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Mrs.Ireland - October 19

I got my dd a dehumidifier for her room and it gets so cold in there in the middle of the night. I know they have the warm air ones, but my mil said that the warm ones are bad for their lungs, is this true????


DDT - October 19

I have never heard of that before. I have a Vicks warm-humidifier and use it in my lo's room when he has a cold or is stuffy. Why would it be bad? did she say?


jessie - October 19

Hi ladies. I have been doing some research as I am going to be one soon. The hot air ones are ok, some try to diuscourage it because of risk of burn if your little one gets close to it, but it is fine for their lungs. As long as you keep it out of reach of your lo while it is working. Lots are now warm air, not hot, and so the risk is even smaller then. This is from what I have been able to read mind you!


jessie - October 19

****as I am going to be BUYING one soon. <-- HAHA


Mrs.Ireland - October 19

My mil just thinks she knows everything, so that's why she probably said it.


aliciavr6 - October 19

Did you get a dehumidifier or a humidifier? From what I know, the ONLY concern about the warm humidifiers are just kids getting close to the steam and getting burnt. I think by the time it gets to the lungs, it's probably all the same temp anyway.


wailing - October 19

A DEHUMIDIFIER is something that takes moisture out of the air. U want a HUMIDIFIER that does the opposite. U need the moisture in the air to help nasal pa__sages. There are 2 types of HUMIDIFIERS (warm and cool). The reason people were concerned about using the warm ones (not just b/c of the heating element burning ur child), was the fact that bacteria breed faster in warm moist environments, and can pose a health hazzard if the humidifiers aren't cleaned properly often enough. I use a cold air one as of now and use long pj's. But, if it gets really cold in the winter, I'll prob switch to a warm one so the room will be nice and cozy. There are some great ones out there now that have timers so they aren't on all the time.


Mrs.Ireland - October 19

Oh my yes, I meant a HUMIDIFIER, so sorry.


pregnant76 - October 19

We have a nurse pract_tioner that moderates my mother support group and she advised that if you decide to use a humidifier that you better be prepared to clean it out every day. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose.



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