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SL - November 21

has anyone had the depo shot? Do you like it or have any side affects? I am supposed to get it tommorrow but I don't know anyone who has had it.


Ginger - November 21

I took the shot for five years. It took me a year to get preg. then had miscarriage then took me another 8 months to get preg. w/ my son Conner. I attribute this to the shot. The side effects are too risky for me to start taking again. There is just something un-natural about not having a period (which is what it makes most women do). It is very dangerous in my eyes. I would really discuss it w/ your doctor before doing so. Good luck w/ your decision. God bless.


Tabitha - November 21

I had the depo shot, one time and I gained 56 pounds from it and it took me 2 1/2 years to get pregnant. I will never be getting it again. My aunt has been getting it for years and she gained some weight from it, but otherwise she likes it. So it is just my it affects every girl differently. Good luck.


Jbear - November 21

I had the shot once. I bled nonstop for three months afterwards, sometimes so heavily that I couldn't leave the house. My doctor said sometimes that happens for the first 9 months you're on the shot, and that there was no way to stop it, just wait for it to wear off. On the other hand, two of my coworkers had it and they were really happy because they didn't have periods anymore while they were on it.


Shelly - November 21

I had mine 10 weeks ago and so farso good.No side effects at all and I am still losing weight.As long as it stays like this I will continue using it.


mia - November 21

My cousin got the shot. She gained over 50 pounds very quickly afterwards. Then it took her forever to get pregnant when she wanted to, they lost the baby, got pregnant a long time later, had a stillborn baby, and finally she now has her daughter. She says she will never get it again. I agree with Ginger- there is something very unnatural about it. I can't imagine it would be that good on a body.


momma - November 22

i have two friends that have been getting the shot one (who is also on orthotricylen) rarely bleeds when she does it is eather really hevy for about 2 or 3 days or its really light for about 2 weeks the other friend has a regular period and bleeding when she needs to update it


kelc - November 29

I have been on depo for 6 months(2 shots). For the first 3 months I had light bleeding but after the second shot I completely stopped bleeding. Otherwise the only side effects I have had are weight gain ( i have gained about 5 pounds in the 6 months) and sometimes I get dizzy but it doesnt happen a lot.


FF - November 29

My good friend and my SIL were both on it- both gained over 50 lbs very quickly and my friend bled nonstop for 4 months!


Tina - December 14

My daughter n law just took the shot for the first time 5 weeks ago and is still bleeding very heavily. The doctor says this is normal. She has had headaches, bloating, hot flashes and backaches on a regular basis since getting the shot.. She is not planning on taking the shot again.


Sin - December 14

I have all the same side effects. Dizziness, backache, non stop bleeding for the last 3 weeks, slight weight gain, mood swings, loss of interest in s_x. I only had the shot once but do not plan on returning for the second one.


kris10 - December 15

I am so glad I read this! I was going to get the shot ... but now, I don't think so! Thanks for all the info ladies!!


Shelly - December 15

I am due for my second shot next week,but i think i will go back to birthcontrol pill.Thanks for the info ladies.


choke me - December 19

i got it i havent had anyside effects i like it so far hun


Jamie - December 19

My SIL had the shot - she bled nonstop for 2 years, and developed cysts on her ovaries.



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