Delivery Personality

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Meval - February 20

Can a child's personality be a result of how they were delivered? Natural vs. C-section. I have heard myths about it. My oldest daughter is very loud, outgoing, active child. She was delivered after 25 hrs of labor. My lo (3 months) by born by c-section and is so different from her sister. She is very mellow, calm, easy going baby. Nothing seems to bother her. Very different from her sis.


lily10 - February 20

I really don't know if there is any truth in that but fun to think about just the same. Maybe it has more to do with your children's astrological signs... My dd is a cancer just like her dad and she is really sweet and loving but can be a bit moody as well...but what baby isn't I guess.


kim00 - February 20

I don't think so, both my deliveries were basically the same, I was induced and 4 hrs later delivered. However both kids have very different personalities. Kind of fun to think about tho.


wailing - February 20

My son was delivered via c-section after 16hrs of labor and he is a crazy man.


momtbc - February 21

All four of mine were quick v____al deliveries and they are all very different. Two are August babies, one is a September baby and the last is a May baby. It would be interesting to find some link between their behaviors and something due to nature!


jacobsmom - February 21

I always thought that the time of year a child was born could effects their personality- if they are born in a place that has changing seasons. Depending on the season their first exposure to the outside would either be bundled up, or barely dressed. Also, night and day duration would be different.


MNMOM - February 21

I don't think type of delivery has any relevance, but I do think what sign you are born under (astrology) has some merit to personality type!


ginger6363 - February 21

My dd is 6 months via c-sect and is totally high needs! She had colic and only recently has become more manageble. I would say it's not the delivery method.



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