can sleep in the middle of my side....spoiled lol. well i will be adding more pics to my piczo just a few... but they will be on the page marked ALEXA 6 MONTHS, so please feel free to check it out well ladies i would love to talk more but i have sooo much to get done...hope to talk to you all soon!!


Buffi R. - July 8

Hi ladies! I love everone's pictures!! I even got to see Tish's Piczo site because I'm logged on from home today - can't see that one from work. I haven't been on since late last week. Our home computer died over the weekend, but it's OK now. And I'm on a week's vacation from work! Woo Hoo!!!! I'm having what they call a "stay-cation" where I'm home just doing projects and trying to reclaim my personal life after I got really busy with work a few months ago. Margie - Cameron had normal hearing at birth because he pa__sed his newborn hearing screen, but some time between then and 12 months (when we really started wondering about it) he lost it. One of the earlier theories on the cause was this really powerful antibiotic he took called Gentamycin when he got an intestinal infection at a week old from his prematurity. This drug is known to cause hearing loss in some people, but apparently you have to have a genetic trait to be affected by it, and he tested negative for that when we did some genetic screenings on him. He also tested negative for the most common hereditary causes (thinking ahead to future children, we did this testing a long time ago). The Geneticist said based on his testing and medical history, she thinks the hearing impairment came from the oxygen deprivation he had during the birth (from the placental abruption I had that caused him to deliver early) and also from the 10 days he was on a ventilator after he got the infection. He was also septic for awhile from the infection, and that might have caused it too, or it could have been a combination of everything. Apparently hearing loss can take awhile to set in, so even though these things happened early on, it probably didn't affect him for awhile. When he was 8 months old, I remember him being very "normal" and "easy", then it all went down hill. His behavior got very erratic and he started developing sensory-seeking habits like stuffing his mouth way too full of food, banging his hands on things a lot, he got very loud vocally, etc, etc, so that's when we think the hearing impairment set in. And ladies, don't read anything into this with your kids. If they develop some of these behaviors too some day, don't freak out. I mean he was WAAYY on the far side of normal with these things, plus he wasn't responding to sound, so don't be worried about your kids. It's good that Cameron had hearing for awhile, because it's one of the reasons he took so well to the cochlear implant and being able to speak well. He barely has even a twinge of the typical deaf accent. Even at the start of his speech therapy, the few sounds he did make were perfectly clear. He speaks and hears so well now, you'd never know he was hearing impaired if you couldn't see the equipment. We're always watching Maddie for signs of deafness, but so far she seems completely normal. The fact that she can wake from a deep sleep to even quiet sounds make us feel very a__sured that she won't ever have this problem. Well, I better go. I got on the computer today to start working on some of our insurance claims (one of things I never have time to check on from work anymore). I've been stalling, not looking forward to getting back to my to-do list. :-) Have a great week everyone!


Zeke - July 10

Margie - I love the pictures, they are so cute. Socur - I haven't started my cycles back yet either. Funny, I took a pg test tuesday just to be sure. It was neg of course. Nothing much new right now, it's been super hot and really smoky here because of all the fires in CA - they keep putting warnings out to keep children indoors and windows closed, which kind of stinks. Hope everyone is having a good day.


socurbaby7 - July 10

so ladies... good news.... i went to court today and i finally have the official restraining order on her... she didnt even show because she didnt wanna look stupid i guess... anyway i become the guardian of d'caury next week... but i think we have to go to court after that too jus to make everything final.... but omg... finally drama free life ... idk even know whats going on wit my baby daddy.. i let him see the kids on wednesday like usual... and he has this control over me to make me forget im mad and jus make me smile and laugh... and i hate it cause he acts like im not mad and jus continues on like there was nothing wrong... and it gets frustrating... but its good around the kids too...idk.... i need to find me a new guy lol... i have to get the kids pics done tooo but i dont have too much extra money now...but d'caurys turnin 4 att he end of the month and veronicas 6 months so i needa get on this... anyway gotta go... have a great day


tish212 - July 10

well not much going on here....alexa is waking bright and early ever morning now...daddy gets up at 5 am and well now so does she so mommy isn't getting much sleep anymore....she thinks when i go to bed at night that it is play time lol and she is fighting her naps during the day so i usually have a fussy grouch with she is doing great though saying mama has become perfectly clear now,...and she likes to stick her tongue out...she has also began to wave to people when i tell her to say bye....its so cute! well not much else going on here just wanted to check in.... have a great day ladies!


margie - July 14

Buffi- it sounds like Cameron has actually survived through a lot. He is doing pretty well considering the prematurity and the placental abruption and the infection. What a little miracle he is! I hope you enjoy your stay-cation...I need one of those too! Luckily work for me today hasn't been to crazy yet, next week I am covering for someone on vacation again so I am expecting a ton of work. Zeke- where do you live in California? I have heard of other people taking a really long time to get back to normal cycles too, are you b___stfeeding? socurbaby- congratulations on your good news in court! hope your life will be a little more peaceful. I'm not even going to get into the ex already know he's bad for you it sounds like. It's good to put aside problems when there are children involved, but don't get too carried away because you know how he is! tish- that is so cute that Alexa is waving now! I have been trying to show Anjelica how to do that but she hasn't quite got it. She kind of sticks her tongue out. Her latest thing is babbling up a storm! She all of a sudden can get all these consonant sounds that she couldn't get before. She now says mama still, but also dada..baba..yaya..nana. A lot of them don't really mean anything much but for all I know they do to her. It's so funny because I just babble back to her and she will really listen and sometimes laugh like I said a funny joke, she is a riot! We took her up to Cottonwood, AZ which is about an hour and half away from where we live in Phoenix to see her Great Grandma and Tony's aunts and cousins and all their kids, she had a blast! She is really friendly and doesn't have the "stranger danger" mechanism yet so she let everyone play with her and love on her, she LOVES being center of attention. Hope you all have a great day....can't wait to hear updates from you all again soon! Bye for now!


tish212 - July 14

MARGIE- OMG i wish alexa would say dada, we have been trying forever to get her to say it, but she refuses.... she is on day 4 of her cling to ONLY mommy days.... yesterday we went to MIL house and she wouldn't let anyone touch her... everytime someone tried to take her from me she would turn her head away from them and grab onto me tighter.... it breaks my heart not only that she is scared but that she isn't letting anyone else have time with her....this is gonna make my family reuinion next month really hard.... since it will be the first time she meets anyone from my family like my grampa.... and i dont want her to not let em hold her... uggggg..... i love her with everything i have inside but my arms are killing me and so is my back because she wont let me put her down..... right now thankfully she is sleeping.... but it wont last long... cuz shortly she will be up again ready to cling to mommy. She isn't sick or anything i have taken her temp and when she is with me she plays and laughs and everything is normal-its just when i put her down or dh takes her....she let him take her for 3 mins yesterday then leaned as hard as she could toward me and threw both of her arms out saying mama mama.... so i took her.... i know it bothers him a bit... but he wont let that show.... ugggg i am working on my list of things to pack for our trip to New York in august (for the reunion) its just so different now that i have her, so much more to pack.... well i better go lots of things to get done before she gets up.... have a great day ladies!


Zeke - July 14

MARGIE - I actually live in Reno (NV). It's a few hours away from any of the fires but the smoke has been horrible here. The air quality is a level 2 still which means you aren't supposed to open your windows or spent much time outside. Yep, I'm still nursing but I do think I'll start my cycles again soon. I have been really crampy the last few days - so I think things are returning to normal. TISH - bobby has been clingy too. It's not that I have to hold him, but if he sees me he thinks I should be holding him so he'll cry. Which is kind of frustrating. He will be playing happily in the living room with dd and dh and if he even catches me walk by out of the corner of his eye, he'll cry for me to come get him. Good thing I don't mind carting him around with me :-)



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