Depressed About Age

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krnj - February 7

I'll be 38 on Fri and I've been really depressed about it lately. I know 38's not old and I still feel like I'm in my 20's. I just feel like half of my life is over. Oh well thanks for listening!


Emily - February 7

You are only as old as you feel. My dh grandparents are in thier early 70s and I never think of them as old. His dad is in his 50s adn he seems old. It is all in how you feel. My dh grandparents drive a truck for a living still, not because they have to but because they need something to do!


babyboy46 - February 7

Think about the half that is left!!! How exciting it will be to watch your kids grow and experience so many amazing things with them. The best is yet to come!!! Cheer up! And...Happy Birthday!! : )


rl- - February 7

DON'T FEEL BAD!! I know it is scary turning older...I will be 37 in July and yes now I feel closer to 40 than 20 LOL but you can't let that bring you down really I am trying not to as well glad to know I am not alone!!! ( : Well just think how much wiser you are now that is what I think about when i start feeling down.


sahmof3 - February 7

I'm only 32, but I think about being closer to 40 than 20 and I wonder When did that happen lol? Well, all I can say is it's great that you have your health and feel so young!! It is a little scary for me sometimes, too. I just try to reign in the thoughts about how fast time is going and think about the good things that babyboy was talking about... seeing my kids grow up, having grandkids, etc. 38 will be a big year for me, too... even more traumatic than 40, I think... because my mom was 38 when I went off to college!!! I think I will try to think of moms like you who have infants at that age... it will make me feel younger ;-)


EMBERBABY - February 7

I'm 26, but it seems like I waited forever to turn 21 but since I did time just FLEW and now it's been FIVE years later! It scares me too because I don't want my dd childhood to fly by me=0( I guess all we have is to do is take great care of our healths so we can live a looooooong life.


krnj - February 7

Thanks everyone, you made me feel better! I guess with being pregnant these darn hormones don't help any! lol



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