December Moms YAY 4 Summer June Edition

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tish212 - June 2

ok i did post back on the may thread but its already june 2nd and i realized that we needed to have a thread for this month... YAY ladies its JUNE summer is HERE, which for those of you with older LO's in school now they are home with you!!! (good and bad lol) Sorry but i just LOVE summer time, ppl seem to be in better moods, ppl finally come out of their houses... oh and cute summer clothes (for the lo's) lol!! i just love it!! the sun comes up early in the morning...its warm and it stays out until 9 in the the days are nice and long... phew sorry lol, i could go on and on about it!! Please be sure to read over the other thread for socur's update... :)


Zeke - June 2

Hi Girls! Just checking in. I'm still recovering from the weekend. We had a party for dd on Sunday (she turned two) - It was really fun, but boy am I tired now. There were two other babies at the party so Bobby was happy to have others to "look" at. We set up the bouncer and the exersaucer right next to each other and he was talking and smiling at the other babies. I also let him swim a little in the bath tub last night. I took the baby bath seat out and just supported his head. He was kicking, splashing and loving it. I picked out our tomato plants today so tonight we have to finish planting the garden. We still have the tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos to plant. I also have a girls night out coming up. DH said he would watch the kids and I could go see the s_x and the city movie. I can't remember the last time I went to a movie without dh.


tish212 - June 2

Zeke, lucky you having a girls night out!!! You gotta let me know when you see it how the movie is.... Also i understand the veggie planting...i just planted my tomatoes...and i have lettuce carrots onions and yes bell peppers left to plant...which i may do this evening when i get back from the grocery store.... im glad you had a good weekend...sounds like fun!! and its cute that Bobby sat there talking to the other babies!!! We went to a party on sat for a little boy (his 9th bday) and his 12yr old brother was there and kept me entertained lol he was so cute and so talkative... so i had a great time...and Alexa got her first taste of ice cream... just a drop but she loved it...and we had NO ill effects from the dairy so i think she may be over her issue with it...we shall see, i am hoping cuz if she is then i can go back to eating dairy products (since she bf i couldn't eat dairy it was causing her terrible gas) I am glad to hear from you Zeke!! Hope you are enjoying the begining of your summer...i can't wait till alexa's old enough to fully enjoy going outside running around getting dirty and enjoying the sun!!!


socurbaby7 - June 3

o haha i just posted in the old thread... but basically i said veronica is eatin biscuts now and loves them... the gerber niter biscuts.... they say 10 months + but my mom said it was ok as long as i ssupervised her...but she loved it... and was going crazy to be eating like mommy.... she did it while i was eating lunch with her brother ... i thnk she thought... finally she's givin me her food... has ne one else tried them yet??? she also has tried the gerber puffs with me holding em she liked those a lot....but im not ready to give those to her.. they dont dissolve quick enough.....also she is running around like crazy in her walker its sooo cute.... shes growing like a little weed too... the other day i picked her up from her nap and i swear she grew an inch.... well shes beign a fussy b___t now on my lap.... have a great day ladies


tish212 - June 3

socur- we gave dd mummums which are a rice biscuit but they broke way too easily and didnt dissolve fast they freaked me out... one of the girls i know has a 7 month old who is eating the biscuits you are talking about, i saw them last night at the grocery store....but when i saw they said 10+ months i freaked out and didn't buy them...but i know alexa is highly interested in our food...she watches us eat and gets very upset... so i may eventually try those...but when she broke a big piece off the mum mum biscuit i got freaked out so i don't know yet...well shes waking up so i gotta run....


socurbaby7 - June 3

yea i was scared these would break apart too.. but they dont... so thats the only reason i would reccomend them,.. she loves em


socurbaby7 - June 3

o i forgot to tell you all for the past 2 or three weeks veronica says mama... i know she doesnt connect me with it.. but when she's fussy or hungry and wants me she says mama... its soo cute


wantanotheraftertr - June 3

I have given the biter bisquits to Joe as well. You still supervise as they can get a chunk off but they are good. Joe isn't interested in holding it himself yet so he had only had one. I have one of those food things that have mesh you put the food in and they can suck it out and naw on. I put a banana in it and he did hold that since he loves his bananas. It works very nicely as they don't get any big chunks. Dh said it looks gross but it works great. I have only given him potatoe and bread other than that. His teeth are getting so big now I'm sure he wants to try them out. He is so close to crawling its so cute. His big sister keeps trying to show him how to ick up his b___t. When she picks it up for him he lays his head down right away. I think he had acid reflux I thibk hes always had it. some days he vomits all day and others he barely spits up. I can't say it has anything to do with the foods he eats either. Anyway I will have him to see the Dr. tomorrow so we'll see what he says. He loves his stroller. By the way do your LO's sit with their legs all stiff at times? He seems to do that alot I think he's excited though when he does it. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and so are the lo's.


margie - June 3

hello everyone! im back...holy c___p this not having my own computer thing is p__sing me off. i had one at my house and now i have my work computer but i cant use that one too much, so i think with my tax stimulus check im going to buy a laptop. anyways...tish! hahahah, that is sooo freakin awesome that you actually got the psychopathic records connection with my email username, nobody and i mean NOBODY had EVER got it before!!! i was joking around one day with my little brother years ago when he was listening to ICP and i said that my jugglette name was Witta Hatchit and voila! thats how the name came about. It's been yeeears since I've listening to that stuff but i really need to dig it back out again for old times sake...twiztid was my favorite! I had a crazy weekend girls...we left Anjelica with her Aunty overnight and we went to a festival called the Good Times Festival in Jerome, AZ. HOLY CRAP! It was waaaay cooler than I anticipated! I didn't know what to expect but it was up in the middle of the mountains in a ghost town--my XB almost did not make it up the steep gravel paved road to get up there! But once we were there it was like heaven, seriously, just surrounded by beautiful mountains, clear blue sky, great music and awesome friendly people. It went until early morning. Some friends were playing up there from down in the valley and they sooo rocked it. If you ever get a chance you guys should check out Drunken Immortals, I dont know what their website is or whatever at the moment, but they are amazing and really cool guys as well--a mix of hip hop, funk and rock. On a more baby related note...I am really getting this wierd craving to be pregnant again, I know I'm not ready for another baby yet at all, but I am just really getting an urge whenver I see other pregnant girls, its the feeling i got before i got pregnant this time. But I'm going to fight it for now...I want another one but I'm going to wait a while longer. When are all of you planning on having another...or do you not want anymore?


tish212 - June 3

MARGIE yes ICP used to be one of my favorite well as twiztid! when i saw your email that made me wanna listen to them again... so i went on youtube and watched some videos and listened to them, it was GREAT brought back tons of memories...also I used to have an XB it was a 2004, in black metallic, i just got rid of it last year and got another jeep grand cherokee... but thats so crazy we seem to have quite a bit in common! SOCUR- that is so wonderful that she says mama...i know that has to make your day everytime you hear it!!! she such a smart little girl!!! WANTANOTHER- i hope that alexa is as loving towards her younger siblings as your LO seems to be... that is great that she tries to help him learn to crawl... Does everyone realize that this month our LO's will be 6 months halfway to a year old!! where did the time go??!! time seems to be flying by!! it feels like just last week i was still pregnant anxiously awaiting to meet her..and now she is rolling around "talking" and trying hard to do for herself!! she shows HUGE interest when DH and i eat or drink the other day i was drinking a pepsi in a bottle and she grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth trying to drink it!! she completely understood where her mouth went and everything!! though the carbonation freaked her out!! Well to address the when are we ready for another question.... i am letting things just happen i want alexa to be close in age to her siblings, but at the same time we want her to have full attention while she is a baby and not have to share it ... so we are just letting fate happen and realize that it will be the best for us whatever happens... i dont want too many years between them so i think if she reaches 2 years and still nothing then we will begin seriously trying... well gotta go my lil miss is waking up from her nap...


Zeke - June 3

Sounds like I might be the only one who hasn't started solids yet. Bobby's probably ready, but I'm not. He is supposed to be my last baby so I'm having trouble with his growing up so fast ..almost 6 mos :-( I'll start him soon. What's your favorite things to put in the mesh eater? I tried it a little with dd but she never really got the hang of holding it herself so we didn't use it very often. I would say as long as you are supervising on the biter biscuits you will be alright. I waited until the 10mos like suggested with dd and she was just get frustrated because she was past the knawing stage and into the biting food stage and that's almost impossible with those biscuits. She did LOVE the mum-mums by then. I am starting to get really lopesided on my b___stfeeding. Any suggestions how to even them back out. I have been noticing that the ounce difference between the two is growing and Bobby has started getting frustrated with the less producing side and not wanting to nurse on it. I have been starting him on the smaller side each time (I used to only nurse one side per feeding), but I'm thinking I should start pumping that side in between feedings to try to get it to produce more? Bobby doesn't look like he's close to crawling yet. But he did sit una__sisted for 10 seconds yesterday!


socurbaby7 - June 3

hey... yea... veronica has the mesh feeder... i have her steamed carrots in it the other day she loved it..., she loves gumming things to death.. as she still has no teeth lol... o cant believe she's going to be 6 months in 2 1/2 weeks... when did she get so old ???? i realized today she is having horrible withdrawls from me and being with strangers she hates... because she used to be use to me going to school everyday... but now that schools done im home all day everyday with her.. and we spend pretty much every waking moment together.. but tonight i went to soccer and my mom was going to watch her.. but everytime i got out of her sight she screamed like a banchie... like a noise i had never heard come out of her before... i felt horrible... my mom said she did that for a 1/2 hour and then finally conked out... it was hard for me to even leave though... cuz i try to make it if i hvae to go out i dont leave until shes asleep for the night so she doesnt miss me.. i feel liek i have started something bad now... but i dont really mind... i love being with her.. but if i ever wanna leave for a while... i feel horrible... also i forgot to mention this the other day... she goes swimmin everyday... she can back float on her own now(not that i would ever let her go)... its crazy... she loves the water... she started going in when the water was only like 60 degrees and didnt cry or ne thing... she loves the cold hates the heat... and living in new hampshire that isnt a bad thing... but i mean shes gunna have a bad summer at this rate when its like 75 she doesnt even wanna have clothes on... i cant imagine when it gets to 100... but i think its because she got used to being out in below thirty weather with regular clothes and jus a blanket on her... and my house was kept at a cool 60 all winter.. idk ... thus is new hampshire weather,,, dont like it wait 20 minutes...hahaha o yea about swimmin.. i was teaching her how to b__w bubbles... now all day she trys practicing its soo cute... shes my lil fishy....i love teachin her to my family we dont use floatation devices because you learn to swim a lot faster w/o them... when i was 18 months i was swimmin on my own and it used to freak people out.... i would jump off the diving board and stuff at the public pool... andi was on the swim team at 4 ... looks like maybe my lil girl got that from me way gotta get some sleep d'caury gets here at 5am every morning... o joy night


tish212 - June 4

Wow today was an active day for the posts!! I was just gonna ask the swimming question, we got alexa a bikini and my aunt bought her a one piece, and MIL has a full sized inground pool so we have been talking about taking her swimming, they also have an infant float that is just like a walker but made for water..i can't wait to try her in it... she loves bath time so here is hoping... She also has the mesh feeder, and so far has had banana in it and cantaloupe... i use the cantalope bc she can chew on it and the coldness helps numb her gums... she still doesn't have any teeth i'd like to see some, but they scare me with her still b___st feeding, some times she likes to use me as a chew toy and it can get pretty painful especially during the first morning feeding when im still half asleep and not expecting to be bit,... ZEKE alexa likes to sit up...but she can't do it without help we keep trying with her but she either falls sideways...or forward pretty much folding in half... so we shall keep trying... SOCUR- alexa has that exact same issue with "strangers" even with MIL and FIL if she goes a few days without seeing them then when she does see them she takes a long time to warm back up to them... and she can't stand for me to be out of her sight she's been that way the whole time... so i am used to it.. i have the same issue with being away from her though i get anxious and nervous and my anxiety goes way up...i suggested to dh tonite that we take a weekend away for his bday this month but then he reminded me that i get upset when she isn't there...and well its easy to say i wanna go away for a while..but to actually do it....i know i couldn't... does any one else feel like their lo has special quirks that only you understand and know what to do? Like alexa eats before bed, then gets swaddled and eats again...and listens to her bedtime music, and will eat again about an hour after bed time... if you miss even one thing she won't sleep, and when i let MIL babysit her (shes done it 2 times) i panic knowing she will miss one and alexa won't be able to sleep, she likes to be rocked a certian way, she like to play games at certian times etc...and i can't explain to ppl how to tell what she wants bc for me i just know i can read the i get anxious when she isn't with me that she is upset... well she isn't sleeping well tonite... so i am gonna take my lil miss to bed with me in hopes that helps her... glad to hear from all of you today...hopefully it is just as active tomorrow!! night ladies....


socurbaby7 - June 4

tish... i forgot i had given veronica cantaloupe too at the bbq i had memorial day weekend... she loved it...i didnt even use the mesh feeder lol... and i hope swimmin goes well for you... try jus dipping the feet in the pool a couple of times to see how they react to it first... then that will tell u if they r gunna scream or nitgh when they get in.... and yea i am the same way about the little quicks... and her schedule/ritual.... maybe its because im soo used to doing everything on my own ( even though i live with my family) i think i wanted to make sur they knew she was my responsability and i would take care of her... i mean they used to have to fight me to be able to change a diaper... and when shes crying i feel like im the only one who knows how to calm her... and since i always do everything on my own i dont think ne one else knows what to do... like my mom for some reason gives the baby naps every time i leave her with her.. which frustrates me because she has aschedule and i dont want that breaking... .. ne way ... did i mention that the snugli is my savior... ne time the babys fussy and im tyring to get stuff done... the snugli does the trick... ne way the lil miss is gettin fusssy


Buffi R. - June 4

Hi ladies! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I haven't even been on to read the other posts for about two weeks now I think. At my job, completed the office move to our plant last week, and with a short (holiday) week to do payroll in, I ended up working over the holiday weekend, doing a combination of last minute packing and getting ready for the payroll. Thank God I got the payroll done before we moved Wednesday night because we had major computer problems at the new location and I never could have finished it here. Things are still touch and go with our equipment but it's getting better. It's just very weird here and I miss the old place. My commute to work went from 20 minutes to about 45 so that's not good either. But at least it forces me to get out of here at 5:00 so I can get to day care by 6:00 to pick up the kids. Hopefully things will calm down now and I can go back to breathing. :-) Anyway, sorry for all the depressing news, but that's what I've been up to lately. On a much lighter note, Maddie is doing great. She's sitting up on her own for a few seconds too, mostly when she has something to look at and hold in her hands on the floor in front of her. If she tries to straighten her back to look up, down she goes. Cameron (my almost-6 year old) is so good with her too. Maddie is really paying attention to him now, and he loves to make her laugh. He loves it when she laughs at him, and they go back and forth like that. Yea!! The cross-entertaining has officially begun!!!! :-) She'll be six months old on the 6th! I can't believe it!


tish212 - June 4

SOCUR, exactly!! even down to the diaper changes i take over...dh will have her for minute and decide to change her diaper and he wont even get halfway through and i take over...i have explained to him that its not that i think he can't do it, its just that i am so used to doing it with her and she is so used to how i do it, that its just easier that way...also when it comes to feeding her... MIL likes to wipe her face between each bite, for me i use the spoon to get any excess but let her concentrate on eating first...but they all understand...and are ok with it... she likes the cantaloupe a lot... i am going to put frozen grapes in the mesh feeder to help with the gum pain we shall see how that goes...since she loves her frozen teethers... BUFFI- that is great that they are entertaining eachother, like i said before i really pray that when i have my next child that alexa is as loving as you guys' older children sound to be... i know our neighbors lil boy entertains alexa the second she sees him she smiles (hes 5) and he just seems to love looking at her and getting her to take toys from him... so he helps out a lot when we are outside... i am stuck at home today :( my car need a new part, and since it was raining dh to the other car instead of his motorcycle to i am stuck here until he gets home...and it sucks cuz its so nice out and i would love to take alexa out to maybe target or something...(she likes to get out and ppl watch) but oh well...maybe tomorrow... well she is done her nap...and calling me .........OH AND SOCUR you said she was saying mama..after i read that last night alexa was in her walker and began saying mamamama she was just making noise but it was GREAT... she wont do it if i try to get her to but if she is just talking to herself she will do it...i cant wait for her to realize its meaning and start calling me mama... though we have been trying hard to teach her dada... lol so that sucks for him that she is doing the mmmmm noise first... gotta go


Zeke - June 4

Socur - do you take veronica to the public pool or do you have one at home? How do you teach them to float. Bobby doesn't like kicking and I have been trying to get him used to being on his back more. We are also trying to get our 2 year old to float. I trying telling her to take a big breath and puff up her chest but she doesn't get it. She never caught on to b__wing bubbles either, she just doesn't a whole lot of drinking the pool.



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