Deer Hunters Widows

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q - November 8

in less than 2 weeks i am loosing my husband so that he can go deer hunting (a hunters widow is not really a widow it is ment to mean that her dh hunts) anyone else become a "deer hunters widow for a few days"


kr - November 8

Hi q, I'm not a widow, but I was a child without a father. Those winter months can be rotten. All our family birthdays and holidays were Oct.-Jan., and dad missed most of them. He generally came back to re-stock or drop off a kill (both instances were rare).Will your DH camp in the snow? Does he take buddies who are safe? Have you ever gone with? Now that I am married I do not like my husband to go away into the woods for more than a night without checking in. Thank goodness for cell phones! Do you have been plans for your free time?


q - November 8

he hunts with his dad, and a few uncles and cousins they are all safe il probly do a little shopping and got to his aunts house (where they gather after dark) which is close to their hunting land, the night after thanksgiving they usually have a chili night (and leftovers) where everyone is invited (it can get crazy dh has a big family) but he usually comes home at night it is about an hours drive


-m - November 8

My husband doesn't hunt but my brother does. He counts down the days until opening season. A few years ago he actually wanted me to move my wedding date up because he planned on going hunting that day (it was planned for October). I refused to so he just went hunting a have a day and came to my wedding that night. These hunter take it so seriously I just can't understand how they'll b__w off everything just to sit out in the woods in the feezing cold for hours or days!


Video game widow - November 8

I'm a video game widow. Every spare second my husband has he is on a video game. Sigh. Anyway I somewhat know how you feel. The main difference is that my husband is here to say "honey i'm hungry" or something like that. Men. Sigh.


Heidi - November 8

I'm a farming widow. My fiance has been hauling corn all fall for his friend who has a combining business so the weekend after Emma was born he started working AFTER his regular job. He's hardly been home the last month but the money is nice and I got this mommy thing under control :)


Heidi - November 8

All my boyfriends lived for deer hunting season. I know how you feel. That's the bad part about living in Minnesota. Plus we live one minute from Wisconsin so they'd go hunting in BOTH states so for about three weeks I did whatever the hell I wanted!!! I didn't care cus I didn't have kids at the time.


Excusing all Husbands - November 9

its just hard looking at beauty constantly 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and sometimes we just need a break from that to bring our wits back to us but we always come back because before long we need our fix again .


Julie - November 10

Oh No! I dread dear season as well. This is an opportunity for my husband to get with a bunch of his hillbilly friends and drink beer and hunt for deer. It has bothered me since we started dating. They don't drink while hunting or anything but for some reason the sun goes down around 5:30 but I don't see him until much later. This year I am not thrilled because I have a 3 year old and a newborn and am not getting any sleep. Deer hunting is not important and I feel that he should skip it this year. I just can't see anyone wanting to sit in a tree in the cold for 10 hours?


Amanda N - November 10

Normally I would be one for the next week. But he has to be on call sometimes for his work and lucky for me it is next week!! Next year it is back to the normal.


to videogame widow from anothe - November 10

What game(s) is your husband playing, mine has been in the land of Azorth (World or Warcraft) for months now.


Mindee - November 10

Oh, do I know how you all feel. Friday is opening day in Missouri. So I am not planning on seeing my husband until Sunday night. He always comes home and then straight to bed and up and gone first thing in the morning again. I really dont see the fun in hunting, I never have understood this. I used to sit at home and get mad when the clock would read 10 pm and I knew that it had been dark for a good 4 hours and still no husband, but now me and 4 other wives all get babysitters and go out on our own, or we all gather at someones house with the kids. This makes deer season alot eaiser, in fact this year I am kid on looking forward to it.


q - November 10

we dont live near the border so only the season in wi (thankfully) but he shaves every year after hunting season (his beard is thick and about 3 in) my daughter will be scared of him till it grows back?


amanda.d - November 10

I live in sk canada and I too am a hunters widow. Deer, elk, moose, and bear. Also geese, pheasants and fish. It sucks, but whats a gal to do. I actually got my son jokingly as bribe for him going hunting lol. He enjoys it so whatever, but I definately understand you all.


Kerry - November 11

Oh yes my husband just finished duck hunting and then deer hunting starts Dec 4 for a week befor that he was gone moose hunting in Oct It's hard for me but he has always hunted.


... - November 11

OMG my husband was always on everquest and world of warcraft. It drove me crazy!


d - November 11

Mu husband got into the hunting sport for the past two years. He plans to take him hunting when he gets older. For me, I really don't want him to do that from a young age. I'm not in favour of the whole idea of guns and killing for fun. What about from a child's point of view-Killing bambi. Its just too young and with all the violence that's going on in school these days it just worries me. Just knowing guns are in my home or at the cottage bothers me. Its just not something I want to encourage. If I lived on the farm or I had to do it to eat and live, well that's different I think.



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